Credit Card TQP Issues

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Credit Card TQP Issues

So, I currently want to throw a brick through someone's window at either AGR or BofA. Probably both. *ahem*

Due to a "happy accident" a few years ago, I was issued two AGR World Mastercards. Double the sign-up bonus, double the fun. The dollars spent on both cards accumulated with some reliability to my AGR account.

A few weeks ago, I nixed one of the cards as redundant (partly to merge all of the spend onto a single card...the impetus was not wanting to "play games" with the cards during the 3x points promo) and then got a double-whammy of bad surprises:
(1) The spend from the second card evaporated, taking with it 1000 TQPs right off and probably spoiling another 1000 TQPs from me. Possibly 2000 more (i.e. the full 3000 additional ones).
(2) The spend from November? You know, the eleventh month of a twelve-month year? Won't post to my AGR account until January. Now, I'm not complaining about the 33k-ish points I raked in with the card, but having basically a month-long delay in posting those TQPs over to AGR seems a little bit absurd. It doesn't help that as far as I can tell, the December 2017 statements don't seem to be crediting to 2018, so I feel like I'm really only getting 11 months' worth of credit here.

Thus while I'd have the $20,000 in spend either on December 2017-November 2018 (both cards) or January 2018-December 2018 (the surviving card), I'm instead told that I'm only showing about $9000.

Normally I wouldn't really care. Normally. The points can usually land whenever they feel like it. Unfortunately, if this mess doesn't get sorted out, there goes Select Executive for me (since 3000 TQPs is $1000-1500 in cash spend...I was planning to do the $800-1000 in cash spend I'd need as-is, but I've got a hard time justifying more like $2000 in the last few weeks of the year).

As things stand, BofA did submit an error report internally and I'm in limbo on that, but I'm wondering if there's anything I can do to improve my chances of this mess sorting out favorably.
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