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jamesteroh Nov 6, 19 8:45 am

Bumping this question. I'm going to book a trip to LHR in a couple days using a GUC. I know there is a luxury tax that Delta bills separate of around $100. Has anyone had any luck getting it reimbursed? In the past I've always charged it to my CSR card and IIRC Chase doesn't state on the statements how the charges are classified.


michael_v Nov 6, 19 10:21 am

I wonder if a first class upgrade fee of $200+ would work if you ask Amex to do it manually.

luv2vacay Nov 6, 19 2:42 pm

Originally Posted by Zorak (Post 31707819)
No. Any AMEX card will do. I booked my last two companion certs using an (at the time) SPG AMEX because in each case I had already cancelled the supporting DL-cobranded card :p

EDIT: although the booking flow is slightly different for companion certs than normal tickets in that you have to visit your wallet and check the box for the certificate before searching. I think you'll still be able to apply a GC for partial payment and the rest on a CC but not 100% sure.

No, unfortunately the Companion Cert has to be 100% on an Amex card (no gift cards, no e-credits, etc.)

Hippo387 Nov 6, 19 7:17 pm

Originally Posted by jomama341 (Post 31673659)
  • 10/23 Bought one refundable way fare for $253 w/ $50 Delta GC and Amex personal Plat
  • 10/25 Charge posted as one transaction for $203
  • 10/26 Full $200 reimbursement credit posted, meter moved to show full reimbursement

Did you then refund the fare?

drminn Nov 7, 19 4:17 am

Originally Posted by MorganB (Post 31684318)
Delta keeps it kind of hidden with very little on their website. Its not unlike AA's 5 star service. From what I understand it is now open to any class of service and includes lounge access if you don't already have it. Its 350$ for the first person and 100$ for each additional person. I'm traveling with my father to Africa but I will only be joining him in Atlanta and onward. He will have to connected by himself in Atlanta and he is 94 and while he is generally able bodied and sharp minded when he gets tired he is sometimes less clear headed so I plan on using the service for him. They will actually meet him on the plane and take him through customs and immigration in Atlanta on the return and then drive him to his onward flight. As I will be connecting to a different flight in a different terminal its totally worth it. Not so much for the VIP aspect but more for peace of mind in my case. At any rate (back on topic) was hoping someone had used it and been reimbursed .....

You don't have to book VIP service for that. A simple wheelchair request will get you the same service. I use it for my dad all the time now for flights between Europe and the US. He is 93.

Jing Xian Ng Nov 7, 19 6:49 am

Originally Posted by jomama341 (Post 31673659)
  • 10/23 Bought one refundable way fare for $253 w/ $50 Delta GC and Amex personal Plat
  • 10/25 Charge posted as one transaction for $203
  • 10/26 Full $200 reimbursement credit posted, meter moved to show full reimbursement

For everyone: any datapoints on triggering the credit and refunding the fare? If so, what form does the refund take? Delta GCs? Split between refund to original GC and statement credit to Amex CC?

MSPeconomist Nov 7, 19 7:10 am

Normally if you cancel a refundable DL ticket, funds are returned to the original source of payment, such as your credit card in the form of a credit. If so, I would expect AmEx to claw back the credit they gave you. I don't know how gift cards would be treated in this case.

If it's a nonrefundable ticket, the funds normally remain on the ticket number, but of course the change fee is deducted from the value when you change the ticket to use the remaining value. I would assume that this would include the portion paid with a gift card.

mia Nov 7, 19 8:32 am

These issues have been discussed previously, in this thread.

Originally Posted by MSPeconomist (Post 31711137)
.... I would expect AmEx to claw back the credit

I would not because their software does not seem to make the connection to the transaction which qualified for the credit. They could do it, but they have not.

Payments made with a Delta gift card are normally refunded in the form of a gift card.

Redwine111 Nov 7, 19 12:31 pm

Not sure if I did this correctly, but will report back
Bought (1) $250 egift voucher. Waited 3 days for it to be able to be usable (why soooo long??). Booked a $480 flight. Balance was $230. Used Amex Plat with full $200 credit assigned to DL available.

Initial amex charge posted as Delta Air Lines (pending). Not sure if that is the kiss of death? There is no other details on the charge yet (just made it a few hours ago). Will report back once I get some more information.

If I did it wrong (should have bought a series of $50 gift cards??) please correct me as I need to book another DL flight shortly.

Thanks and fingers crossed.

LizGross144 Nov 7, 19 5:30 pm

Originally Posted by ScroogeMcFlyer (Post 31707799)
Sorry if this has already been asked/answered. I'm relatively new to the Amex Plat card.

I have both the Amex Plat and Delta Amex Plat with the companion certificate. The T&Cs on the Cert say you must pay with the Delta Amex Plat but is that enforced?

Here's what I'd like to do...would it work?

Airfare i want is $398.
I want to use the BOGO to buy both tickets. I have 5 - $50 Delta gift cards already purchased. I'm assuming my total will be a little over $400 after the companion's taxes.
Use all 5 gift cards to bring the total under $200 and pay that with the Amex Plat; and hopefully get close to $200 is incidental credits back. I assume I'd have to call to use all 5 gift cards at once?


You can't use 5 gift cards in one transaction. I believe the most you can use is 3, so you may not be able to get the charge down low enough to trigger a credit unless your gift cards are for a greater amount.

GK8 Nov 7, 19 6:14 pm

You can use more than three gift cards by calling in. Website does limit number of cards though.

gooselee Nov 7, 19 9:37 pm

Originally Posted by michael_v (Post 31708217)
I wonder if a first class upgrade fee of $200+ would work if you ask Amex to do it manually.

If you call in about this, be sure to point out the
wording in the T&Cs that specifically calls out upgrades as NOT being eligible for the fee credit. :rolleyes:

rice4u Nov 7, 19 10:37 pm

Originally Posted by LizGross144 (Post 31692201)
Had $221 remaining in credit on my Hilton Aspire after guesting a colleague into the Sky Club.

Oct 27 Charged exactly $221 in mileage booster fees for an upcoming flight (for a whopping total of 12,000 miles). Coded as "Miscellaneous Tax(s)/Fees."

Oct 30 Received $221 credit

Nov 7: added 2x $59 mileage booster (118$) to future Delta flight (12/12 /2019) on the Hilton Aspire.

ericsonjuanillo Nov 8, 19 2:39 am

Nov 5 - Bought a $59 Mileage Booster on Nov 3.
Nov 7 - Coded as Miscellaneous/Taxes
Meter Moved from 250 to 191

Still Awaiting for Credit

r.brown Nov 8, 19 6:55 am

Bought a $178 one way ticket on November 4 using a $100 gift card (already had) and rest on Amex Gold. Posted as 'Additional Collection'

November 7th the meter moved.

November 8th the $78 credit was refunded (statement also closed this day)

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