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  1. NY Times: What Really Brought Down the Boeing 737 Max?
  2. Seattle Times: Former Boeing official won’t turn over 737 MAX documents to DoJ
  3. WSJ: "The Four-Second Catastrophe: How Boeing Doomed the 737 MAX" [subscription]
  4. The Drive: USDOT Rules Airlines Must Allow Miniature Horses to Fly as Service Animals
  5. USA Today: [Domestic] First Class Fading Fast...
  6. CNN: 10 rules for flying together as a couple
  7. Air Transport World: Bombardier in talks with Mitsubishi on CRJ program[subscription]
  8. Washington Post: Your favorite retail brand may be coming to a hotel near you
  9. HK vs China extradition protests
  10. Boeing sold Southwest 737 MAX inoperative safety system (UPI)
  11. CNBC: Regional airlines ground flights due to navigation system problem problem
  12. Airways Magazine: The beginning of the end - first two A380s scrapped
  13. IEEE Spectrum: Software won't fix the Boeing’s 737 MAX design issues
  14. Interesting NYT item on Boeing factory culture in S Carolina
  15. UK/EU Based travel sites
  16. Bloomberg: It’s Time to Ditch U.S. Frequent-Flyer Programs for International Ones
  17. The Economist: First-class air travel is in decline
  18. NY Post: Three dead after Amazon cargo plane crashes near Houston
  19. NY Times: America’s Most Powerful Flight Attendant
  20. Several sources: Boeing 797 “NMA”: Will it be built? Decision coming soon.
  21. Several Sources: Boeing 747 50th Anniversary - 8 Feb 2019
  22. USA Today: Chris Elliott tells people to claim any empty economy seat they see
  23. Travel & Leisure: Here’s Where Airlines Stand When It Comes to Tipping F/As
  24. Stars and Stripes: Navy couple faces $11,600 bill to move pair of dogs from VA-Guam
  25. CNN: 727 - Last Commercial Flight
  26. Politico: Shutdown Squeezes Air Travel
  27. Airways Magazine: Boeing 777 Surpasses The 2,000 Order Milestone
  28. Aviation Daily: Humor - “FAA Publishes New Phonetic Alphabet”
  29. BBC: Merkel plane technical failure leaves German leader late for G20
  30. Vox.com: Why there are so many viral confrontations on airplanes
  31. Robert Crandall ex-AA CEO blames airline deregulation for pax discomfort
  32. Global News: The Unwritten Rules of Flying
  33. Emotional support peacocks and pigs, and NOW, emotional support squirrels!!!
  34. CNN: World's first Boeing 777 retires
  35. Business Insider: The 10 airports in America people hate flying into the most
  36. If you are a male and a child is sitting next to you - better to move out
  37. Yahoo: CAPSE Announces the China Travel Awards in UK
  38. Popular Mechanics: NASA has a new plane design concept
  39. The Guardian: How TripAdvisor changed travel
  40. Spiegel: How Tourists Are Destroying the Places They Love
  41. People are donating their frequent flyer miles to reunite families separated at the U
  42. AeroMexico flight with 101 passengers crashes shortly after takeoff from Durango.
  43. No changes and refunds for special tickets? The new policy of CAAC says "No"!
  44. FAA introduces bill to set minimum airline seats size
  45. Appeals Court Says TSA Offers have Immunity from Lawsuits
  46. BBC: Boeing strikes aircraft deal with Brazil's Embraer
  47. USA Today: FAA refuses to regulate airline seating; tight rows safe for evacuation
  48. ChinaAviationDaily:China's Best Airlines for In-flight and Ground Services in Q1 2018
  49. USA Today: 10 Most Misleading Travel Terms
  50. Travel & Leisure: How Airlines Save Fuel & Money
  51. Australian Business Traveller: Photos of Airbus Mockup Cargo Bay Bunk Room, Lounge
  52. Australian Business Traveller: Boeing Hypersonic Jet Concept
  53. NY Times: Breaking Down the Frequent Flier Mile Programs
  54. The Telegraph: The curse of the 'Gap Yah' traveller
  55. Reuters: Rolls-Royce, preparing to cut thsnds of jobs, says engine problem has spread
  56. CNN: Anthony Bourdain dead at 61.
  57. Reuters: Some Airbus A380s being scrapped already
  58. Research on airline ticket fraud
  59. BBC: Tourism's carbon impact 3 times larger than previous estimates
  60. CNBC: Travelers paid airlines a record $4.6 billion last year to check their luggage
  61. Here & Now story on Airport Lounges
  62. USA Today: The world's top frequent-flier awards for 2018 go to ...
  63. New York Times: Sale at Heathrow Terminal 1. Everything Must Go
  64. Africa News: Yvonne Makolo, first female airline CEO?
  65. How much money you need for a month in australlia?
  66. American to avoid Russian airspace?
  67. SacBee: Popular national parks to raise fees to $35, not $70
  68. CNN Money: Airbus PAX sleeping area in the cargo hold
  69. NBC Chicago: Alaska, Delta Take Top Spots in 2018 Airline Quality Ranking
  70. Recode: Saudi Prince books entire Silicon Valley Four Seasons, reservations bumped
  71. WHTC: Boeing completes Dreamliner family with first 787-10 delivery
  72. The Verge: Airlines asked the Trump administration to hide fees from travelers
  73. Financial Times: 18 hours, five movies, 9,000 miles. Welcome to ultra-long-haul
  74. USA Today: Travelers who landed in Detroit, Newark, Memphis pop up with measles
  75. CNBC: Trump's plan to privatize U.S. air traffic control lacks support: Congressman
  76. Woman dries her underwear at 30,000 feet!
  77. The 10,000th 737 fuselage rolled off the assembly line in Wichita, Kansas
  78. Trav Weekly: Bill proposes lifting restrictions on foreign ownership of U.S. airlines
  79. Business Insider: Video shows jet engine falling apart mid-flight between SFO to HNL
  80. Russian jet crashes, 71 fatalities
  81. USA Today: DOT: Airline bumping at record-low in wake of passenger-dragging incident
  82. Huffington Post: Woman flushes emotional support hamster when denied boarding.
  83. LA Times: Germs in airplane cabins are bad, but it's even worse at the airport
  84. US ITC Declines to Impose Tariffs on C-Series Aircraft Imported into the US
  85. Reuters: Major carriers say no plans to hedge fuel despite rising prices
  86. World's Worst Airports - The Economist
  87. New A330 based Beluga's come off production line
  88. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle flew coach on New Years
  89. CNBC: Airbus confirms $50 billion jet order, one of the biggest aviation deals
  90. Quartz: It's actually way easier than you think to board the wrong flight
  91. Survey says ... Americans skipped 32 million air trips in 2016
  92. New York Times: Airports Are Losing Money as Ride-Hailing Services Grow
  93. Hill: Trump admin scraps Obama-era proposal requiring airlines to disclose bag fees
  94. Quartz: The battle of the low-cost, long-haul flights is about to go next level
  95. Airbus's Bregier sees 2017 aircraft deliveries topping 700
  96. CNN: Saudi Arabia will issue its first tourist visas in 2018
  97. Boston Globe: Federal regulators may take action against TripAdvisor
  98. Fortune: Dubai Air Show Opens With Emirates and Boeing Reaching $15.1B Deal
  99. Quartz: Saudi Arabia’s newest jail has a 4 1/2 star rating on TripAdvisor
  100. BI.com: The technology's nearly ready for nonstop flights from Australia to New York
  101. Quartz: The world’s most powerful passport is no longer European
  102. CNBC: Man sues airline because he got sparkling wine not Champagne
  103. Smaller airlines face more competition for crews as USAF plans to recall 1,000 pilots
  104. Cnet.com: Airbus A330neo First Test Flight
  105. Business Insider: Airbus may have torpedoed Boeing's plan to kill off a competitor
  106. Reuters: FAA orders all of the entire A380 engine inspection
  107. Quartz: You can now travel to one of the world’s most remote islands
  108. Business Insider: New Robotic Hotels in Japan
  109. MSN: One of the most famous airport terminals is to become a swanky hotel
  110. American Express changes Centurion lounge access policy
  111. Bloomberg: Airlines Suffer Worldwide Delays After Global Booking System Fails
  112. Reuters: U.S. slaps steep duties on Bombardier jets after Boeing complaint
  113. TASS: Crews will have new devices to deter disruptive behavior on board
  114. LA Times: Even after a brutal hurricane season, airlines are doing just fine
  115. USA Today: Airbus says North American airlines now flying 1,500 of its jets
  116. Daily Mail: British Airways plane `held on tarmac in Paris following direct threat´
  117. Daily Beast: Flying Coach Is So Cramped It Could Be a Death Trap
  118. Phoenix News Times: Motel 6 Reports Guests to ICE
  119. Alaska and Qatar Airlines wins in FlyerTalk awards
  120. The Guardian: Amsterdam to increase tourist tax to reclaim city for residents
  121. Business Insider: Crazy flight traffic over Florida before Hurricane Irma arrives
  122. Quartz: Airlines price gouging in the path of Hurricane Irma--algorithms are to blame
  123. Business Insider: Hurricane Irma has severely damaged one of the most famous airports
  124. Reuters: WTO reverses tax credit ruling in favor of Boeing.
  125. Boston Globe: Massport exploring charging drivers for accessing airport grounds
  126. Independent: Man flies to Germany on girlfriend’s passport...
  127. Meetings&Conventions: Millennials spend less than their elders on T&E
  128. Bloomberg: Cheap Airfares to Europe Put Price Squeeze on American and Delta
  129. Ask the Pilot: Jet Bridges and the Boarding Blues
  130. Detroit Free Press: 30 years ago today - NW 255
  131. Business Insider: Solar eclipse die-hards see totality longer than anyone else
  132. The Guardian: Swiss hotel accused of antisemitism over signs singling out Jews
  133. Wall St. Journal: Airlines Dial Up Pampering for Business Class
  134. CNN Travel: Coolest cabin crew uniform ever?
  135. The Guardian: Beware the pitfalls that could ground your Airbnb rental plans
  136. T + L: U.S. Airlines Bumped Fewer Passengers in 2017 Than Any Other Year on Record
  137. Business Insider: Trump's childhood home is now listed on Airbnb — for $816 a night
  138. Quartz: Your plane could fly itself by 2025…if you’re cool with that
  139. ​​​​​​​FAA News Release: Infrastructure Grants to 64 Airports in 30 States
  140. T & L: Buying Back Expired Airline Miles Is Easier Than You Think
  141. CBC: 'You can't do this to us': Fuming passengers stuck on planes for hours call 911
  142. TechCrunch: Boeing 787 Dreamliner draws a massive plane above the United States
  143. Reuters: Price is King over Reputation
  144. Guardian: Passengers facing four-hour security queues at some European airports
  145. USA Today: A350 milestone - 100th A350 Delivered
  146. TheHill.com: Flyer rights group goes to court over seat size
  147. CNN's Anderson Cooper and bare feet
  148. Bloomberg: NASA Has a Way to Cut Your Flight Time in Half
  149. Conde Naste Traveler Facebook post that just isn't right
  150. Ars Technica: Political groups suing to overturn federal ban on vaping on flights
  151. NY Post: Seaplane goes down in the East River.
  152. LA Times: What happens when your pilots just don't get along?
  153. NY Times: Why Your Airline Says It's Sorry
  154. MSN: Woman dies on Sint Maarten at Maho beach from blast from jet taking off
  155. Travel & Leisure: "Top 100 Hotels in the World"
  156. Irish Times: Good food in economy?...
  157. Independent: Black tourist "pushed down stairs by AirBnB host" in Amsterdam
  158. thelocal.fr: American tourists tear gassed and robbed at Paris airport hotel
  159. Seattle Times: Fists, wine bottles flew as pax tried to open door on SEA-PEK flight
  160. Bloomberg: Breaker's yard beckons for Airbus A380 if new homes aren't found
  161. Plane crash on freeway near SNA
  162. The Hill: Congress May Prohibit Forced Removals From Aircraft
  163. Business Insider: Airbus A380plus to have 80 more seats
  164. Quartz: Summer hasn’t started, and it’s so hot in America flights are being grounded
  165. CNN Money: World gets first peek at Boeing '797'
  166. Quartz: Most European Union citizens rarely visit another EU country
  167. CN Traveler: Why Travel May Be the Secret to a Longer Life
  168. Cruise Industry News: Viking Cruises Celebrates 20th Anniversary
  169. NY Times: 8 Days Of Flying In America
  170. Business Insider: Every airport runway has 2 numbers on it — here’s why
  171. NBC News: Travel to the U.S. has dropped by 11 percent since Trump took office
  172. NY Times: Flying, a Look on the Brighter Side.
  173. NY Times: Air Travel Discomfort Starts on Wall Stret
  174. Quartz: Forget beach views: Tourists want hotels with AC and a hearty breakfast
  175. Daily Beast: DHS considering electronics ban to be extended to flights from Europe
  176. Bloomberg: Hotels Plan Lobbying Push Over Priceline-Expedia ‘Monopoly’
  177. Irish Independent: ...the €50k-an-hour luxury V-VIP plane...
  178. The Flying Mustache News
  179. RT: China’s first large passenger jet prepares for its maiden flight
  180. Quartz: Anthony Bourdain says these are the airports with the best food
  181. Guardian: Stranded in the Bahamas: luxury Fyre festival turns to 'chaos'
  182. Boarding Area Blog: Man fakes hijacking to avoid vacation with girlfriend
  183. CNN Business Traveler: Angry airline passengers and how they got so fed up (Opinion)
  184. Economist: A lack of competition explains the flaws in American aviation
  185. NY Times: How Airline Workers Learn To Deal With You
  186. USA Today: FAA: Turbulence injuries jolt twice as many flights in 2016
  187. Indpls Business Journal: Judge OKs Republic Airways bankruptcy-reorganization plan
  188. Rick Steves: 'I just gave away a $4M apartment complex'
  189. NY Times: How Technology Has Failed to Improve Your Airline Experience
  190. Guardian: How Uber conquers a city in seven steps
  191. BT UK: Trump budget would gut US long-distance rail service
  192. NetworkWorld: FCC kills plan to allow mobile phone conversations on flights
  193. Airlines accountability towards passengers
  194. CTV News: TripAdvisor users vote Emirates world's best airline
  195. Guardian: 'Don't worry, I won't kill you': the strange boom in homeless tourism
  196. QZ.com: Global warming could make flying even more awful than it is today
  197. KJZZ: Mesa Airlines Pilots Enter Mediation To Settle Contract Negotiations
  198. Bloomberg: Airlines Make More Money Selling Miles Than Seats
  199. AIN Online: Embraer certifying new higher capacity narrowbody E195-E2
  200. NY Times: What Can You Wear On a Plane? Depends on Who's Paying
  201. Federal News Radio: USAF to Discuss Pilot Shortage with Airlines
  202. Winston-Salem Journal: Aviation business closing, lay off 345 in Winston-Salem"
  203. Guardian: UK-based airlines told to move to Europe after Brexit or lose major routes
  204. BBC: London-Paris electric flight 'in decade'
  205. Many sources:Passengers on Certain Airlines' Flights Required to Check Larger Devices
  206. Enroute A380 wake flips Challenger 604 upside down
  207. NYT: Welcome, Airbnb guest! Your neighbors are the Trumps
  208. CBS: Michigan basketball team safe after plane accident during Big Ten tourney travel
  209. T&L: Trump Nixes Proposal to Make Airlines More Transparent on Baggage Fees
  210. Economist: Air passengers rail against allowing mobile-phone calls on planes
  211. WSJ's The Middle Seat column: No longer accessible without full subscription?
  212. Ask the Pilot: R.I.P. Bob Bragg. Last Surviving Pilot From Tenerife Dies at 79.
  213. The Sun UK: Why flight attendants prefer to work in economy over first class
  214. QZ: Stop kidding yourself. You’re not going to use the hotel gym
  215. Harrison Ford Has an Incident With Passenger Plane at Airport
  216. Business Insider: Tuesday at 2:30 p.m. ET is the perfect time to buy airline tickets
  217. Ask the Pilot: Final Frontier of Long-Haul Flying ?
  218. QZ: Interest in travel to the US has plummeted since Trump became president
  219. USA Today: Snow: Airlines have already canceled 1,500 flights for Thursday
  220. NY Times: The Airport Lounge Scene
  221. PR Newswire: Mesa Airlines Flight Attendants Will Vote on Strike
  222. Airport cop caught with 12 kilos of coke
  223. Washington Times: Air Transport World 2017 Airport of Year - Pittsburgh International
  224. Washington Post: More classes, more air rage
  225. QZ: More people than ever traveled around the world in 2016
  226. Smithsonian Magazine: Airline pilot depression rates
  227. CNN: And the most annoying type of passenger is ...
  228. Aviation Tribune: DOT Issues Guidance Documents to Prevent Airline Discrimination
  229. Politico: Cheap Atlantic Crossing May No Longer Be Flight of Fancy
  230. IMGUR: Traveler Knits Sweaters of Famous Locations, Visits, and Posts Pics
  231. Washington Post: Healthiest airplane food in the U.S.? Virgin America wins top spot.
  232. Irish Independent: Nine shot at airport in Florida in 'ongoing incident'
  233. AP: Boeing jetliner orders fell short in 2016
  234. CNN: Baggage handler, locked in cargo hold, flies
  235. The Guardian: Tourist flies homeless Edinburgh man to Sweden for Christmas
  236. The Guardian: Airline booking info prime for identity hacking.
  237. NY Times: FA Who Survived Airline Crash Dies at 66
  238. Daily Mail: The best airport lounges in the world named in prestigious awards
  239. WSJ: Flying Internationally? No More Free Lunch
  240. NY Times: Smaller Bathrooms on Planes Pose Challenges for Passengers
  241. QZ.com: A guide to choosing that upgrade, airline by airline
  242. QZ.com: Travelers are actually starting to hate US airports a little bit less
  243. USA Today: Saturday: Airlines ax 1,000 flights from storm
  244. Ars Technica: Depression among pilots
  245. Seattle Times: Boeing will cut 777 production in Everett next summer
  246. Bloomberg: Chinese Airlines Are Flooding the World With Super-Cheap Airfares
  247. QZ: What happens when airport staff stops picking up after us, in horrifying photos
  248. QZ: Airbnb is no longer the nice guy of the sharing economy
  249. Seattle Times: FAA orders Boeing 787 safety fix: Reboot power once in a while
  250. Bloomberg: Supersonic Is Coming Back. Will the Airlines Buy It?