Which Amtrak routes have you taken?


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Which Amtrak routes have you taken?

There are similar threads to this such as "Which Star Alliance carriers have you flown?" so I thought this might be fun for us here in the Amtrak forum. I'll start obviously.

Capitol Corridor
Coast Starlight
Empire Builder
Northeast Regional
Pacific Surfliner
Southwest Chief
Sunset Limited
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This one required some thinking about what the routes are actually called. In rough order of when I first took them:

Adirondack (beautiful but sloooooooow)
Vermonter (back when they ran a bus between Montreal and St. Albans)
NE Regional (as far south as Lynchburg, as far north as Boston)
Piedmont (2-3 roundtrips a week these days)
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California Zephyr (due to 9/11~not by choice) picked up n Oceola IA
Capitol Corridor
Don't know the name of line~Amarillo TX to Des Moines IA 46 yrs ago
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Which Amtrak Routes Have You Taken...

Mizzu River Runner, Texas Eagle, Hiawatha Service, Palmetto, Maple Leaf, Adirondack, Cardinal, Auto-Train, Acela, Surfliners, Coast Starlight, Empire Builder, NE Regionals, Capital Limited all this year.

Previously have ridden: City of New Orleans: Downeaster, Wolverine, Pere Marquete, Broadway Limited, Lake Shore Limited, North Coast Hiawatha, , Illini, Dubuque Service, Super Chief, Cali Zephyr, Silver Star, Pioneer, Sunset Limited, San Diegans, Inter-American, Vermonter (to Amherst), Michigan Executive, Twilight Limited, Crecent (to Atlanta)

Other's include, Via's The Ocean, Algoma Central......

And sadly, TRAINS Over-Slept & MISSED: D&RGW, Southern Crescent, pre-Amtrak.
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I'm fortunate to have traveled the entire current Amtrak system, plus the following abandoned route segments:

International (Port Huron-Toronto)
Three Rivers (Pittsburgh-Chicago via Akron)
Kentucky Cardinal (Indianapolis-Louisville)
Sunset Limited (New Orleans-Jacksonville and Los Angeles-Pomona via Alhambra)
Southwest Chief (San Bernardino-Los Angeles via Pasadena)

I've also covered a few detour routes, including:

California Zephyr (Denver-Salt Lake City via Wyoming)
Coast Starlight (Los Angeles-Sacramento via Bakersfield and the UP route)
Texas Eagle (Dallas-Texarkana via Gilmer)

The only service I haven't taken is the Auto Train and its arguably unique terminal lead tracks.
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My list is uninteresting except for the following:

CA Zephyr detour - Wyoming
CA Zephyr detour - Winnemucca, NV to Roseville, CA via the Feather River Canyon
Empire Service - a mini-detour around Schenectady/Albany (you head south after Amsterdam, and end up on the tracks to Boston)
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Not much for me.

Northeast Regional (WAS-NYP-WAS)
Acela (ditto)
Cascades (Seattle-Vancouver)
Pacific Surefliner (Los Angeles-San Diego)

All on the normal old trainsets too
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Originally Posted by nerd
CA Zephyr detour - Wyoming
CA Zephyr detour - Winnemucca, NV to Roseville, CA via the Feather River Canyon
There was a time in Amtrak's history when the Wyoming route was the regular route of the California Zephyr (actually, back then it was called the San Francisco Zephyr)...and an all-too-brief time when that was the regular route of, I believe, the Pioneer.

And the Feather River Canyon route was the original route of the California Zephyr, pre-Amtrak -- I hope that got mentioned aboard the train when you were on that detour.

Originally Posted by ZephyrK9 View Post
Don't know the name of line~Amarillo TX to Des Moines IA 46 yrs ago
Hey, that's off-topic for this thread!

My list:
Silver Meteor (NYP-TPA)
California Zephyr (DEN-Oakland/Emeryville)
City of New Orleans
Pacific Surfliner (LAX-SAN)
Coast Starlight (LAX-PDX)
Empire Builder (PDX-CHI, detour La Crosse-CHI due to freight derailment)
Southwest Chief
Wolverine (CHI-Ann Arbor)
Northeast Corridor (Bridgeport-PHL)

You'd think someone who goes by "trainman" might have a longer list, but no.
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I'm not quite sure, but I believe I've got them all:
  • Acela Express (WAS-BOS) - more times than I care to count
  • Northeast Regional (WAS-BOS along with WAS-CVS, WAS-NPN) - again, more times than I care to count
  • Empire Service (NYP-ALB) along with other named services on this route, e.g. Maple Leaf
  • Capitol Limited (WAS-CHI)
  • Downeaster (BON-DOV)
  • Keystone / Pennsylvanian (PAO-NYP)
  • Lake Shore Limited (ALB-BOS)
  • Pacific Surfliner (SAN-LAX)
  • Silver Service (WAS-TPA)
  • Vermonter (WAB-SPG)

    In addition, I rode the now-deceased Metroliner back in the early 2000s.

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Acela, Crescent, and Northeast Regional.
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Southwest Chief

Sunset Limited

Texas Eagle

Lake Shore Limited

..but all partial trips...

Booking on the California Zephyr for next year...

Not a lot.. but not too shabby for a foreigner????
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All of them...(now extant)
Plus a California Zephyr detour through the Feather River Canyon,
A Coast Starlight detour over Tehachapi Loop,
Texas Eagle detour between St. Loius/Chicago over the ex C&EI,
Plus the late Floridian (Chicago-Florida),
The late Three Rivers,
The late Kentucky Cardinal,
The late Gulf Breeze between Mobile and Birmingham,
The late Sunset Florida extension between Nawluns and Sanford.

The National Limited,
The North Coast Hiawatha,
The Janesville WI train,
The Montrealer north of St Albans.

Can't get them all...
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Crescent (plus the Southern Crescent, before Amtrak)
Northeast Regional (and whatever the regular Northeast trains were called before that- the Virginian was one)
Empire Service
Edited: I forgot the Coast Starlight and the Cascades
Plus various Southern Railway and Norfolk Southern excursion trains

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Crescent (both directions)
Capitol Limited (both directions)
Empire Builder (both directions)
Texas Eagle (both directions)
California Zephyr (both directions)
Southwest Chief (both directions)
Coast Starlight (both directions)
Cascades (both directions)
Cardinal (both directions)
City of New Orleans (Northbound run only)
The old Amtrak run from Nashville to Chicago in 1975 (What was that called?)
And an old L & N or Southern Railway run from Chattanooga to Atlanta in 1967 (Felt very much the same as a Civil War era ride must have felt!). Can't remember which one, but it was the one that left from the old station across from the Read House in Chattanooga in those days. Southern maybe?

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Well, this thread got me thinking and turns out I've been on more routes than I initially thought!

Acela Express
Auto Train
NE Regional
Silver Meteor
Silver Palm
Silver Star
Sunset Limited (ORL-JAX)
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