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weaseltown Jan 4, 18 2:59 am

Originally Posted by CLT (Post 29247569)
I've never used my AMEX fee credit for DL-I've always used AA and never had a problem. But seeing as I am planning on booking a DL flight this March, I figured I would change it to DL this year.
I purchased the 2 $50 gift-cards on New Years Day, initially on my account as 1 single $100 transaction. On 2 January, they posted to my account as two $50 "DELTA AIR LINES ATLANTA" transactions.
However, upon clicking on each individual charge, it appears that the transaction was coded as a passenger ticket from LAX to LAX.
It appears the gift card number was used as the ticket number. Is this normal?

Eveything you are seeing is normal and expected. Worry not! :)

simchi Jan 4, 18 6:00 am

Reimbursement is alive and well, I purchased on 1/1 after changing the airline same day with an AU card and reimbursement happened in 3 days.

hockeystl Jan 4, 18 7:40 am

Everything appears business as usual.....

1/2: Purchased (4) $50 e-gift cards via DL desktop site.
1/2 and 1/3: Charge pending as (1) $200 charge
1/4: (4) $50 charges posted.
1/5 : (4) $50 credits posted

64Driver Jan 4, 18 9:54 am

Originally Posted by 64Driver (Post 29237447)
Just bought 2 x $50 gift cards on the full site on my desktop computer. 1 Jan. Ill let you know what happens. Currently Pending as DELTA AIR LINES

Just posted reimbursement for 2 x $50 on Amex account

jessebrown30 Jan 4, 18 10:12 am

1/4 purchased 4x $50 gift cards on desktop. Appears the purchase is coded as per usual on my pending statement.
Will update

tiburontucson Jan 4, 18 8:24 pm

First time using my PRG credits, so just want to make sure I do this correctly. Seems there are two ways I could do this...... does it matter?
Have Delta award ticket booked, first two legs are on DL metal, 3rd and 4th legs are KLM. The KLM legs require an advance seat purchase if I want to select a seat in advance (I have no status). Can I buy and use DL e-cert towards KLM seat selection ? Or should I buy the seat on the Delta website using my PRG credit card and it will be reimbursed? My concern for this latter method is whether the seat fee will code as KLM, not Delta, and not be reimbursed. Is it just safer to buy DL e-cert $50x2? Also can someone confirm that DL e-cert CAN be used for seat selection on KLM legs? Just tried calling DL but due to the storms, they are unresponsive.

mia Jan 4, 18 9:06 pm

Originally Posted by tiburontucson (Post 29251665)
... can someone confirm ...

There is a link to the eCert terms in the Wikipost: I read them they can be used to buy tickets, and nothing else.

simchi Jan 4, 18 9:41 pm

Anyone having trouble redeeming their GCs? I tried booking a flight today using 3 GC's and the site kicked me back to main screen.

Flaneurs Jan 5, 18 1:15 am

No problems redeeming as I took up DL on their D1 sale to Europe. However, it seems my purchases on the mobile site indeed are not being reimbursed. Oh well.

PokerWhammy Jan 5, 18 8:34 am

1/2 For Delta gift cards on desktop site, I bought $50 x 2 in separate transactions, then $50 x 2 in one transaction. Pending charges showed as $50, $50, $100.

1/3 The charges posted as 4 separate $50 transactions

1/4 The statement credits posted as 4 $50 credits

Also, to differentiate between gift card vendors (cashstar and Delta), I noticed that the mobile gift card site by Cashstar shows they are redeemable after 24 hours, but Delta gift cards are redeemable after 72 hours.

seinfeld4 Jan 5, 18 8:37 am

1/2 - Purchase 2x$50 on the desktop site.
1/4 - Posted as 2 separate transactions under "DELTA AIR LINES - ATLANTA"
1/5 - Reimbursed

Once they appeared, the post dates for the purchase and reimbursement appeared as 1/3 and 1/4, respectively.

lixiaojuventus Jan 5, 18 9:48 am

Another data point:
1/2 - Purchased 2x$50 on the desktop site
1/4 - Posted as two separated transactions under "DELTA AIR LINES ATLANTA"
1/5 - Credit posted to account.
Everything goes smoothly.

RandomBaritone Jan 5, 18 10:15 am

I'm normally a UA flyer, but given the current suspension of UA's gift registry, I'm relieved to see that DL desktop website transactions appear to be reimbursed. I've perused the wiki, but have a question: Is the continuing focus on $50 GC purchases based on the fact that larger sums aren't reimbursed, or just out of an abundance of caution? I ask because the 3-GC-per-ticket limit would make it difficult for me to use the entire credit if each GC were only $50. I plan to continue flying UA for most routes, only flying DL to drain the credit. My spouse and I each have an AmEx Plat, so we'll have a total $400 DL credit if all goes well, and I'd prefer to use the entire sum on a single r/t ticket.

nikehair Jan 5, 18 10:22 am

1/1 - Switched to Delta
1/2 - Bought 2 x $50 e-Gift Cards
1/4 - Posted
1/5 - Both credited, purchased an additional $200 e-Gift card. $60 off $300 offer previously added to card triggered. $60 credit posted 1/8.

oliver0118 Jan 5, 18 12:11 pm


1/2 noon, changed airline to Delta
1/2 afternoon, bought 4*50 e-giftcards in one transaction
1/4 transaction posted as 4 seperate 50
1/5 credit received

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