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dw Mar 27, 11 4:44 pm

5k is the highest offer I have ever seen for this.

Dieselmania Mar 27, 11 6:26 pm

sounds like a good deal just to sign up for the benefit without having to use it.

millere2 Mar 27, 11 6:44 pm

I signed up for it a few years ago for 5000 points. Never used it once. Free points. It still shows the option to pay later on my account for charges over $500. That was my offer, but never used it. Take it.

Aaron01 Mar 27, 11 7:50 pm

They bombard me with this as well, even shows up online when checking my account. Someone had mentioned that accounts with pay over time were more likely to recieve a FR so I haven't bothered with, 5k aint worth it

johndoe123 Mar 27, 11 10:09 pm

When I activated my card it was a simple yes/no question. I selected yes and that was the end of it. Perhaps this was a poor choice :)

2RETIREDTRAVELERS Mar 28, 11 12:56 am

Does it involve a credit inquiry
The wording on their web page led me to believe they might do a hard credit pull. Anybody done this and can confirm if they do a credit pull? Not worth 5000 points if they do.

johndoe123 Mar 28, 11 1:55 am

Originally Posted by crzn (Post 16113276)
The wording on their web page led me to believe they might do a hard credit pull. Anybody done this and can confirm if they do a credit pull? Not worth 5000 points if they do.

At time of card activation they didn't, but I just presumed they had pre-approved extending credit to me. After all, I had other pre-existing credit lines regardless.

Spiffster Mar 28, 11 2:30 am

take it - it's a free 5K bonus. you're never forced into using it and/or paying any interest. and if you ever happen to need it, it's there without all the phone calls from amex...

ChaseTheMiles Mar 28, 11 3:25 pm

Your 5k offer is better than the 2k offer I just received in the mail. So I'd concur with the others that you should take it.

My question on the offer is this part in small print:

"You currently have the Select & Pay feature available to you which can be used to request charges to be paid over time. If we approve your request, charges will be placed into Pay Over Time balance. The terms and conditions previously disclosed to you in the Select & Pay and in the Pay Over Time section of your Card member Agreement (including any amendments and supplements) apply to your enrollment in the Extended Payment Option."

I'm confused. If I already have Select & Pay, why would I need Pay Over Time since they sound like the same thing?

The following is so flattering:

"This feature is not available to everyone -- only select Cardmembers. ",

from Ed Gilligan, Vice Chairman.

Ha! Then why aren't they using my correct name on the letter? :D

mia Mar 28, 11 3:45 pm

Originally Posted by ChaseTheMiles (Post 16117229)
If I already have Select & Pay, why would I need Pay Over Time since they sound like the same thing?

This page purports to explain Pay Over Time vs Extended Payment Option vs Select and Pay Later, but I cannot understand it. It may be that in one plan charges over $100 default to time payment, while in the other they must be chosen, but I'm grasping.

jackiesyu Apr 16, 11 12:03 pm

Originally Posted by swf83 (Post 16110857)
So I have received in the mail probably 10 times over the past 3 years solicitations from AMEX Platinum trying to entice me to elect to have the option for paying for purchases over $100 over time. Simply by signing up for this option they would give me 5,000 MR points.

However, the fact that they are trying so hard to get me to sign up leads me to believe that this may be something that isn't worth the 5,000 bonus points. I believe just by signing up I will have the option in the future to pay for certain purchases over time. I never have to elect to do so, but I will have the option.

I would consider signing up for a better MR bonus offer, maybe 15-20K points.

Any thoughts on this?

do you have a link for this? I got one in the mail but it was 1500 and the link seems to be not specific to me. So, I am wondering whether the 5000 point one has a general link as well.


ddallas Apr 16, 11 3:15 pm

I was getting the 5k offer, didn't go for it, now all I get is the 1.5k offer. If I had it to do again, I would have taken the 5k offer. I don't see a downside.

barnburner Apr 16, 11 9:03 pm

I was offered 2k or so and then 5k everytime I was on the phone with them. I needed some points for a transfer so I did it and they actually rushed posting them. Never used the option but appreciate the points.

milaohu Apr 17, 11 4:18 pm

I got a 3k offer last month: a link appear when I login to my Amex account.
The link is not there anymore.
Somboday's blog (donot remember who, frugal travel guy?) mentioned adding "Pay Over Time" may increase your possibility of being Amex financial reviewed.

detony Apr 18, 11 9:39 am

save the mail offer & bonus ID#
This goes without saying but save the original offer, any correspondence with the ID#. I have done it, it is easy...but I have always had to call afterwards to get the points. Might just be me. I have done it multiple times over the years. I always get the points, but the extra call has been required for me.

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