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Frequent Flyer News Straight From the Horse's Mouth! (Finally)

Frequent Flyer News Straight From the Horse's Mouth! (Finally)

Old Feb 19, 02, 12:17 am
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Frequent Flyer News Straight From the Horse's Mouth! (Finally)

Sourced from http://www.ansett.com.au

Tesna Holdings Pty Ltd ("Tesna") announced today a comprehensive frequent flyer program for the new Ansett effective from the completion of the sale agreement with the Ansett Administrators. The program has been named "Ansett Frequent Flyer" .

"Ansett Frequent Flyer" will be Australia's most generous frequent flyer program during its 12-month introductory period. Important introductory features* include:

Substantial bonus points available to all members
Ability for former Ansett Global Rewards members to rapidly amass points, and in many cases exceed, their former points totals within 12 months
Former Global Rewards Base members who join can purchase and take just one flight at any fare level and earn enough points for a free flight
10,000 points on joining, for new members who were not in Global Rewards (for a three month introductory period)
Worldwide status and privileges for Sapphire, Platinum and Diamond members
Recognition of Global Rewards tier status
No expiry date on points - provided you earn or redeem points from your account at least once every three years
Ability to utilise accrued personal program points for family and friends travel
Significant availability of redemption seats
Flight redemptions available on Ansett domestic, Star Alliance international and Australian regional airline partners affiliated with Ansett
Complimentary membership for all former and new Golden Wing Club members
Complimentary Ansett Frequent Flyer membership for former Sapphire, Platinum and Diamond Global Reward members consistent with Star Alliance standards
The Ansett Frequent Flyer program has been developed following extensive consideration and market research, including focus groups and telephone polling of former Global Rewards members conducted by the independent Newspoll organisation.

Ansett Frequent Flyer is designed to ensure easy redemption of points and a high level of flexibility.

Bonus points can be earned by former Global Rewards members on Ansett flights. Regular frequent flyer points will be earned on all Ansett flights, even when bonus points apply. Regular frequent flyer points will also be earned on affiliated international and regional airline flights. The availability of international redemptions is subject to members taking two purchased return flights with Ansett.

New Ansett Frequent Flyer members, who were not Global Rewards members, will receive 10,000 points for a three month introductory period on joining (for a once-only membership of $75.00 plus GST).

Former Ansett Australia Global Rewards members will be offered substantial bonus points on joining Ansett Frequent Flyer and generous loadings on all flights taken on new Ansett for a 12 months introductory period.

The bonus points will enable former Global Rewards members to rapidly amass, and in many cases substantially exceed, their former points in 12 months by continuing their previous travel pattern on Tesna's new Ansett.

Consistent with Star Alliance member standards complimentary membership will be available for Sapphire, Platinum and Diamond former Global Rewards members. A once off membership and administration fee of $75.00 plus GST (comparable to competitor programs) will apply to former base Global Rewards members who will receive 10,000 introductory points on joining.

Ansett's full service, two-class airline will offer its customers premium in-flight service, including quality food in generous portions, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, competitive fares, fully equipped business lounges and excellent on-time performance.

The new Ansett will commence operations between Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth using an all Airbus A320 fleet and will quickly build to a fleet of 30 aircraft during 2002/3.

Further cities will be added to the Ansett network in coming months. Ansett Frequent Flyer will announce additional bonus offers to former Global Rewards members and potential new members on a city and region specific basis as the airline progressively expands its network.

Announcements are anticipated to be made in the near future concerning several major banks and credit or charge card providers linking Ansett Frequent Flyer with their loyalty programs. These arrangements will enable members of various finance sector loyalty programs to convert their rewards into travel on Ansett flights. Further announcements will also be made concerning other program partners.

Tesna also recently confirmed it would restore all former Golden Wing Lounge memberships including one-year, two-year, five-year and life memberships which were valid at 13 September 2001.

In recognition that former Golden Wing members had not been able to enjoy full services at the airport lounges since 13 September last year, Tesna will offer an additional complimentary six month membership extension beyond members' current expiry date.

Golden Wing members will also be offered complimentary membership of Ansett Frequent Flyer.

Ansett Frequent Flyer programme details will be available on www.ansett.com.au from 20 February. Telephone inquiries can be directed to 13 13 00 from 20 February.

Click here to download this press release with further details of the Ansett Frequent Flyer programme in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

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Old Feb 19, 02, 12:29 am
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First reaction: In the examples, they state 1,414 points for a main cabin flight. So 1 point/km like the old system, however they have *not* stated this is a full or discount fare ticket. Could that mean they have done away with the 0.7 points/km discount rate??


Awaiting people's other reactions.

And I don't think I'll pony up to join the new program, just send my miles to UA.

I still have my old 1993 era Ansett Frequent Flyer card, think it would be accepted? http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/biggrin.gif After all, that's the official name! http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/wink.gif

RichardMEL, UA 1K
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Old Feb 19, 02, 12:51 am
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Don't they just love us base members =)

When I see some more detail, I'll reserve my judgement. (Status, status, status...)

But gee, with all these bonuses, you'd think you're on UA http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/smile.gif Pity they make us pay $75 now http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/frown.gif Oh, the days when ANFF was only $30, or the free ANGR.

Does the $75 include GST? If not, then it's the same price as QF at $82.50.

Do we get a real card this time http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/smile.gif Hahah!


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Old Feb 19, 02, 4:07 am
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Well its neither brilliant nor is it terrible. As I am in the fortunate position of being offered free membership, but if it wasn't for that I wouldn't be coughing up(again I might add) to (re)join. Inspite of this I will probably only clock up a few flights and then burn the points before crediting all future flights to LH.

I'd be suprised to see many people actually sign up again ... with all the promos and incentives the other * partners have been offering I'm sure many will continue to just stick with that partner. Maybe this is the Tesna plan - let someone else carry the liability - not to mention the cost of administering the program...

Anyway, I'm sure some will be jacked off at the move not to reinstate points - but then if Tesna is going to be making a go of it then that option was unworkable. At least we can still queue up with the rest of the crediotrs and take our handout of a few dollars...

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Old Feb 19, 02, 4:47 am
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"The availability of international redemptions is subject to members taking two purchased return flights with Ansett"

Yes it is $82.50 including GST. At this fee, it will have to be an amazing program. Tesna seems to be pinning all its hopes on the fact that the bonuses will be big enough an incentive to jump ship & jump onboard. It seems to be treating base members with little regard, frankly I don't see any huge difference between a new member & returning base member. Don't they realise that most ANFFs already paid their fees years ago.

It seems Tesna just wants its best fliers. I wonder if any credit card companies will offer free or discounted memberships. Will they comp status?



BTW: 500,000 members had a balance of 0 in their accounts http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/smile.gif 20% of ANFFs hadn't even earnt a point - I could understand why Tesna would want to attract some & not others, but I think they could've been a bit more generous with base members who actually do fly.
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Old Feb 19, 02, 5:21 am
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Personally, I'm reasonably happy with the details that have been released, and being able to use points for family etc. I'm waiting to see what the bonus points system will be like - but I think I will join it, because by the end of the year (with the 10000 points for joining, plus whatever bonus points are received), I will just about have as many points (~22000, nothing special really) as I did before September.
I'd certainly rather join this one than Qantas. That said, I will most likely credit my points for overseas flights to either UAMP or LHM&M. However, getting enough points for free flights or upgrades on Ansett points would be great.
Now, for the details on product and service. I can't wait for them! Exciting times ahead indeed http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/smile.gif
PS - You reckon we might have played a role in the new programme? I remember some of the new incentives of Ansett Frequent Flyer as being "wishes for the new Global Rewards" in a different thread on this forum.

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Old Feb 19, 02, 3:18 pm
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hmm. awaiting the full details to be released such as upgrade requirements/awards (if any) and so on. That's all I used my points for anyway (domestic upgrades). Interesting that they tie you to flying 2 AN flights before you can get an award elsewhere - not unexpected (most of the oneworld members do something similar in that you can only earn elite status with them if you fly at least 4 segments on the "home" carrier). UA for example doesn't do this.

The whole thing seems to be rather slack to me. They've changed the name (boring) but not even bothered to change the elite level names (even more boring) so the requirements will likely still be very similar as before (ie: more expensive to obtain than on other * programs). It's almost like they pulled the old GR out of mothballs, put a bit of a shine on it and added some bonuses to lure people back and that's it. Sorry, but that's not good enough. If I was QF I'd be laughing all the way to the gate on that one - their program is still the best in the country, and they know it.

However, we'll have to wait and see the full details released today before full comment can be passed.

RichardMEL, UA 1K
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Old Feb 19, 02, 3:45 pm
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I've just enrolled in the new ansett (for free- sapphire). I'm excited!

I so hope this program/ airline works
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A few stat's I worked out that 1 SYD-MEL segment in Discount Y will earn;


734 points
1/40th Sapphire
1/80th Platinum
1/160th Diamond
0% Lifetime status
1/27th reward SYD-MEL Y RT


1000 miles
1/35th Silver (1/30th Requalify)
1/70th Gold (1/60th Requalify)
1/140th Platinum (1/120th Requalify)
1/700th Lifetime Silver
1/1400th Lifetime Gold
1/20th reward SYD-MEL Y RT

others levels don't look any better.

By Comparison AC (if redemptions stay the same etc) would give;

1/30th Prestige
1/60th Elite
1/150th Super Elite

better for *Silver and *Gold qualification, far worse for redemption but its free. UA would be better IF AN segments count towards qualification - roughly same redemption but easier status qualification and NO cost to join.

I also notice there is now a statement that "On domestic travel you will earn one point for every kilometre in Economy Class <b>(excluding some special Internet fares)</b>" and the terms and conditions exclude L class.

Other interesting details I note are that the regional airlines 'expected' to participate do not include Hazelton (the only airline that services the town I live in).

I suppose I will wait and see what they manage with non-airline partners as well as what rates they now have in other star programs... but what I see so far is definitely not competitive with QF and is certainly no reason for me not to use my UA or AC membership for AN flights.

_ 0 _
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Old Feb 19, 02, 3:55 pm
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First read of the new T&C and some gotchyas found already:

1. No points given for L class bookings (ie: screw you on $77 one way cheapies)

2. (good) all other discount Y fares get 1 point/km for AN domestic services, international is 0.7/km (as before)

3. Upgrades ONLY available from full-fare Y. (ouch!).

4. flights to NZ go from 30,000 to 32,000 for Y. I don't remember the old numbers for C/F rewards.

5. (good) AN offers one way rewards. QF does not.

6. No backtracking allowed on rewards.

7. Tier credits and qualifying levels seem to be unchanged (but someone might need to verify the amounts of tier credits given as I never followed those too closely).

in my opion: don't bother joining ! http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/frown.gif

I'm disappointed Tesna. I know you have a business to run, but this is like GR with a gloss, and doesn't compete at all with QFFF - sadly!

RichardMEL, UA 1K
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Old Feb 19, 02, 5:05 pm
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All in all, not a very good package for anyone. The lack of L class points (even Qantas offers points on these), the removal of 9000 point rewards and the (still) poor status cerdits for flying International First Class (same as International Business Class) seem to point me in the direction of the big Q. Also NO bonus points for flying International with *.

Sorry to say but Qantas has a better package all round and after just flying with Cathy in F to HKG, I think One World may have me (gulp).
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Old Feb 19, 02, 6:50 pm
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Just to clarify one of the things above, are the bonus points being awarded on other *a flights?

If not, that iss certainly quite disppointing - especially considering most of the points i lost were on other *a flights
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Old Feb 19, 02, 7:46 pm
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Bonuses are only for AN flights....

RichardMEL, UA 1K
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Old Feb 19, 02, 7:59 pm
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Losing those hard earnt points - that I can live with. But having to pay to rejoin well thats another story. Sorry Ansett you won't see me back!
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So does that mean as a platinum, if I buy a cheapie in L class I won't get my 10,000 bonus points??? for a MELSYD rt.

I'm with QF still,
Mr Earn
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