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lo2e Jul 13, 18 6:00 am

Good morning, Amtrak forum members.

There are several reports (in other places other than FT) that moderator AlanB (real name Alan Burden) passed away yesterday of an apparent heart attack. Word is that he was riding the Crescent through Alabama at the time he fell ill.

There is also a thread in CommunityBuzz memorializing Alan, and of course all of our thoughts and prayers to go his family and friends throughout the world.

jackal Jul 13, 18 8:00 am

I’m still rather in shock after hearing of this from a friend a few moments ago. His fun energy and deep knowledge of just about everything Amtrak will be missed.

Some further details at Alan Burden (AlanB) - News, Announcements & Introductions - Amtrak Unlimited Discussion Forum

SanDiego1K Jul 13, 18 9:36 am

I was sad to awaken to this news. We will miss him.

Armani Jul 13, 18 9:55 am

I am very sad to learn this news. His insightful information, suggestions, and positive attitude enhanced my train traveling experiences. He passed away while doing something he really enjoyed, but will be greatly missed.

serpens Jul 13, 18 10:04 am

Alan's gentle tone, vast knowledge, and willingness to share made him a treasure.

bitburgr Jul 13, 18 10:42 am

Wow. The amount of knowledge he had and his patient tone really made this a great forum. Very sad.

GoAmtrak Jul 13, 18 11:11 am

Originally Posted by bitburgr (Post 29969885)
Wow. The amount of knowledge he had and his patient tone really made this a great forum. Very sad.

I couldn't have said it better. What a tremendous loss for his family and the online rail travel community.

ne52 Jul 13, 18 11:46 am

Thank you for passing this on. Very sorry to hear about Alan.

I echo everyone's comments. He had a wealth of knowledge and participating on this and other boards seemed to be a real passion for him. I never met but Alan he really added to the community and will be missed.

radiowell Jul 13, 18 1:15 pm

OMG. This is absolutely horrible. I never met him either, but I realized that he and other dedicated advocates allowed us to be more knowledgeable about train riding. RIP.

Dianne47 Jul 13, 18 1:22 pm

He was immensely helpful to so many people who sought help for Amtrak questions. He will be sorely missed. Deepest condolences to his family, friends, and colleagues.

tonywestsider Jul 13, 18 7:37 pm

I will miss Alan B right here in this forum. For years he provided expert advice on Amtrak travel. He will be missed.

physioprof Jul 14, 18 5:01 pm

Very sad to hear this!

dhammer53 Jul 15, 18 7:20 pm

I just heard the sad news on the Amtrak Facebook page. Alan was one of many that helped me when I did my first Roomette trip on the CZ 2 years ago.
May his perpetual ride always be in a bedroom.

travelmad478 Jul 16, 18 9:22 am

Wow, I am very surprised and saddened to read this. AlanB was, hands down, the most helpful and knowledgeable person re: Amtrak that I’ve ever encountered. His loss will be keenly felt on this forum and anywhere else that he posted. RIP.

copyright1997 Jul 17, 18 1:55 pm

Sorry to hear about Alan. I know his insight's into train travel and the Amtrak rewards programs have helped me in my quest for train travel, which I have shared with my now 16 year old son who has traveled most of the Amtrak long distance routes as well as a couple VIA rail segments. Alan will be greatly missed.

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