The would have been better off using another name

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The would have been better off using another name

If Tesna want to use the respected ANSETT name with all the history and good-will that goes with it, they can't deny responsibility for other things like frequent flyer schemes.

The only way they will succeed under the name ANSETT is to accept responsibilty and give those loyal ANSETT GR members some kind of light at the end of the tunnel, even if it's a long way down the track, at least give them the hope that they havn't been just wiped off.

Remember when FF schemes were once the province of frequent flyers, then several years ago the airlines had a big membership push (read loyalty drive) and convinced the once a year VFR/holiday flyers to join up, never mind that they would find it pretty hard to book their hols to Bali or Surfers.

They will never get these low yield GR members back, they have paid their money to join QF and won't trust Ansett again with their hard eaned points.

They might get (some of) the suits back because it won't take them long to rack up a reasonable booty of points.

They mostly built up those points on flights paid for by their employers anyway, it didn't come out of their own pockets like the rest of us.

Plus it's good business to have viable airline competion and corporate Australia
realise this so may steer business AN's way.

Then there are the ones in the middle (like me) who pay for their own travel and do a lot of it because they like to fly & travel.

I have yet to be convinced the new AN scheme holds anything at all for these people, even though some of them (like me) still have life GW.

So perhaps had they started afresh with a completely new name they would have had more chance, as I fear they have little chance now.

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