R.I.P Ansett

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R.I.P Ansett

We all loved you, and your staff were wonderful.

May Sir Reg rest in peace.

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What went wrong?????

it was so close
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Sad news indeed. What a farce this whole Tesna business has been.


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An utter waste of time and hope. Screw Howard's government for their role over AN's demise.

I wonder if SQ is still interested. Still think that would be the best option for us travelsumers.
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OMG - The poor staff.

OMG - The old girl has finally been killed.

I urge you guys to fly with AN for the last time before Monday midnight. You can still buy tickets (even webhot ones) from the website for travel up until Monday midnight.

Our last domestic A320 flight.

Anyone think there will be a saviour out there?



A new star *was* to be born..
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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Anyone think there will be a saviour out there?</font>
Umm, a lot of short memories here. Chris Corrigan's Patrick Corp WERE always the keenest to buy but Solly and Lindsay out played them at politics at that time.

Lang/Patricks are back talking NOW. Watch this space. Why else would their share price leap 5% intra day?

"Earlier this month, Patrick Corp managing director Chris Corrigan said the company could take a renewed interest in the assets of collapsed domestic airline Ansett if the right circumstances arose.

Mr Corrigan said the company would continue to monitor the Ansett situation, and whether a rival bid for the airline was successful.

At 1150 AEDT Patrick Corp shares were 71.2 cents, or 5.2 per cent, higher at $14.36.

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Thanks Howard. Thanks Max. Thanks Helen. Thanks Geoff. Thanks Sir Richard.

Competition policy has resulted in one player capturing now almost 90% market share.
16,000 people have lost their jobs and another 45,000 will indirectly suffer the same fate. Ansett twice, Compass twice, Flight West, Kendell, Impulse and other carriers no longer exist. Airfares on non VB routes will now go sky high.

But hey, I will get a job. 7000 hours on jets but QF wont employ me without year 12.

VB have made it clear they wont employ me as I am a relative of a "scab" (even though I joined AN 6 years after the dispute)

The future looks great.

The ****ing end.

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Ansett Dude,

My heart goes out to you mate.

I had a few AN friends that were waiting expectantly for the takeover who are absolutely devastated.

Good luck mate,

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Good luck Ansett Dude. You'll find work - I know I'd employ anyone who worked for Ansett in a flash, with such wonderful customer service standards. Enjoy your last few days working under the starmark banner and the legendary Ansett superbrand.
Regards and condolences,
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Sorry to read this news upon arriving home from my all day return flight from MEL to YYZ. The morning papers [Wednesday] were hinting at this as I read them over NSW, and no doubt the strong line taken by Qantas and Virgin over the weekend on TV news shows may have contributed to scaring off the Lew-Fox attempt.

I shall pour a small glass of the Ansett 50th Anniversary classic tawny I still have in my cellar from the 1986 Golden Wing offering, and bit fare well to yet another carrier I have had fond memories of. Ansett now joins the ranks of CPAir/Canadian, Eastern, Pan Am, TWA and other great names of commercial aviation. I feel for you guys down there...
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