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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by NJUPINTHEAIR:
Well, this might answer your Boston requests.

Wow...valid on Acela Express and Metroliner all day Saturday, and Sunday outside of 1-6pm. And as with previous promo codes above, it appears to be usable throughout the Northeast Corridor.

This brings most weekend Acela Express trains WAS-NYP down to $100. Metroliner for $88.
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Anybody used H317 before? 50% off Companion. Does it require a physical coupon? The USA-RAIL agent kept on saying that I have to present a coupon when I pick up the tickets. Thanks.
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I don't have any experience with that particular code - but if you're going out of NYP, you may be able to get by that by using a kiosk to check in and get your ticket - worse case scenario, play dumb.

Let us know how it turns out if you end up doing it.
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Some new codes to try!


Source - Frommers

Right now, there are six codes to choose from.

The best of the bunch is code V822. It will knock fares down by 20% on all unreserved trains as far north as Albany, as far east as Boston, as far west as Harrisburg and as far south as Virginia. There are no blackout dates, and you can travel as late as Dec. 16 on this code. When you're picking your train on Amtrak's site, look for trains with a "U" symbol under the "Accommodations" column -- those are the unreserved trains. If V822 doesn't work, try V729, a very similar discount.

Want to try the high-speed Acela train? Use code V711 for Acela and Metroliner trains on weekends (except Sunday 1-6 pm) from now through June 30. It'll knock 20% off your fare. It won't work for trains from april 8-12 or May 28-June 1. If that code doesn't work, V745 and V704 are very similar discounts.

If you're traveling outside the Northeast Corridor, your code is H406. That'll knock 5% off almost all train fares nationwide for travel from now through August except on the Easter, Memorial Day and Fourth of July weekends. It doesn't apply to trains to Canada or to Northeast Corridor trains on Fridays and Sundays, but if you're traveling in the NEC, you can get a better deal with V822 anyway.

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H406 Expired 5/15/04

The H406 discount has now expired.
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Got this in the mail a week or two ago:

"Receive 20% off our best fare on any Amtrak train for travel completed by July 31, 2004. Plus, we will award you with 500 bonus points per trip completed within that timeframe. Just go to and register for promition IN006 to receive your discount code. Use the provided discount code when making your reservation."

Blackouts: July 2-5
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AGR's site tells me it is invalid.
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Just tried it too........ is with Amtrak.?????

My own post card won't go through.

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2 new discount codes!

Didn't work for me either, but then again, I never received the post card.

Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art, featuring the Byzantium and Childe Hassam exhibits and receive 15% off qualifying Amtrak fares to New York City this summer. Make reservations online or call 1-800-USA-RAIL and request discount code V823 (Byzantium) or V132 (Childe Hassam). Offer valid for bookings made between June 1 and September 12, 2004 with travel between June 10 and September 12, 2004.

Terms & Conditions
Discount is valid for travel in the Northeast Corridor on unreserved regional trains; all day Saturday and Sunday on Metroliners; and all day Saturday and before 1 p.m. and after 6 p.m. on Sundays for Acela Express. Travel on reserved regional trains and weekday Acela Express and Metroliners is prohibited. Other restrictions may apply.
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H428, but please read:
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Originally Posted by HeHateY
I just posted to your linked topic...for lazies like me, here's what I said.

--------------Begin message from other post--------------

Well, I just stumbled onto this great forum while googling amtrak codes, lol.

Anyway, I have been putting off a train trip to Michigan from Illinois in hopes that a new code would come about in a few days. Thanks for your post, I tried that code and it seems to be giving me a discounted rate, though it doesn't work with AAA or Student Advantage. Still, not a bad discount. However, here is the real sweet thing I just noticed, I started putting in random numbers around the one you posted and got several hits. Many of them were for the same % discount but I found a couple that were for a nice 25% discount. None of them worked with any AAA or SA offers, but 1/4 off is still pretty nice. Here is what I found to work

H428 - does work for 15% off
H418 - Oddly enough, 5.3125% discount (...?! )
H416 - 8.85416% discount (what's with these wacked out numbers??)

H430, H432, H420 - appears to be one but not valid for my particular itenerary

H424 - 15% discount
H423, H427 - 20% off
H421 - code can't be booked online

H426 - 25% off
H422 - 25% off

Hope this helps everyone out. I just used H422 for a cool quarter off my price tag! Hope everyone else has similar luck. I don't know all the specs of these promos since I just got lucky with some guessing, but I am going from Illinois to Michigan, passing through Chicago, if that helps anyone out with routing questions.

-------------------End message from other post-----------------

There ya have it, good luck ya'll.
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I was fooling around with the promotion codes listed above and H422 even works with weekday Acela trips. 25% off on tickets that almost never discounted! Any clue what H422 is for, or is it just one more Amtrak mystery?
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I can confirm; H422 is a wonder! 25% off reserved trains during peak weekend times. Note, however, my ticket printed as non-refundable. So buyer/FTer beware...
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H422 doesn't make all tickets non-refundable

I just used the H422 code to book a trip. I was very absent-minded and indended to book BOS>NYP but accidentally booked NYP>BOS. I called up reservations w/in 5 minutes, intending to give a sob story, but she just checked and said "I don't see anything about the ticket that suggests its not refundable," and credited me the original purchase, and rebooked me on the BOS>NYP train.

YMMV, of course, but I was quite relieved.
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Actually I'm not surprised that you didn't have a problem. First of all, you didn't really want a refund, you simply wanted to book the correct trip and one that was comparable in cost.

Next when traveling on the corridor, normal rules for exchanging tickets including the fees normally charged, don't always apply. The only thing one has to watch out for are first class reservations on Acela & the Metroliner.

Finally even with the most restrictive fares, if the ticket(s) have not yet been printed, things are easier to fix. Once the ticket(s) are printed however, it gets a lot harder to fix things without penalties if it's even fixable.
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