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Question UK AMEX maximising points


New to the forum and new to the game so apologies if this is not the correct place. I currently have 30k MR points having taken out AMEX Gold before the sign up changes last month. I intend to make a few referrals and get my friend a supplementary card to add to my points haul (I'm currently single but hopefully not forever!). I also have a small business so I'm thinking of getting AMEX gold business and churning this six monthly. Am I correct in thinking I can generate referrals from this too? I'm thinking of paying my corporation tax and some other business expenses using the Capital on Tap card as apparently it's accepted by HMRC and has a 20k Avios sign up bonus. I am slightly hesitant though as it comes with a 250 fee (effectively 200 if claimed as a business expense) and accumulates Avios- a non convertible currency, has devalued quite a bit in recent years and is associated with high taxes in UK airports (I don't know too much about this side so I would be grateful to be educated on this). I generally don't spend hugely both business and personally, I would look to accumulate 27-35k Avios from Capital on tap including the sign up bonus for the 200/250 annual non-refundable fee. Is this decent value? Am I being too cautious with regards to Avios?

I would look to retain my MR points until I know where I want to convert them by downgrading to a free card after the year is up while I am churning my AMEX gold business card. Would this affect my ability in getting the sign up bonus in two years time? Is this a sensible way to go about things or is there a better way/should I just convert to Avios and cancel the card? Would it also be prudent to go for the BAPP since I think I am eligible for the sign up bonus there? My only issue here is I may be in the housing market next year and don't want my credit score being depleted by taking out too many credit cards. But I am unsure of how much the score will reduce by.

I hope to accumulate these points to go to the Maldives in business class either next year or the year after. Sorry for so many questions in one post but any help would be great!
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