Your Top 10 Wishlist for AN Frequent Flyer

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Your Top 10 Wishlist for AN Frequent Flyer


AN Global Rewards was never going to set the world on fire. If you could make a few improvements to the program, what would they be.


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Family pooling of points - now THAT would distinguish the new program from most that are available to Australians.
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Well, I wouldn't necessarily suggest anything revolutionary, more some *Alliance standards like;

* Plastic membership cards for all members (especially if they plan on charging $82.50 to join)

* Points & status based on mileage and segments like most of the other *Alliance members. Levels would need to be set lowish maybe 10k Silver, 35k Gold, 100k Gold+ (combo of Thai and AC levels) - if they don't do this then its wise for flyers to stay with other *Alliance programs even if they fly AN.

* 100% points for all discount economy flights

* Quickly get as many ground based bonus partners as possible - especially energy (now there is deregulation), health care, insurance and other recuring charges, plus the usual hotel, rental care etc.

* Make sure program extends to regional airlines so there is enough coverage for most flyers to compete with QF.

* Upgrades issued in a similar fashion to UA MP upgrades

* Bonus miles for elites 25% Silver, 50% Gold, 100% Gold+ on all AN operated flights.

as I said, nothing revolutionary. I think it would be far better for AN to use a simple, well understood model that is similar to the majority of *Alliance, similar to QF, and competitive compared to both.
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I actually think that the 1.25, 1, .7 is a good idea.

Some recognition of those old points needs to be taken into consideration. We all agree there.

One idea of have thought of is this.
20,000 points is the round trip Sydney-Brisbane as an example. If the average member has 26,000 points them maybe this could be used for free trips to be used in the first year.
Virgin Blue were basically giving seats away on the Tues-Wed-Thurs, where loads are light maybe Ansett should be basically giving a third of the plane away as award seats in those times and you use the old points.

I think customers having their points available to use on other alliance airline programs will make them go broke so it has to be separate.

So basically you would only pay for the taxes, but Ansett would have reasonable fall planes, they are not going to have customers booking Ansett until something is assured so there will be plenty of free space.
During peak times, and weekends you would just have less seats to give away.

With this idea the points are not part of the new program but allows people to use some of the points on seats in the first few months so at least the planes are not flying empty. I think any empty plane would be worse than a fall plane even if third the passengers are flying for free.

Maybe there would be run of seats but you are still capacity controlling.

Anyone know how many free seats are given away on any one flight.

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I think if there is a move towards a mileage based status system, then greater bonuses should be provided for premium classes (ala LH). Minimum miles should be provided, to counter any marketing advantage held by QF.

In principle I agree with the 0.7, 1 & 1.25 system, because full economy pax don't really get many extra perks for their money over cheapie ticket passengers. Increased tier credits under the old system partially compensated for this, but a status system based on either mileage or sectors flown could replace this. It's simpler & less confusing than the credit system.

Having said that, as a discount Y passenger, I wouldn't mind a 1000ml minimum system.

I think with the issue of status, most people who can't get it, don't care about it. The typical VFR passenger probably has next to no idea what status entails anyway.

Under the old AN system, status was hard to earn, but the perks of it were hardly worth it. What significant benefits would you get as AN*G that you couldn't get as a (anyotherstarcarrier)*G? A few upgrades maybe? What AN needs to do is offer more sweeteners.

I like LH's 160,000ml overdraft, 25% executive bonus (counting for status), guarenteed availability, 50% off companion tickets & no expiration. for Senators. I like the lounge access (limited) for LH FTLs.

I like MX's 50% bonus on all star carriers for MX*G.

I like UA's 100% bonus for 1Ks, lack of award blackouts, reasonable award rates & the premium on 'full Y' reward tickets for people who don't want to be constrained by yield management.

I like SK's discounts for youth tickets, good hotel awards & good looking card

I like NZ*GE's ability to bring up to 5 guests into the lounge.

Family pooling of points - that'd really bring in some pax, especially the VFR pax.

Plastic cards - I suggested to AN that they issue the card to the pax after they had flown a few sectors (eg. like LH's 3000ml requirement, quite fair IMHO) - if you don't fly & just use your credit card, you don't really need much of a card anyway. They actually wrote back to me & gave no real reason.

AndrewCX, I think the status point levels you've set are a bit too low, unless they use the existing point earning system. If they used a system closer to LH's (ie. good minimums & bonuses), they'd have a lot of AN*S, then again you don't get much.

Something I'd love would be Star Alliance Upgrades. We have the Star Alliance Awards system, now take the next step.

Finally, I hope Tesna gets flying as quickly as possible!


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I believe the main problem is that you can't take the AN scheme in isolation from other schemes.

When companies have the choice, the traveller will go on whichever airline they are booked on. When the traveller has the choice, there's a good chance they have flown AN and QF in the past. Take the (not unusual) situation that someone had 100k+ AN points and 100k+ QF points. Why would they fly AN if their past points count for nothing?

As for the .7 in discount economy. Why would anyone accept that if they can get full credit an almost any other Star partner? Similarly, the restriction of rewards to family members seems to be an unfortunate local one and, again, why would you earn on AN if you can earn on another Star partner and use the points for friends.

So, I'd go for:
1) Some sort of use for the old GW points. They will have lots of spare seats on some routes, so why not use them?
2) 100% credit on any economy ticket.
3) Allow points to be redeemed for anyone, not just family members.
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Free upgrades if you show your FT tag or lapel pin on checkin (subject to availability)

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Non expiry of points

... now that would be great. Even if they felt it would cost too much to allow non tiered members to save up points over many years, why not let status members save up their points over a number of years?

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