Global Rewards Class Action

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Global Rewards Class Action

Here's the link.

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What a scam with that $80 fee!
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$80 x 10,000 = $800,000

Somebody is lining their pockets at the misfortune of others.

cheers Peter
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Wolens v. American Airlines and Gutterman v. American Airlines

Some folks took on American Airlines over a PETTY issue of a few 1,000 points variance on a reward. As it happened they won. They got ONLY a judgement for their 5,000 points each. And/or a future credit coupon for $25-$75 as well. Whoopee!

Their attorneys Much, Shelist, Freed, Denenberg, Ament and Rubenstein billed AA for their costs of over 12,0000 hours at $US2,000 an hour or $US25,000,000 was the final agreed figure. AA also paid their own costs. It took 13 years and involved hearings in the Supreme Courts of Illinois and U.S. Supreme Courts. The litigants got their 5,000 points, and AA discount vouchers for between $25-$75 future travel. I kid you not.

Hate to be paying my share of that had they LOST the case!

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sendoisan et al:

I don't know the particulars of this case.

Many times American Law firms initiate cases they think they can win without any commitment from the plaintiffs. If the Law Firm believes the chances of forcing a settlement (not necessarily a victory) is large enough, the firm will start such a suit.

In American courts, many suits are fought on a contingency basis, so that the plaintiff's attorneys are only paid if the plaintiff wins.

This sometimes makes it only likely that such suits are brought if the plaintiff has a strong case, but also makes it possible for a law firm to develop a case and solicit plaintiffs.

As so many things with America, you takes the good with bad.

Sorry if that is a disillusionment.
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