Germany Centurion Service - Please inspire me!

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Germany Centurion Service - Please inspire me!

Any recent "specials" that Centurion/Germany arranged for you in the past six months? Anything you asked for and were surprised yourself that they really did it? Just a try to open a topic about Centurion/Germany in which AMEX does not get flamed At least, in Germany, the Centurion service is not sourced out but handled by AMEX themselves ....

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My experiences:

Business Travel Service:
-- They arranged various hotel stays for me. Most of the time, a better rate on the internet could have been found. Anyway, everyting that was not about the rate, was great: Always they did not just do a stupid computer booking, in each case they sent a fax to the hotel directly, asking for upgrades, late check-outs, etc. Also, sometimes they called me about ten times without showing any annoyance even about two-day-stays at non-chain hotels in small towns in Italy. For sure, there was not a big commission to be earned for them ...
-- Car Rental: hopeless. As a Sixt Platinum, you cannot get better rates or upgrade in Germany trough Amex.

Holiday Travel Service:
After I returned from an AMEX organized holiday over christmas (they booked a sheraton for me via a tour operator) I received a personalized and personally signed letter after the holiday asking me how it was ... nice!

Life Style Service:
-- Ticket bookings: Simple things, even abroad, without any problem. But to get a ticket for a huge concert one day before it took place was impossible (anyway, the event was sold out since months and I did not really expect it)
-- I went to some AMEX organized events (dinners, wine tastings, all published via their website or magazine) and must say all of them were VERY nice. Also, each time there was a staff member of AMEX Life Style service present at the event --- and I have to say all of them proved to be very nice people. At least, all of them were able to deliver the imagination that they would really think their Centurion members would be somehow "special" persons

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Very good experiences, too. Travel Agents are excellent. Once, they booked the Regent in Sydney with a summer special low rate only for Australians, sent a Fax and asked for FHR amenitys -- which were granted, by fax. So upgrade to Harbour view suite, free breakfast, Tea, late checkout -- incredible. Good experienced especially on holiday trips, upgrades, nice treatment, they even help to organise upgrades with points (with hyatt, for example). Iīve made the same experience: They try hard and call, if something isnt clear.

The Lifestyle is good now, too. In the first six month, they were not so good. But today: I always get a table, they handle abroad reservations well, they organized for example a chocolat car for a friend staying in paris and sent it to him, for only a few euros, they called several times back, asking if I want herb or dark chocolat, a BMW or Porsche ;-)

Sixt Platinum is hard to beat, thatīs true. But beside that: I book the low-low rate of Sixt Plat and they write the note "Centurion double upgrade" into the reservations, at least at the Munich Airport, you get them. Unbelievable...

Once I visited an Aston Martin test drive. Nice event.

Hopefully, they keep it that way.
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How do you become a Sixt Platinum member?
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There was a promo last year, if you were LH SEN you could apply for SIXT Plat. I am sure you can also try via Amex Centurion Service.

I just asked them for a VIP arrangement for DTM (Deutsche Tourenwagen-Meisterschaft) in Hockenheim, let use see how they perform

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Have had mixed experiences with Life Style Service. Amex Travel is excellent - though, as said before, the prices are not always the best, they do care a lot. Once, I had to interrupt a hotel booking after one hour - I got a briefing of all interesting hotels, including map check. If there is any possibility, they will try to get an upgrade.
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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by Uli:
I just asked them for a VIP arrangement for DTM (Deutsche Tourenwagen-Meisterschaft) in Hockenheim, let use see how they perform </font>
today the "sports department" returned my call. they said: fine, we can reserve you some tickets from the DTM website.
I replied: oh, I can do this myself ... any arrangement you can book that would be more stylish? ---
amex: no, we only do formula one VIP packages. we will contact DTM to check ... but we are not one of their sponsors. will call you back later.

mmmh ... it is 22:30 now and nobody called back ... let us see ...
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Now please wakee up!

Did you ever have a look at the small print of all those "exclusive" offers and arangements that centurion offers for "a chosen few" - no matter if itīs on the centurion website, the monthly statements or in the quarterly magazine?!

They are mostly done by other promoters or organisations - Amex just books those events for their members!

For example that ridiculous "Zarenball-Offer" in Berlin: That was done by airtours and I got exactly the same offer with same price and conditions through my monthly Diners Club newsletter.

As soon as something is not linked to Amexīs computer or booking systems, you can bet that itīll take years for them to arrange something and very often they have to quit.

Another example: I once wanted a certain hotel to be booked for me in Bilbao - "Sorry Sir, we canīt, because that hotel is not in linked to our booking system!"

One phone call to HRS and I got the hotel including a discounted far and a complimentary uograde on arrival! Thatīs service!!!!

After a few more of those sad experiences, it was Centurion down the drain. Why should I ever use that pissy service again?
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