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  1. Have you ever been in a plane and it was on TV?
  2. Reaching an actual Rental Car Location
  3. Best Airline PJs
  4. What is happening with the retired aircraft?
  5. Necklace left at hotel and now is lost - WWYD?
  6. very strange event -- Con game?
  7. Embraer 135LR planes question
  8. wearing mask 11 hr flight has anyone done it
  9. Which hotel loyalty programs allow rewards for contractors staying at gov't rate?
  10. Problems with group travel planning?
  11. When global travel returns to normal, how will Airlines deal w/ award travelers?
  12. Taking our car with us to Europe for 3 months
  13. Has anyone just turned up to an airport and...
  14. Incredibly Sad News - the 747 Program has ended
  15. Extended Stay Hotels - Experiences? Advice?
  16. New double-decker style seat design on planes could let all passengers lie flat
  17. cell phone as room key issue
  18. When is an ETOPS plane required?
  19. Tall Traveller Question
  20. Is the Passport Obsolete?
  21. Things you want to say when your ATL based DL Flyer [travel pet peeves]
  22. Drinking on a flight
  23. what to expect for domestic first class
  24. What airlines are flying four engine jets right now?
  25. Do you look at the social responsibility of a hotel when you book a room?
  26. Deeply Afraid of Flying, Red-Eyes, Must Take 16 Hour Red-Eye Flight During Pandemic
  27. Which flights (airline and route) fly over the North Pole?
  28. Where (some of) the airplanes went
  29. Which country do you think has most flights right now?
  30. Do exit row seats usually have outlets?
  31. Travel for the end of the year
  32. Will UA and COPA survive?
  33. Is the flight really not flying?
  34. Change Fees - Gone for Good?
  35. An ugly downside to pilot layoffs come Oct 1
  36. Business and First Class Suites w. Mask Privacy
  37. Covid19 will end First and Business Class travel?
  38. So we can assume the airlines will use COVID to screw customers?
  39. Boeing CEO predicts one major US airline won't survive. Which one?
  40. New podcast: Black Box Down
  41. Anyone starting to cancel September trips?
  42. Airline Stocks?
  43. Post a Photo You've Taken on Holiday
  44. ANC replaces ATL as World's Busiest Airport
  45. AIrfare post COVID 19
  46. When can I plan future travel?
  47. Anyone seen any super hotel deals for Covid-era bookings?
  48. Longest time without stepping on a plane?
  49. Association of Flight Attendants-CWA calling for leisure air travel restrictions?
  50. Whatever happened to nightclubs/ party bars at hotels?
  51. Availability of Historical Seat Availability and Pricing Data for a Specific Route
  52. Lessons learned for future travel?
  53. Seriously Thinking about a road trip
  54. Destination Recommendations for Fall Furlough
  55. Are airlines buying futures contracts on oil
  56. Home Quarantine Safety Video (parody video)
  57. Refunds are promised but none are showing up!
  58. Do you care if your plane, train, etc. is really beautiful or really ugly?
  59. Which forum for refundable flights?
  60. When Flight Attendants Work from Home (parody video)
  61. Putting Aircraft Into Storage - Video on how it’s done
  62. If an airline, hotel brand, or cruise line offered a "travel bond", would you buy it?
  63. Application of DOT Rules to OTAs
  64. Ban resort fees as a condition of bailout $$ for hotels?
  65. Is now the time to demand consumer-friendly changes?
  66. Refund rules with OTAs and multi-airline
  67. Speculation: Consolidation of big three US airlines during / after Coronavirus?
  68. The Most Unusual or Ugliest Buildings You Have Encountered In Your Travels
  69. Will airlines be forced to remove rows and middle seats in the future?
  70. Assumptions that you didn't speak the language
  71. Trips You Are Glad You Took
  72. Hey Travel Buzz posters, how are you? Check in!
  73. How to retrieve old ticket (corrected spelling)?
  74. What will our points be worth when this is all over
  75. Should the airlines get a bailout or file chapter 11?
  76. How Screwed Are Timeshare Owners Now?
  77. IATA aims to remove the obligation to issue cash refund (for flight cancellation)
  78. Going for a drive, since we can't fly...
  79. What happens when airlines declare bankruptcy?
  80. Which are the airlines most likely to go under in the coming 3 months?
  81. Interesting Editorial on Customer Friendly Strings to Put on any Airline Bailout on
  82. Questions about my first charter flight
  83. Any reports of delayed baggage by airport customs after int'l trips?
  84. Trump bans travel to US from Europe (except UK) for 30 days
  85. Cabin pressure issue - question about oxygen system and masks
  86. Where To Fly Obsolete Aircraft Today
  87. First Class vs Economy vs Main Cabin
  88. Stand to allow passenger into window seat on exit row
  89. Is there a newly enforced rule on US airlines that passengers can't go in the galley?
  90. PSA for People Who Use Hotel Gyms
  91. CRJ900 (CR9) vs Embraer ERJ-175 (E75) for nervous flyer
  92. Best tactics for booking a large number of seats on a flight?
  93. The good ol days [of Solari flap boards]
  94. they are grabbing my food outta my hands at DFW
  95. Should the United States allow foreign airlines to fly domestic routes?
  96. How long until we start seeing some good ex-Asia J deals?
  97. How do airlines determine the hotels crew are placed in?
  98. Booking flight - address to use if living in a different country?
  99. Pyjamas?
  100. Baggage carousels (direction of travel)
  101. Do you recline in Economy on your flight?
  102. Does this break cabotage?
  103. U.S. hotels caught on video refusing to allow Chinese guests for fear of coronavirus
  104. Debating the Flu shot prior to trip b/c Corona has me concerned.
  105. Standby after Missed Connecting Flight
  106. How Did We Land Blind? American Airlines landing in PHL
  107. Are "Make Up My Room" buttons integrated with housekeeping systems?
  108. Think you’re the F class police?
  109. Seatmate cleaned MY seat!
  110. Completing A Short Academic Survey for $5
  111. Taking very large paintings on a flight
  112. ORF-TLV: Backtrack across US or separate tix via Europe?
  113. What foreign currency do you keep?
  114. Travelling from LHE to ORD How to Book Tickets for New Fleets i.e 777x or Dreamliner
  115. Office space / a place to work when traveling
  116. Anyone decide to do Un-compensated trip cancellation due to Coronavirus?
  117. Never heard of "Deep Coach" - Apparently Flyertalkers use this term? (FT newsletter)
  118. Anyone Else Collect Tail Numbers?
  119. Are there any advantages/disadvantages to the different types of check-in?
  120. 737-Max Debacle Reviewed By a Pilot
  121. Do any U.S. airline or hotel official iOS app take Apple Pay as method of payment?
  122. Is it a new trend for First class to no longer be offered?
  123. Coronavirus - what are companies doing
  124. Anyone else enjoy turbulence?
  125. Transatlantic Narrowbody or Widebody?
  126. Airbus setting up financial derivatives market for airline tickets
  127. Question for the F junkies: Which would you choose?
  128. How far are you willing to drive for travel?
  129. Travel in Europe Without a Credit Card?
  130. Status rule change...
  131. Are you loyal to an airline, despite living at another airline's hub? Why?
  132. Euro coins: Which ones might be useful to have?
  133. Avoiding Iran's airspace
  134. Meeting international flight at gate?
  135. Hotels throttling down water flow in room bathrooms
  136. Late night early AM California to Europe Flights
  137. What's your limit (# hours) for flying Economy?
  138. Have you 'collected' any new airports this year? (2019 - onwards)
  139. Inappropriate "touching" on flight
  140. Expensing a meal or airline ticket paid for with a gift card versus credit card
  141. What if I ignored the instructions of airport traffic patrols?
  142. How does ATC staffing affect delays?
  143. Why Do Americans Tolerate "Gate Waiting?"
  144. Wearing a velvet smoking jacket on plane
  145. Strategies for tickets booked separately
  146. Ever flown non-stop between two now-closed airports?
  147. Top Tier Elite Hotel Hat Trick
  148. bad food on commercial aircraft
  149. Enjoy working on airplanes?
  150. The last time you flew a (insert obsolete aircraft)
  151. Where to rate cabin crew experience?
  152. Which program is your most valuable loyalty program this year?
  153. Should I buy skis, or keep renting them?
  154. How to buckle seat belt on plane; safety sham?
  155. What influences an airline to offer 'Deals' on given routes
  156. What's the best foreign language to learn?
  157. Phantom menaces/Is LifeMiles the best *A indicator?/AA hold vs. close-in fee
  158. Giving up First Class seat to Military personnel
  159. Cabin lighting on Japanese airlines
  160. Is the 787 truly a game changer in terms of its affects on the body.?
  161. Marriage proposal in transatlantic J
  162. 10 across seating in economy (777) would not be allowed in a workplace / OSHA rules
  163. I wanted to gate check a bag -- or, how can I circumvent the bag-drop deadline
  164. Locking checked bags? Should one do it? Do you do lock your checked bags?
  165. Tall guy on a plane
  166. Willpower takes flight on a plane?
  167. THEN: First, Business, Economy. NOW: Business, Premium Economy, Economy
  168. Eyeglass Prescription for Suite IFE
  169. Grocery Delivery Service to hotels
  170. How many miles have you flown in a week?
  171. Is it a coincidence I got sick multiple times after the same flight?
  172. What country have you been to the most...but never visited its capital city?
  173. Subway (mass transit) systems
  174. Do you get more exhausted traveling the older you get?
  175. Breaking a RTW world record
  176. An "abundance of caution" - fasten seatbelt signs?
  177. When is it the best time to ask for a belt extender.
  178. Super fares Scandanavia to Australia! How to book? Need a TA?
  179. What is the most scariest situation you have been in your travels?
  180. Do you swap out your diamond rings when traveling?
  181. What do you do with your amenity kit?
  182. [Student Survey]Calling Marriott, Hilton, IHG members- Chance to win Amazon giftcard
  183. Checkout Time — da Troof
  184. Why has placement of jet engines changed?
  185. Honeymoon ideas
  186. What's in my sky today?
  187. The fastest way to free hotel elite status?
  188. Any chance an employer wouldn't pay for J if 4x/yr Asia trips are required?
  189. New Video Game Has You Sit In Your Airplane Seat For Six Hours. (No, Really.)
  190. Why is personalized in-flight drink and snack service still ubiqitous?
  191. What can you take from a hotel room without stealing?
  192. "hospitality upgrades"
  193. Seeking to interview frequent flyers about Boeing 737 MAX
  194. CLT to TLV
  195. How far in advance do you plan/book?
  196. 737 MAX threads to monitor (for those who are interested)
  197. First Class and Picky Eaters
  198. The World's Most Luxurious First Class Flights Could Be Gone by 2020
  199. Carry-on luggage culture has become annoying
  200. What is your biggest struggle when booking a flight?
  201. Online Foreign Currency Exchange PRIOR to Trip
  202. Cartoon video
  203. just got flu shot in NY. Does it work if I'm traveling to 12 countries next 2 months?
  204. Best airport hotels for avgeeks
  205. Can I skip my connecting flight from CUN to LAX?
  206. Am I allowed to reimport duty free items bought at US airports?
  207. People who talk SUPER LOUD in the Lounge
  208. Can you have a domestic destination with an international layover? I.E. LAX-YYZ-JFK
  209. Question about billing client for travel costs
  210. why is travelling (moving from one place to another) so tiring?
  211. What determines whether the service on a flight is day or night?
  212. Advice re out-of-town car stuck at Hard Rock Hotel collapse site
  213. How do people incorporate FlyerTalk into their daily routine?
  214. flying with a hairline fracture
  215. Traveling with a Fedora Hat?
  216. Window shades on a private jet
  217. Random Question: Flight Crews Staying far from Airports?
  218. Whose legroom is it?
  219. GA Pilots, This Video May Save Your Life
  220. DB levels on aircraft?
  221. Carrying Small Rice Cooker on Flight?
  222. Rip off UK travel agents
  223. Your Worst Travel Day Experiences
  224. Personalizing your hotel room
  225. No carpets in new hotel rooms
  226. Is it weird to bring luggage to meetings?
  227. 300 night club — anyone on the road or living out of hotels full time?
  228. Your favorite airline?
  229. Fly home for knee surgery after accident, or have the operation first?
  230. Out of control beverage cart on the apron at ORD
  231. Question about buying airline tickets for someone else
  232. Why do so many people unbuckle their seatbelts early before arriving at the gate?
  233. Congress weighs making resort fees illegal
  234. FAA ATC Airline Links - Where Airlines Have Gone and Expired
  235. What's going on with boarding?
  236. How to fix a boneheaded mistake
  237. What are the best times to fly for upgrades
  238. Airline Customer Service: A 2019 Frequent Business Traveler Survey
  239. Lost luggage - how far will the airline go?
  240. Changing flight after taking the outbound and violating restrictions
  241. Exchanging Unused Soft Currencies
  242. What circumstances do you ask for compensation?
  243. Most strategically placed airports
  244. Skipping the coffee?
  245. Traveling with Mom (or Parents)
  246. Jobs that fly a lot
  247. How design fails increase risk of pilot error
  248. FA woke me up “for a joke”
  249. Room type on hotel door. Why?
  250. Passport date of issue obvious error dated year 184