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  1. Kanye West starts his own travel agency!!!
  2. Is there a reason not to use Hotwire for car rental??
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  6. otel.com or MetGlobal Inc
  7. Marc's wedding
  8. What's up with Air India JFK-LHR fare?
  9. $417 Oak-ogg
  10. Awesome Hotwire deals
  11. Priceline.com, is it true?
  12. Do you test bid?
  13. question about bid on priceline
  14. Sites to look at Bus Class fares on Specific airline for a three month period?
  15. Travel agency that will try out ita codes?
  16. Booking a hotel for a group. Sites?
  17. New to Priceline - do you recommend it?
  18. Online booking engine
  19. Expedia/Air France cancellation
  20. Web Sites / Discounted Premium Hotels in Singapore?
  21. Foreign Websites...Flight Discounts
  22. choice of air tickect booking class on-line
  23. Help getting rate lower - Rental Car LIH 4/30-5/2
  24. Non-Refundable ticket cancellation & Rebooking; Any partner airlines for Air France?
  25. Has anyone tried bidding on ski resorts?
  26. How many times I can bid on priceline
  27. What is your over/under for priceline? (or time=$)
  28. Cheaptickets.com and Weather Flight cancelation question
  29. Vegas, baby, Vegas
  30. Discount Biz Class Travel to BKK from MSP or LAX or...
  31. Priceline "discount" reservation :mad:
  32. PIT to BCN OK for to Shop w/ Orbitz & others?
  33. Best time of the week to buy tickets
  34. disney world
  35. Silly question
  36. Silly question
  37. Newbie's Needs Help
  38. Priceline - can someone else check in?
  39. vayama.com
  40. Got the dreaded Priceline hotel "upgrade"
  41. Anyone see these auctions on ebay for airline tickets from Points of Light Foundation
  42. Priceline: 2 1/2 stars - is there leeway?
  43. When did Priceline start coaching bids?
  44. Travelocity rebooked me on a lower fare class - what recourse?
  45. Priceline strategies in the Portland, Maine area
  46. Cheaptickets.com: very frustrating?
  47. Priceline will add $5/day to my bid ???
  48. Worst travel agents of 2007!
  49. Need advice on cheap flights for USA & Canada
  50. should i be concerned about orbitz hotel reservstion?
  51. ? about credit card holds on reservations
  52. Using Orbitz if your country is not listed
  53. Dtw-nas Nwa...
  54. Expedia: I am truly astounded. :(
  55. booking flights ourselves - KVS/Sabre etc
  56. How to book same flight going 1 way, but different dates going back
  57. I'm fed up with FareCompare
  58. Buying Tickets from Garuda (or other airlines that don't ticket in the US)
  59. UK residents Car Rental in US
  60. priceline and hotwire
  61. Best Site For Compact Sxm 12-25 March
  62. How to become a travel ticket agency? Please advise
  63. Any online booking sites allow ACC/west africa, etc?
  64. Upgrading a Priceline Car Rental
  65. Bidding for Travel no longer doing airfares?
  66. What are the lesser know opaque travel bidding sites?
  67. 2007 Priceline Savings Results
  68. any experience with justfares.com?
  69. Priceline receipts?
  70. Best priceline site for Hong Kong hotel?
  71. Ever NOT used a room booked on PL?
  72. Hardsell at Travelocity Indian Call Center
  73. Cliqbook - Anyway to deviate for a MR
  74. Help with Orbitz
  75. Can UK residents use priceline.com
  76. Cruise compete quote
  77. Need help booking a fare found on ITA
  78. Why does Travelocity keep steeling my seats?
  79. Using PL/HW - date to book?
  80. ? on changing a multi-airline expedia itin ?
  81. Expedia Elite Plus Status Qualification & Benefits
  82. Deceived by Hotwire - advice, please
  83. 10% Discount on Hotels via Hotelopia
  84. Sta Travel
  85. Priceline car rent with Avis: 2 days at $32 all-in becomes $132 all-in
  86. AUS to MCO in March 08 - Price Info
  87. Problems with Royal Jordanian's website?
  88. Has anyone used these coupons for hotel...
  89. Confirmation codes/accessing itineraries..
  90. Flexi date search; what online tool?
  91. Any tips for smokers, besides STOP?
  92. Travelgoop.com "Priceline Bid Wizard"?
  93. Domestic First/Business Class Sites??
  94. Hotwire SLC hotels
  95. priceline / Rome
  96. New Title for this Forum
  97. Can a Canadian citizen living in Italy make her own price on priceline?
  98. Paris Marriott Rive Gauche Hotel for US$89/night (priceline)
  99. Boston H rates unaffordable 1 hr 10 mins away H ilton
  100. Priceline: Booking Hotel for Others Question
  101. Flight Network?
  102. Multiple Nights vs. Single Nights Experience (Surprising) with Priceline
  103. PL: I select IAD airport, puts me elsewhere!
  104. Priceline Kickback from MyPoints
  105. Timing a Priceline bid
  106. Why don't I see those "You can rebid for X$ more" msgs on Priceline
  107. Can you choose your seat with a Priceline ticket?
  108. Priceline US or Priceline HKG
  109. On hold with Expedia 5 hours
  110. gtahotels as a priceline alternative
  111. Pricelining Rental Cars Where the Miles Aren't Unlimited
  112. Anyone else using Travelgoop?
  113. Whistler BC - Tips on Saving?
  114. ATIflights.com - anyone use them?
  115. Can you use PL's retail page to definately know which hotel(s) you are bidding for?
  116. Priceline problem - hotel further away than stated
  117. Is there a way to PL 2 separate nights in the same area?
  118. Priceline no longer in Korea ?
  119. Priceline & Hotwire
  120. Getting hotel's standard free breakfast on PL stays
  121. PL's Deceptive "Shop-And-Compare" Cited In Hotwire Ads
  122. Priceline US only?
  123. Asking Priceline to change my hotel (currently Renaissance Maui)
  124. Should we stick with this San Diego hotel or attempt Priceline?
  125. Best time to start bidding?
  126. Disputing Hotel Star Ratings on Priceline
  127. Priceline showing winning bids?
  128. What has happened to Priceline?
  129. My hotel is on BFT today
  130. Bidding Question
  131. How to bid on Hotwire...
  132. Expedia.com - Evil refund practices (long and boring, sorry)
  133. Thinking about using Priceline or Hotwire for the first time
  134. Don't bother with Priceline's offer to re-bid
  135. 6 Night stays pretty hard to get ?
  136. 9% Cashback ++ on Priceline today (June 19) only via Shopathome.com and Milesource
  137. How Soon does Priceline give the Hotel your information ?
  138. Priceline - Putting everything in perspective
  139. Hotwire 4* Beverely Hills Question
  140. Bidding for Extended Stay Hotels
  141. Will Bidding For Travel stay up indefinitely?
  142. London: Hotels in Bloomsbury/Marylebone/Soho hotels of variable quality
  143. Does Sofitel at Gatwick come up on Priceline anymore?
  144. Cheap Tickets & Orbitz are *#$&@ LIARS today
  145. 3* hotels in Loop/Grant Park and No Michigan Ave regions of Chicago
  146. Priceline - Can Canadians use Visa/MC?
  147. Would not use Priceline ever again!
  148. Priceline Moscow Question
  149. Priceline car rentals and underage fee
  150. how do you bid on priceline.com?
  151. What's the secret?
  152. New Priceline Hotel Bidding Research Tool
  153. Bidding on air Chicago to Vegas
  154. Priceline Rewards
  155. MSP-MSN bid successes and flight tips?
  156. Amsterdam 5* With Priceline
  157. Does Priceline actually respond to website problems?
  158. Priceline quick question
  159. AMS PL next week 24-26/4
  160. Pricelined room, prepaid, then billed at checkout.
  161. Duplicate bid?
  162. Priceline Bidding in London, please help
  163. No safety deposit box facilities in hotel?
  164. Bidding for travel originating in Japan. Possible?
  165. skyauction.com
  166. Bad experience bidding on Priceline or expedia
  167. Priceline Free Re-bidding Ended?
  168. priceline cars and neverlost gps
  169. One-way car rental bidding?
  170. Orlando Hotels
  171. Did Sheryl lose out in selling her site?
  172. Westin Aruba Resort $109 on Priceline 3/3-3/4
  173. Win Your Own Priceline.Com Tent
  174. Bidding for Travel... getting uglier!
  175. How smart is Priceline's booking engine?
  176. airfare bidding from canadian airports?
  177. Morristown, NJ 3* Priceline deal
  178. Which costs more $14 Priceline rental or $15.95 Hotwire rental?
  179. ATL to TRI
  180. Priceline Rewards Points?
  181. Priceline Map that shows hotels?
  182. Travel bidding for non-US residents?
  183. What Percentage of PL Rooms Goes Unused?
  184. If I show up late, how screwed am I?
  185. Question for you frequent bidders re:cars !!!!
  186. Priceline etc. illegally installed adware on users' computers
  187. Is there a biddingfortravel type site for Asia?
  188. What threads to read first?
  189. West Palm Beach Deals 1/27-29
  190. Priceline Makes Financial Sense
  191. Indian bidding site
  192. Priceline Rental Cars
  193. picture
  194. Mexico Travelers Beware of Priceline for Hotels there
  195. Priceline booking vs. bidding
  196. For May stays .. BOS + ORD .. bid now on PL or wait til much closer in?
  197. Viability of Priceline business model?
  198. New here
  199. ???? on Car Rentals
  200. Issue With Star Rating & Priceline
  201. PL: 1st bid accepted. Bid too much?
  202. Problems with Travelocity
  203. Holiday Inn SFO & Priceline
  204. LAX one-way to Europe
  205. Hotwire - double the difference guarantee
  206. 2 Articles:PL customers treated worse
  207. Sidestep trick price?
  208. Priceline Orlando Airport
  209. Ibis roulette in Prague - interesting concept
  210. low PL availability over NYE ?
  211. Selling privately - any good auction sites?
  212. Is auction a good way to go for ski resorts?
  213. Luxury Link?
  214. Flexible date hotel search tool
  215. Looking for very high star hotel in Paris...
  216. Bidding Through Fatwallet Seems to Have Caused a Bid Rejection
  217. PL doesn't support Mobile Web
  218. Is there a biddingfortravel-type site for priceline.co.uk?
  219. Help with second bid attempt error message.
  220. The ubiquitous PL affiliate links
  221. "Bidding for Travel" website is suspended?
  222. Using Hotwire as Non-US resident ??
  223. Priceline kickbacks
  224. Priceline.com
  225. otel.com?
  226. Priceline hotel reservation issues
  227. Pricelining Something on a Beach in December (Mexico, Carribean?)
  228. priceline in london
  229. Priceline Settlement E-mail
  230. few PL questions
  231. Interesting threads re. PL
  232. Priceline strategy tip: save your counteroffers for later use
  233. Travelocity VIP
  234. Singapore: Is there 5* Hotel in East Coast?
  235. Priceline hotels in Amsterdam: now even more unpredictable
  236. What is the Best Site for Business Class Seats?
  237. Hilton Paris over Thanksgivings
  238. Has Priceline slipped?
  239. Priceline Hotel Bidding Strategy Generator
  240. Car Rentals- Hotwire allows 1-hour grace period. Priceline doesn't...
  241. Questions about Priceline
  242. Avoid overnight layovers using Priceline?
  243. PHX TUS help
  244. Infant on Lap taxes
  245. FAQ - Priceline and Hotel Credits
  246. $55 West Palm Beach Marriott
  247. New hotel scam targetting PL customers
  248. car rental BOS
  249. is better Bidding site down?
  250. Priceline Car rental bids