Which Amtrak routes have you taken?


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Here's my list in roughly chronological order:

Lake Shore Limited (Chicago-Elkhart)
Illini (Chicago-Champaign)
Broadway Limited (Chicago-Paoli)
City of New Orleans (Chicago-Champaign)
Shawnee (Chicago-Champaign)
Eagle (Chicago-Springfield)
Northeast Regional (Washington-New York)
Keystone (Philadelphia-Paoli)
Capitol Limited (Washington-Chicago)
California Zephyr (Chicago-Denver)
Acela (Washington-Providence)
Pacific Surfliner (San Diego-Los Angeles)

And my one pre-Amtrak trip
Empire Builder (Whitefish-Rochelle?)
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- Acela Express (Washington - Boston)
- Northeast Regional (Boston - Richmond)
- Keystone (New York - Harrisburg)
- Pennsylvanian (Philadelphia - Pittsburgh)
- Silver Star (Philadelphia - Tampa)
- Lake Shore Limited (New York - Chicago)
- Cardinal Route (operated by Amtrak/AEE in 1991)
- Southwest Chief (Los Angeles - Kansas City)
- California Zephyr (Chicago - Emeryville)
- Empire Builder (Chicago - Seattle & Portland)
- Coast Starlight (Portland - Emeryville)
- Capitol Corridor (San Jose - Sacramento)
- Pacific Surfliner (San Diego - Los Angeles)

Discontinued route:
- Montrealer (Philadelphia - Montreal)

- PRR "The General" (Philadelphia - Chicago)
- CB&Q, D&RGW, WP "California Zephyr" (Chicago - Oakland)
- SP "The Lark" (San Francisco - Los Angeles)
- AT&SF "San Diegan" (Los Angeles - San Diego)
- AT&SF "El Capitan" (Los Angeles - Chicago)
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Pacific Surfliner ( San Diego- Fullerton/ Los Angeles
Coast Starlight ( Los Angeles- Seattle)
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Originally Posted by NYCommuter View Post
(Sidenote: we should meet- don't you live in NYC? I do.
Yes, I live in Queens.

Originally Posted by NYCommuter View Post
I like railroads so much that I even make every excuse to "have" to take Metro-North, the LIRR or NJ Transit on weekends.)
I can give you a real excuse to ride trains, check out the OTOL Fest scheduled for next month. Details here and here. Please consider this a formal invitation. If you're interested, PM me and I'll get you added to the list.

Note: I most likely won't be there for the Sunday activities, big family event that day.
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Hiawatha (whole route )
Empire Builder
Capital Corridor

Surfliner, Thruway, and Coast Starlight will be added in January.
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I haven't taken too many routes, but the ones which I have been on were just fantastic!

Lake Shore Limited
California Zephyr
Texas Eagle

To-Do List
Silver Star
Empire Builder
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Just added one over the weekend:

Capitol Corridor
Coast Starlight
Empire Builder
Hiawatha Service
Northeast Regional
Pacific Surfliner
Southwest Chief
Sunset Limited
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Northeast Regional
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Empire Builder
Coast Starlight
California Zephyr
Capitol Corridor
San Joaquin
Pacific Surfliner
Southwest Chief
Sunset Limited/ Texas Eagle (LA to San Antonio to Chicago)
City of New Orleans
Ann Rutledge (Chicago-St. Louis-Kansas City)
Capitol Limited (to be fair, only WAS to Rockville)
NE Regional
Empire Service

I've hardly been on East long distance trains but have covered the west well.
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Pacific Starlight
Silver Star
Northeast Regional
Acela Express (only about 40 miles, alas... we broke down and were transferred to Regional)
Empire Builder(my favorite)
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Most, if not all

Unlike some posters, I have not ridden them all, but I have been on most Amtrak route segments. It's easier to list the ones I have not been on:

Chicago-Grand Rapids
West Palm Beach-Miami
Oklahoma City-Fort Worth

I am also missing the rerouted portion of the City of New Orleans through Yazoo City.

Early in my Amtrak discovery days, I made some "wrong" choices by riding routes that were threatened, when in fact those routes were retained and others, that I did not ride, were discontinued. Thus, I rode the SFZ rather than the North Coast Hiawatha, and the Inter-American (now Texas Eagle) rather than the Lone Star, and the Broadway Limited rather than the National Limited.

I do have the Autotrain, having ridden with a friend who specifically drove his car from California to Orlando, while I flew out.

When will I pick up the missing segments? Unclear. At the moment other goals have higher priority, such as visiting all the national park units (I have 265 of 392) and foreign travel.
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Regional (BOS-NYP-WAS)
Adirondack (NYP-MTL)
Ethan Allan (Croton-Saratoga)
Hiawatha (Glenview-Milwaukee)
Wolverine? (Chicago-Ann Arbor)
Downeaster (Boston-Portland)
Empire Service (Croton-Buffalo)
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Acela - NYP - Washington
Acela - NYP - Philadelphia
Northeast Regional - NYP - Boston and Philadelphia - NYP
Empire Service - Various Sections
Maple Leaf - Utica - Albany
Adirondack - Plattsburgh - NYP
Lake Shore Limited - Boston - Utica
Lake Shore Limited - Utica - Chicago
Crescent - NYP - Charlotte
Auto Train
Ethan Allen - Albany - Hudson
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Acela (2 free upgrades from regionals because of late trains and I even got 500 points per ride)
Crescent (my bread and butter)
Carolinian (Crescent gets full in the summer)
Downeaster (Best BC upgrade ever)
Capital Limited(Only from DC to Harpers Ferry)
Ethan Allen Express (seems like it gets slower and slower the farther north you go)
Empire Service (NYC to Albany)
Keystone (on the NEC, but it was till named a keystone)
NE Regional (blah)
Lake Shore Limited (Only from Albany to Pittsfield)

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I have ridden the following Amtrak trains over their entire route. I am listing them from my log, so the listing is chronological rather than alphabetical.

California Zephyr
Southwest Chief
Coast Starlight
Lake Shore Limited
The Night Owl
The Yankee Clipper
The Cardinal
Empire Builder
The Pioneer
City of New Orleans
Desert Wind
San Joaquin
The Silver Meteor
The Silver Star
The Crescent
Sunset Limited
(Miami to Los Angeles in 1994. Now back to NOL-LAX)
Texas Eagle
Capitol Limited
The Montrealer
The Adirondack
Broadway Limited
Ann Rutledge

The following Amtrak trains have only been ridden over part of their route:

San Francisco Zephyr (DEN-ORD ~ renamed the California Zephyr 6/24/83)
Cascades (PDX-SEA)
Pacific Surfliner (SAN-SBA)
Hoosier State (CHI-LAF)
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