GR or other FFP?

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GR or other FFP?

When the new AN FFP comes to fruition, will you join it, or will it perhaps be more rewarding to be with another Star carrier, such as SQ or UA?? I've been thinking about this recently, wouldn't mind a bit of info on it. I joined SQ in Nov.
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It'll depend a lot on what it offers, exactly. The old AN GR scheme was already becoming a lemon: The tier credits crap made it take more than twice as long to reach Star Gold than on UA's M+ for me. Plus, the lack of multi-stop awards made redemptions much less valuable than Qantas' scheme.

I'll probably join the new one anyhow, since it's sure to have some useful promotions at some point. Whether I'll use it or not is another matter altogether.
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I think it will boil down to what happens with the 'old' points... I'm sure most people will ditch really fast should something not be done to satisfy old members and their lost points.
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Assuming AN remains with Star Alliance, there is little point to join the new scheme, unless old points are restored. Why? For me, at least, I'd just credit any AN flights to my scheme of choice (for me, that would be UA) in order to earn status credit, etc. Any nifty promotions would be incidental really.

If I was starting from scratch, it would definately depend on how AN compared with both QF's scheme and other * partners as to where the best value would be.

A friend of mine recently employed by an airline and laid off just joined UA M+ after some debate. He decided the benefits were way better than what QF or AN would likely provide.

Everyone's mileage will, of course, vary.

I'd prob. join just for the marketing duff.

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For most members of "joe public" it would probably all hinge on what if any credit cards AN links to. Without a competitive card most people would probably not bother or stick with QF.

As I would suspect that most members received far more points through credit cards than through flying.

Most non frequent flyers would not bother joining UA, SAS, TG, AC or the like as the miles they fly and the hassle (or perception there of) of an overseas programme would not be worth it.

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