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I signed up for the Amex Green Card but Amex opened it under my mother's name

I signed up for the Amex Green Card but Amex opened it under my mother's name

Old Jun 22, 19, 9:50 pm
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I signed up for the Amex Green Card but Amex opened it under my mother's name

On June 10, I referred myself for the Amex Green Personal Card. I've had the card before and I received the pop up saying that and that I will not receive the sign up bonus for the card. I was signing up for the card so I could later upgrade it to the Gold card and use it for 4x grocery spend up to $25k per year and the rumored benefits refresh for the card, so I went ahead with the application. I signed up with my name, social security number, address, etc. The confirmation email I got that showed I got approved for the card also showed my name. I received the card today, and the card member agreement is addressed to me, however, the the mail is addressed to my mother and the name on the card has my mother's name. I double-checked the last five digits on the cardmember agreement, the card, and the email and they're all the same. I chatted with the Amex representative and they said I can just go ahead and change the name on the card but he could not tell me if it would show up as a new card under my mother's credit information.

The rep also could not tell me how this could have happened. He said instead "We can update the same name which you mentioned at the time of apply for this card. We do not have any option to make changes in name without your consent." I argued that I did not authorize this and neither did my mother. Then he said I would have to contact their Specialized Credit Bureau Unit. By this time, the temperature has reached 86 degrees and I've got a headache so I just told him to cancel the card and I will deal with it on Monday morning when I can speak to someone else.

Has anyone have this happen to them? I mean it's not the first time it's happened in my family. Earlier in the year, my sister has had her Citi AA Business card bonus denied because the rep was looking at my credit profile instead of hers showing that the same card was opened and closed just 18 months prior. They said they would investigate and 45 days later, she got fed up and cancelled the card. But this screw up is common of Citi. I expected more from Amex.
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Old Jun 23, 19, 7:31 am
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Chat reps are worthless—they know nothing and are empowered to do nothing—so I would not base any decision on what a chat rep says to you.

This is not something that is common and since it has happened with your family at other companies I would guess that you somehow have intertwined credit reports. I would pull your credit report, your mother’s, and your sister’s, and look to see what they have down as your AKA names and addresses and see what’s intertwined.

Also, depending on what computer you are using I find that auto fill is very aggressive these days, especially on Apple devices. I’ve had information I’ve typed in be swapped out. So for example if you were using a computer that your mother’s information has been saved on you may have typed in your name but the computer might have overridden it with your mother’s name before you clicked submit. Always triple check.
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I can't say I've ever heard of this before and while I agree that the auto-fill suggestion above could be related, surely the SSN couldn't get overwritten by auto-fill.
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