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  1. Help the breastfeeding business traveler!
  2. Holiday Wish List - What's On It?
  3. NYC Perlina Holiday Sample Sale
  4. Shopping for a security purse
  5. To all Neiman Marcus fans
  6. best airlines, hotels, lounges for pregnant/nursing moms?
  7. Favorite travel item/gadget
  8. E.L.F. make up cheap. Is it OK?
  9. Childbirth and kidney stones - how do they compare?
  10. Discontinuing Juniper Breeze at B&BW
  11. L'Occitane Sale - ends 11/19
  12. Sephora 20% Off
  13. No More Panty Hose
  14. Sunblock for face that isn't shiny?
  15. Dark nailpolish outside of U.S.
  16. How Do You Control between-Meal Munchies?
  17. Why I quit my hairdresser.
  18. Walking Shoes for Paris
  19. Travelpro Platinum - at Tuesday Morning - next Tuesday
  20. A wonderful new mascara
  21. Lubriderm Moisturizing Mitts Recalled
  22. Ovarian Cancer Whispers - so listen...
  23. TJ/Marshalls Sale
  24. recommendations pro/con for trip at 38 wks pg
  25. Merrell shoes -- what a find!
  26. Packing for 25th College Reunion
  27. TravelSmith Warehouse Sale in Ohio
  28. Mileage running while pregnant?
  29. Want to join me at the spa and fit into your "skinny jeans"?
  30. Packing woman's suit
  31. Repackaging did NOT work!
  32. Pumped Breastmilk But No Child
  33. TSA Revises Bans- Small Travel Sized Liquids now allowed
  34. Ladies - I need help packing
  35. Move over GF Getaways: It's time for a MANcation!
  36. Any liquid issues between other countries?
  37. Female traveling group
  38. Ladies: "Prepare To Fight For Your Aircraft!" - DHS & TSA
  39. Cool Cosmetic & Travel Bags
  40. Need a new laptop bag for travel
  41. Best all-inclusive for women?
  42. Plucky entrepreneurial service delivers toiletries to your hotel
  43. Two FT Ladies Considering Micro-DO in Berlin & Paris
  44. You were right and I was wrong
  45. NO cosmetics ex-UK
  46. NY Times article on breast pumping and the new carryon regs
  47. Spa in Niagara Falls
  48. Extra amenities available at Starwood properties
  49. Who has changed their luggage habits since the toiletry restrictions?
  50. TSA 'legal' products that don't work
  51. Prescriptions for lotions? What are the options?
  52. Solid parfum carry-on experiences?
  53. Spa Break - planning for Dec at Rancho La Puerta
  54. Make Single Use Applicators To Carry-On Liquid Cosmetics Etc.!
  55. BAA (UK/London airport authority) has banned ALL cosmetics
  56. janet reger in London
  57. London Molton Brown
  58. Best place for buying a nice leather coat?
  59. New chage to policy: "personal lubricant" allowed - meaning?
  60. What is an appropriate tip?
  61. List of hotels/other providers offering free toiletries
  62. Girlfriend Getaways? Sigh.
  63. I e-mailed Magellans.
  64. OK ladies ... it's time for action
  65. Please post your experience getting through security with make-up/personal care items
  66. Non-liquid/non-gel toiletries and makeup products
  67. Flying at 34 weeks pregnant -- no water?
  68. Finding a specific nail polish
  69. Looks like we can't carry makeup
  70. "Appropriately British" birthday present help!
  71. travel with kids
  72. Ladies, How do you deal with feeling isolated in foreign countries?
  73. I need a spa break!
  74. Onto the underwear issue
  75. New Lady Traveler
  76. Luxury Women's Travel Groups?
  77. Where to find good slacks for work/travel?
  78. Moonsus summer sale
  79. Stylish Duffel/Overnight Bag
  80. Teenagers held party while I was travelling
  81. Travel suggestions
  82. Stressing about Indian toilets
  83. Red Eye to NYC, Hang Time, Red Eye to Madrid
  84. Solutions for packing earrings [merged threads]
  85. Trying to buy a new purse
  86. Seeking India's best tailor
  87. Midwest Destination Spas
  88. Storing a Coach bag with fur
  89. Tips on what to wear in San Francisco in July
  90. When you leave your child behind....
  91. Bringing birth control into the U.S.
  92. The Silent Killer: Inflammatory Breast Cancer
  93. To backpack or not to backpack
  94. First Class International Carryon
  95. Advice needed please - best place to buy Mulberry bags
  96. Shorts on a flight
  97. Tumi sale
  98. L'Occitane Sale
  99. Merrell sizing issue
  100. Women: what do you wear when you fly???
  101. What is appropriate attire for women visiting Buddhist temples in Asia?
  102. Girl's Spa weekend!
  103. Advice on Dress For Europe
  104. Where would you go shopping?
  105. Moving to Austin
  106. Is anyone else out there losing their feeling of being invicinble?
  107. Shopping Tours in Milan
  108. Bra Sized Swimsuits at JCPenny
  109. Anyone use lather.com products?
  110. Anybody Try to Carol Wior Slimsuits???
  111. Need help finding a rare fragrance Mare by Isole
  112. Looking for new luggage for wife
  113. Gift Ideas for travel
  114. Renaissance Las Seems like a good choice for business women
  115. Women-Only Cars Roll into Service on Rio Trains
  116. A new male/female traveler thing?
  117. Yoga and sightseeing in India
  118. Please Help My Wife's Feet
  119. Finding small Clothing Sizes
  120. Passport in Maiden Name -- Ticket in Married Name Dilemma
  121. Chicago Waxing
  122. Dubai Shopping what to buy?!?!
  123. Things you do when traveling alone...
  124. I Don't Know Quite Where To Post This, Is Anyone Here A Size 2?
  125. Question for you wise(r) ladies - take the job?
  126. Strange question re: travel sized toiletries
  127. Harassment at Istanbul airport
  128. Facial Hydration?
  129. hylexin does it work?
  130. Vintage Airline Flight Bags
  131. Menopause The Musical
  132. Portugal - female traveler's first solo trip + allergies
  133. Female solo travellers hotel upgrades
  134. Problems with men
  135. travelsmith sizes and other clothes questions
  136. Keeping fit on the road. . .
  137. Saving on phone bills
  138. Male RJ Behaviour
  139. Hotel TV Channel Selection
  140. Do yo live in Phx?
  141. Bra Shopping Taken to a Whole New Level
  142. Purses (handbags)
  143. Your perspective on GPS
  144. Olympic Spa - Los Angeles
  145. Obtaining HRT in Shanghai, China
  146. Any DC folks have a good dressmaker to recommend?
  147. Husband seeks advice re: "Where to send pregnant wife for some R&R"
  148. Pedicure in LAX?
  149. Beauty Product happiness on JetBlue
  150. wanted to share...adds a little fashion to the luggage set
  151. OT: Egg freezing
  152. Great Sale at Harolds.com
  153. Women Lead the Way in Travel Purchasing Decisions
  154. Best Makeup Brushes for Travel?
  155. Ladies, please......
  156. Relocating halfway across the world.
  157. Best Asian Tailors for Women?
  158. What are the best airports for DF prices on cosmetics?
  159. Cute and Comfortable: an oxymoron?
  160. Best Retail Microdermabrasion Kits?
  161. Anyone know what happened to Coupon Connection?
  162. Buy now or wait till Hong Kong?
  163. Fur Sale Alert
  164. Bath & Body Works 100% Shea Butter 3.3 oz - $4.99 at Outlets
  165. Haircut in London??
  166. Unbelievable - how did I pack that?
  167. Valentines day reminder..
  168. Can you use anti-static spray on silk?
  169. Pat Down Retaliation for Women
  170. Rude men travelers
  171. Suggestions for an 'elegant but fun hen night' weekend in Europe?
  172. Help me pack for this trip
  173. Travel after Breast Cancer
  174. Knickers at Marks & Spencers Question
  175. Baby Gift Ideas?
  176. Creepy Skycheck Experience
  177. Upgrades or special treatment while pregnant?
  178. louis vuitton
  179. Help! I need a winter suit... Or do I?
  180. Online bra shopping--any recommendations?
  181. Traveling Alone In Europe
  182. Testing 2 of the Deodorant Suggestions
  183. 2006 Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk
  184. Anti-chip top coatnail polish?
  185. Lost Luggage through Delta
  186. Women Travelers Losing Weight On The Road
  187. Women of Seattle Unite: Help Me Find a New Hair Person!
  188. first mammogram
  189. Women travelling alone
  190. Good florist suggestion for San Ramon/Bay Area
  191. How Does One Clean Suede Boots?
  192. Allergic Reaction: Olay 7 Signs Serum
  193. Opinions re the "Healthy Back Bag"
  194. David Yurman Jewelry
  195. women's business clothes in London
  196. deodorant for black sleeveless tops
  197. Yikes! I am out of shower caps!!
  198. Trading the Kate Spade "Claire" Handbag
  199. Wear a wedding ring or not?
  200. I need your help to avoid from sexist (and even agist)
  201. Help from women travellers needed: travel gift giving
  202. Yoga while traveling
  203. Pearls
  204. Designer Jewelry show in NYC - My first big show!
  205. First solo vacation any tips
  206. Christmas Gift for First Time Mom
  207. Looking for New Facial and Hand Moisturizers
  208. Professional Organizer?
  209. Outlet mall recs en route from LA to Palm Springs
  210. Recs for Cashmere Shawls
  211. What do we do when traveling?
  212. Custom Tailoring and Shopping in Vietnam
  213. Do gate agents pay less attention to you because you are female?
  214. Another Perfume Twist Thread: Women's vs. Men's Amenity Scents
  215. A Twist on the Perfume Thread: Did a Hotel's Amenities Help 'Discover' your Favorite?
  216. La Bella Donna Products
  217. Custom Tailor Women's Clothes Manila
  218. What's Your Favorite perfume?
  219. Warning issued about birth control patch
  220. rainboots: shoes in or shoes out
  221. USA Today article on hotels catering to women
  222. Velcro rollers - help!
  223. Do you get more pressure to buy bad rent-a-car insurance, fuel options
  224. Inappropriate "touching" in flight
  225. Men seeking men's travel forum
  226. You have been weighed, you have been measured, and you have been found wanting...
  227. Emergency Replacement Clothing in Tokyo?
  228. Magellan's women's clothing
  229. Favorite Hotel and Airline
  230. Keeping in touch while on the road
  231. Plastic Surgery Tourism
  232. 11 days, three climates, one bag?
  233. Women-only floors in hotels - important to you?
  234. Help! I need help from the ladies!
  235. Packing for Italy/France
  236. I'm Stressing over my vacation clothes :)
  237. Help for lip lines
  238. My Women Travelers Troll Thread
  239. RTW Trip For My 21 Year-Old Sister-in-Law
  240. What to wear/take on MR & 2 nights in SIN?
  241. Opinion of Curves Gym
  242. Metal detectors OK for pregnant women?
  243. Reading glasses
  244. Pashmina suggestions
  245. Duty Free Shopping
  246. China shopping
  247. A TSA-friendly nail file?
  248. Eau of...Parfum for men where?
  249. First Class first-timer- HELP!
  250. OT - eye problems