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enda1 Nov 22, 12 9:20 am

AMEX UK Contents Insurance (Plat?)
I was talking to AMEX today on the phone and they tried to sell me their insurance. It wasn't clear exactly what it entailed, but the price was 9.99/month for the household. Apparently it included issues outside the home too.

Does it sound like good value for contents insurance?

Apparently it has 0 excess too.

Anyone experience with this or more informaiton?

bumblebees Nov 22, 12 9:49 am

Sounds like Amex my essentials :) I've had the cover for 4 odd months now.

Astaroth Nov 22, 12 10:41 am

Unless you were getting a quote for Home insurance from them it isnt contents cover.

I believe that you are referring to the My Essentials (see and the policybook

One element of the package is personal possessions cover (outside of the home) but it is only unspecified items under 250 and specified items can only go up to 1,500 but need to be registered and the maximum for any one incident is 1,500 and a max of 3 claims per year

Could be ok for some people but if you have expensive watches, handbags, engagement rings etc then you are going to need to add PP cover to your Home insurance in which case adding the low value items to it as well would be much lower than Amex charges.

enda1 Nov 22, 12 11:31 am

Thanks all.
I'll have to ask them further about it. It looks like what you mention alright.

bumblebees Nov 22, 12 1:50 pm

I took the cover out due to 2 reasons:

1) I was paying for mobile and laptop insurance at the time at around 14 a month. It was cheaper and the cover was better with Amex/Affnion.

2) The excess is nothing.

It took them 3 months to send my baggage tags and key fobs though. First 30 days are free, you cancel without an issue and you can make a claim 14 days into the policy.

I don't know how great they are in the time of an emergency, I haven't made a claim but they do pay for a taxi to your home/nearest bank branch (I don't bank with highstreet bank) or a hotel for the night (upto 200 in total and only with prior agreement). The taxi etc is only covered incase of theft.

But I'd go for it. Every mobile/gadget is covered in the house and everyone is covered! Not just me :)

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