Amex (USA) Sync Offers 2012 - 2015

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See also this thread: Automating AmEx Sync registration

Wiki to track Amex Sync credit. Some merchants seem to have Amex Sync cash back post in 2 business days.

Amazon Purchase 12/4 Credit: 2 days
Best Buy Purchase: 12/27 Credit: 2 days
Sprouts (in store) Purchase 11/30 Credit: 2 days
Zappo's Purchase 12/5 Credit: 2 days
Kohl's (in store) purchase 12/20 Credit: 2 days
BP (at station) purchase 12/8 Credit: 2 days
Lowe's (in store) purchase 3/28/15, credit: 2 days
Target in store $30 back on $100+ spend, 6/20/15: 2 days
BJ's in store purchase 7/25/15 Credit: 1 day

Still waiting for credit
Sony (in store) Purchase: 12/24 Credit: Not posted
Forever 21 (in store) Purchase: 12/24 Credit: Not posted
AMC Theaters (in store) Purchase: 11/28 Credit: Not posted
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Amex (USA) Sync Offers 2012 - 2015

Go to one of these malls - buy a $50 mall gift card with your synced AMEX card - get a $10 statement credit. Limit One per Card so just repeat steps for each Amex card you own - I love AMEX!

Link --

Moderator's please move it to right place if this is incorrect. Thanks.
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Okay, so I have synced my facebook card with my amex card. Now it says I can get a $5 credit for Target for $50 or more purchase.

Target credit cards give you 5% off. So why use this?

I might do a $50 gift card. that's ten percent. Even though it seems a lot of hassle to save $5. Does it work? Can you buy gift cards at these online sites?

Sort of like a $5 coupon.
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AMEX Sync offer (120$ CPK gift card for 60$)

Save upto 50% at CPK during holidays thru double dipping.

CPK has a promo - 100$ gift card gets 20$ bonus gift card (

To purchase this use AMEX credit card - after syncing them with Twitter / Facebook - AMEX is running 10$ statement credit for 25$ purchase @ CPK. Use 4 different amex cards ...

Total gift card = 120$
Total spend = 100 - 10 - 10 - 10 - 10 = 60$
Total savings = 60$ (50% savings)

Submitted duplicate post in diningbuzz .. Mods - plz merge it ..
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But then I would have to eat there, right? Gross.
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CPK isn't that bad in a pinch...

It doesn't seem worth all the effort though and I am doubtful that you would be able to sync the deal to 4 different cards. The T&C clearly state that you get the statement credit once across all card accounts. I suppose if your cards weren't linked to each other you might be able to do it, but still -- what a hassle.

"Hi! I'd like to buy a $100 gift card with these four AMEX cards" -
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Even if you try 2 (50$ each) then you get 120$ gc for 80$ ... not bad right ...

for "small shop" promo people have used multiple amex cards ... I don't see reason why anyone will feel embarrassed to do so?
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Originally Posted by TommyC80 View Post
CPK isn't that bad in a pinch...

"Hi! I'd like to buy a $100 gift card with these four AMEX cards" -
On small business saturday, I had a restaurant split my bill onto four cards, lol. He was a bit skeptical but I did leave a decent tip to fill in the last 25$ credit.
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Sync program rewards not posting

Hey folks, I'm using Sync with my PR Gold card. As of now neither offer I accepted has been posted ($25 for a purchase from Ticketmaster Sept. 7th; $20 for an item from Dec. 3rd.)

I figure it's too soon for the December credit, but I should've gotten the September one by now. Anyone else?
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I'm so disenchanted by AMEX's ability to store and/or post offers appropriately. I was offered an upgrade to Platinum for 25,000 MR upon first purchase. Now they're telling me it requires $10,000 spend within 5 months. As if I want to spend $10,000 in 5 months on THAT card. They're researching it now, of course.
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Amex Sync Offers

I searched for Amex Sync to see if there already was a generic thread for the sync/twitter offers. I didn't see one. I thought it might be helpful to have a single thread to follow with new offers since Amex appears to be getting more aggressive with these lately.

In addition to the Exxon Mobile and BP offers I have added the following to my card:
Walmart ($20 off $79) (I bought paper and had them ship it free!)
JC Penney ($10 off $50)
PF Changs ($10 off $40)
Ruby Tuesday ($10 off $30)
AMC ($5 off $20)
Zappos ($30 off $150) and they actually had the running shoes I wear for once!
Teavana ($10 off $50) A relative has this on her Christmas list anyway
Best Buy ($25 off $250)
Amtrak ($30 off $150)
Buca Di Beppo ($20 off $100)

There are also several clothing and specialty offers out now that I am ignoring.

Of course if there is an existing thread and my search skills have failed me I look forward to being merged so I can follow that thread.
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Started a wiki.

Seems some larger merchants have purchases post within 2 business days, while some 'in store' purchases at other retailers (AMC Theaters, Sony, etc) have not posted in that short of a time frame.
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Lots of good new sync offers this morning....Hilton, Home Depot, Exxon.....
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Originally Posted by KimmyChamp View Post
Lots of good new sync offers this morning....Hilton, Home Depot, Exxon.....
indeed I was just about to post in such a thread or create one.

quick Q for the AMEX sync pros here, do cards that just use the AMEX network like the CitiAA Select AMEX work for these offers?

when I tried to link it to #amexsync, it seemingly linked up.

I know Serve cards and prepaid cards can be used with this promo. would appreciate any insights, thanks!
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I also have a Dunkin Donuts spend 5 get 5 back, so its free
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I tweeted #AmexExxonMobil and #AmexHomeDepot and was able to enroll an additional card in those offers.
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