Two Data Points On Amex Churning

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Two Data Points On Amex Churning

Applied for Plat in December 2012. Denied bonus when Amex said "You have had this card before." I did not contest, as I thought I probably had cancelled it less than 12 months earlier, and even though the T&C didn't say "Can never have had the card before" I felt they'd fall back on saying "But you did have it within the past 12 months."

Seeing the current 75K for Gold Biz, I contacted Amex and was told "Since you cancelled your gold biz card in September 2011, you are eligible."

However, I will give them the benefit of the doubt that this was an honest mistake and not intentional, in that email they sent me an application link that did not provide for the signup bonus! We all know that Amex will be very strict about not giving you what isn't promised in the signup link, but I did revert to the link with the 75K bonus and sign up.

Also, note that when you print the application with the 75K bonus, the bonus information does not print. You have to do a screen capture to preserve it. Don't know if that's an innocent aspect of their web programming or a sneaky attempt to keep people from enforcing the bonus.
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