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Airline fee $250/$200/$100 reimbursement reports: UA only (2020)

Airline fee $250/$200/$100 reimbursement reports: UA only (2020)

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Reminder: you must enroll and select UA as your airline, then wait a day -- BEFORE making a reimbursable purchase.

WARNING: Beginning in mid-January 2021 Travel Bank (and its former Gift Registry) purchases are coded as Gift Certificates rather than Special Service Tickets. Travel Bank purchases are no longer reimbursed.

In mid-February 2021 United again changed the processing of Travel Bank deposit transactions. They are coded as Special Service Tickets, and reimbursed by American Express, but no assurance this will continue. Purchase here: https://www.united.com/offers/travelcash

If credit is not automatically issued (unlikely based on data points), do not contact Amex customer service as it might lead them to close the loophole.

See also this thread in the United Airliines forum: https://www.flyertalk.com/forum/unit...get-bonus.html

United does not sell giftcards. As of December 2016 American Express no longer reimburses MPX transactions.

Airline Taxes on Award Tickets Doesn't seem to work anymore; see post 179 http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/25297196-post179.html and #391 Economy Plus and First Class Upgrade Fees As of December 2016 there were conflicting posts; one stating that an upgrade to E+ coded as an "upgrade fee" and was, therefore, not reimbursed. Others said they were reimbursed as it was coded as "preferred seat upgrade." In February 2019, three separate FTer reported receiving varying amounts of reimbursement (dependent upon which card was used for the purchase) after purchasing an E+ annual subscription. The E+ subscriptions code as "preferred seat upgrade". Upgrading from E to FC will also not be reimbursed because it codes as a passenger ticket even when done after buying the original ticket. There seems to be a distinction between seat upgrades being reimbursed, while ticket upgrades are not.Award AcceleratorI would not risk this. The last report of being reimbursed for Award Accelerator was for $68 on October 27, 2011. Every post about Award Accelerator since has reported "No reimbursement."

Eligible incidental fees include:
  • Checked baggage fees (including overweight/oversize)
  • Itinerary change fees
  • Phone reservation fees
  • FareLock
  • Pet flight fees
  • Seat assignment fees (E+)
  • In-flight amenity fees (beverages, food, pillows/blankets, headphones)
  • In-flight entertainment fees (excluding wireless internet unless it is billed by the airline.)
  • Airport lounge day passes & annual memberships
  • Onboard WIFI (provided it is billed by the airline.)
A general discussion of Travel Bank is in a separate thread .
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Old Mar 16, 21, 6:47 pm
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Originally Posted by 747FC View Post
I just bought two $100 TB with Plat. I'm not sure whether these purchases will be credited successfully. Amex is showing them coded as "UNITED ELECTRONIC TICKETNG." My purchases last year were coded as "special service ticket."

Anyone have thoughts?

Fingers crossed.
Edit: Credits received 3/15, two days after purchase.
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Old Mar 16, 21, 9:42 pm
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AMEX Platinum:

Mar 10 - Bought two $100 in travel bank cash. It initially was charged as UNITED ELECTRONIC TICKETNG but final charge said UNITED AIRLINES HOUSTON TX and I was reimbursed on March 13th.
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Old Mar 17, 21, 12:24 am
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3/13 - $100 TravelBank deposit
3/16 - received reimbursement
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Old Mar 19, 21, 10:11 am
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Personal Amex Plat:
1. March 16th: Purchased - UNITED ELEC TICKETNG
Mar 18: POSTED
Mar 19: Meter moved - $100
Mar 20: Credit posted

2. March 17th: Purchased - UNITED ELEC TICKETNG
Mar 19: POSTED
Mar 20: Meter moved - $100
Mar 21: Credit posted

Personal Amex Gold:
3. March 19th: Purchased - UNITED ELEC TICKETNG
Cannot see Meter for Amex Gold
March 20: POSTED
March 22: Credit posted

EDIT: Completely updated with dates for all purchases

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Originally Posted by Xyzzy View Post
I buy a decent number of U tix. Some of them include partner flights, but many don't. In the case of this thread, $200 free is hard to pass up. For other UA TB offers, $100 free for spending $1000 is hard to pass up. I'm going to be spending the money with them anyway. And to be clear, having to use some of the funds within 3 months is not an issue for many of us.
Sure, if someone else is picking up the tab or one is getting a bonus, why not prepay for something that is going to be needed anyway. However, I can't think of any good reason to hand over $100 cash (or any amount) for $100 TB, period.

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Originally Posted by LAX View Post
Sure, if someone else is picking up the tab or one is getting a bonus, why not prepay for something that is going to be needed anyway. However, I can't think of any good reason to hand over $100 cash (or any amount) for $100 TB, period.

Indeed - it makes zer sense unless there is some sort of bonus. But lately there have been a number of bonus opportunities.
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Old Mar 19, 21, 5:15 pm
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AMEX CS Schwab
March 19th: Purchased 1 x $100

Should take about 2 days for credit to post
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Old Mar 21, 21, 12:42 am
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Amex Platinum (Personal)
Purchased on Laptop with Safari Browser - not sure it matters, but just a data point

March 13: Purchased $50
March 17: Credit Posted

March 17: Purchased $50 and $100
March 20: Credits Posted

The airline credit meter on Amex benefits page now shows that I have used all my credits.
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Old Mar 21, 21, 11:06 am
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Business Platinum
March 18: 2x $100
March 20: credit posted
Didn't show up until today though (march 21)
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Old Mar 22, 21, 5:13 pm
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Originally Posted by 2Chainz View Post
AMEX CS Schwab
March 19th: Purchased 1 x $100

Should take about 2 days for credit to post
March 22nd: Bar moved, credit should post tonight or in the morning. Bought another 1 x $100
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Old Mar 22, 21, 6:26 pm
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is it no bueno to do $250 travelbank in one go nowadays?
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Old Mar 22, 21, 8:37 pm
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There were DP's prior to Jan'21, e.g. Post 188.
Don't recall seeing anything recent to the contrary.
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Originally Posted by alany611 View Post
is it no bueno to do $250 travelbank in one go nowadays?
$250 worked for me about a month ago. I don't think there have been any recent reports of it not working.
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3/19 2x$100 travel bank purchased
3/22 credits posted
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Originally Posted by GundamWing01 View Post
.... allows TB loading via CC .....
Originally Posted by mia View Post
How is this materially different than buy a gift card?
interesting question. depends whos perspective and what context. lots of things came to mind, but will try to keep it short:

1) for the majority of consumers, there may be little difference between TB loading and gift cards, but convenience is a key differentiator. im sure some would prefer TB loading vs GC and vice versa. and this is why merchants love to use all kinds of marketing channels and sales funnels for product purchases and payments. by reducing friction and increasing coverage, you increase sales.

2) for everyone else in this game and all the merchants including local government and law enforcement, the different types of financial instruments are very key. different rules and reg are attached to each one. definitely could be material depending on the context. eg cash payment is different from MO vs VGC vs Serve vs checking vs credit etc. thats probably why UA doesnt sell gift cards. (quick side note - GCs can be hacked and drained. getting funds back is almost impossible vs TB where everything is linked to your account)

3) for people in this game, there could be a huge difference between TB vs GC because of bonuses and triggering certain MCC for CC rewards. hence, its very interesting to see UA keeping the option of TB loading directly with CC and "fixed" the coding to allow for amex credits. i hope this continues because its probably the easiest method for UA flyers despite the restrictions.
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