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eval÷uating my inner-australian flight options for january 2002

In late summer 2001 I made bookings with AN (but didn't have to pay yet) for some inner-Australian flights in late january-2002 (after the Australian Tennis Open in Melbourne), covering: Melbourne - Cairns, Cairns - Canberra, Canberra - Melbourne. I used the (AN/NZ) G'Day-segment-pass available for overseas costumers.

After AN was grounded, my travel agent (LH's office in ZRH) made alternative reservations (nothing paid yet) with Qantas for the same itinerary.

With Qantas (or any of their partners) I have no status, and will not have one in the future either. I can (at this time, but not sure about january 2002) get credit for the miles into my Qualiflyer account (which seems to be ok even with a bancrupt SR), status miles play no role for me with Qualiflyer.

With (former) AN I had the option of getting mileage (and status mileage) credit into my Mileage Plus (UA) or miles&more (LH) account AND (more important for me) to have lounge access (with my Star-Gold-status).

I am following your psost about the restart of Ansett-II, and feel a lot of sympathie for them.

How do you judge the chances, that AN-II might:
* fly to Cairns in january 2002
* might 'renew' Star-membership
* might reopen lounges in Melbourne, Sydney, Cairns, Canberra until january 2002
* offer something similar as the G'Day-segment-pass?
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The news at Ansett is brightening all the time, here are some developments:

* Global Rewards and Golden Wing Club may be reinstated in the future (likely)

* Travel Agents will be able to sell tickets

* AN II will be honouring some AN I tickets.

* Inflight Services are going to be improved

To respond to your questions:

1. AN to CNS - possible, good possibility. Cairns will probably be a higher priority secondary destination (non SYD/BNE/MEL/PER). If SQ gets AN, it is quite likely, as SQ does need a CNS service linking with BNE or SYD - it pulled out of CNS this year.

2. Might renew Star Membership - quite likely if it becomes a full service carrier. I think this is quite likely, as the ANstaff bid, and SQ would make it a full service carrier - it is likely that one or the other will be involved in the final form of Ansett.

3. Opening Golden Wing Club Lounges in MEL/SYD/CNS/CBR - MEL & SYD seem almost certain (probably will be reopening soon), CBR and CNS less likely.

4. G'Day segment pass? Well, if AN gets back up again, then yes I'm sure, as it will getting international traffic again (provided it doesn't become a Virgin Blue type discount airline - I don't think it will). Plus travel agents are starting to come back online.

Do you need to book soon. Give us a few more weeks, and the Ansett situation should clear up. It really depends on who will own Ansett.


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thank you Skystar
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