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Airline fee $250/$200/$100 reimbursement reports: WN (2011-2019)

Old Sep 17, 14, 10:45 am
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Reminder: you must enroll and select Southwest as your airline BEFORE making a reimbursable purchase.
Some have suggested the need to wait several hours or even a day before making the purchase, but there are also several DPs that worked without waiting that long.

(BTW, you will often hear people refer to Southwest as WN. WN is the IATA code for Southwest Airlines. SW is the IATA code for Air Namibia.)

Caution: As of late July 2019, reports are that direct gift card purchases are no longer being reimbursed.
To purchase click here: https://www.southwest.com/gift-card/create-card.html Caution: Do NOT login to your Southwest Rapid Rewards account when making the purchase.

What does appear to work is buying flight tickets less than $100, OR using gift cards to get the charged amount down to less than $100.

Always read the last few pages to get up-to-date DPs.

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Airline fee $250/$200/$100 reimbursement reports: WN (2011-2019)

Old Jul 21, 17, 6:33 am
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Originally Posted by coolone119
Not really wanting to gamble another $100
Where is the risk? You are paying $100 for a giftcard worth $100.
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Old Jul 21, 17, 8:51 am
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my 2nd one for $100 also work just fine.

7/16 - Purchased Southwest $100 e-GC
7/18 - $100 credit posted.

good luck all
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Old Jul 21, 17, 9:04 am
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7/15 added SW as the selected airline for both cards
7/16 - Purchased Southwest 2x $100 e-GC on personal plat
7/16 - Purchased Southwest $100 e-GC on PRG
7/18 - 2x $100 credit posted on plat
7/18 - $100 credit posted on PRG

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Old Jul 21, 17, 6:21 pm
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Originally Posted by coolone119
AMEX Premier Rewards Gold Card

7/13 - Selected Southwest as airline.
7/13 - Purchased Southwest $100 e-GC

No credit posted as of 7/18, I am starting to believe this does not work.

The majority of others have seen the reimbursement within 2 days, I have yet to see anything.
I waited a couple days after selecting. No problem ... multiple electronic GCs.

You might call AMEX to see if they can manually credit.
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Old Jul 23, 17, 1:45 am
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Charles Schwab Platinum

7/04 - Added SW as airline
7/16 - Purchase of Southwest $100 e-GC posted
7/18 - $100 credit posted
7/19 - Purchase of Southwest $100 e-GC posted
7/21 - $100 credit posted
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Old Jul 30, 17, 5:58 pm
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07/27 -Purchased SW $100 GC
07/29 -Transaction posted
07/30 - $100 Credit posted
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Old Aug 2, 17, 1:25 pm
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$200 e-gift card reimbursed

Purchased a $200 Southwest e-gift card a day or two after registering Southwest as chosen airline.

7/29 - transaction posted

8/1 - $200 reimbursement posted
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Old Aug 8, 17, 10:05 am
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I have an AmEx Premier Rewards Gold and ordered a $100 gift certificate form the SWA website on Sunday and the $100 credit showed up on my statement on Tuesday morning
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Old Aug 9, 17, 9:24 am
Join Date: Apr 2015
Posts: 41
8/5 - Set SWA as selected airline
8/5 - purchased $100 gift card x2
8/5 - charges post
8/7 - received $100 reimbursement x2

Amex Platinum
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Old Aug 16, 17, 2:04 pm
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Amex Personal Platinum:

8/12 Chose SW as my airline of choice

8/12 Bought 2 $100 SW gift cards

8/13 Used the 2 SW gift cards on an upcoming ticket and used Plat to pay remaining balance

8/15 Received 2 $100 AMEX Airline Fee Reimbursements

Coding for the gift cards under "Flight Details" shows:

Ticket Number: ______
Document Type: SPD/AIR FREIGHT

Coding for the actual ticket under "Flight Details" shows:

Passenger Name: ____
Date of Departure: 09/17
Ticket Number: ____
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Old Aug 19, 17, 6:09 am
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Bought a Southwest airlines gift card on my Gold Premier Rewards card to use the $100 airline credit. It never posted a credit. I have met the minimum spend but none of my bonus points have posted yet. Do you think trying to use it too early has anything to do with it? Anyone have any luck calling about it or is it pretty clear you aren't supposed to use the credit for gift cards?

(Not the end of the world a $100 gift card is still $100 and I will still get the travel points but wanted to know before I attempt to get the credit again if that is the likely reason)
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Old Aug 22, 17, 11:05 am
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AMEX Premier Rewards Gold Card

Already had SW as my airline of choice

8/17 - Purchased $100 SW gift card
8/18 - Posted
8/21 - Received $100 AMEX Airline Fee Reimbursement
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Old Aug 22, 17, 10:31 pm
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Upgraded from PRG to the new Platinum a few months ago. I had already claimed and reimbursed $100 in January on the PRG.

6/?? - Set Southwest as preferred airline
8/8 - Purchased $200 SW gift card
8/14 - $200 Amex Airline Fee Reimbursement posted
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Old Aug 24, 17, 7:15 am
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Ameriprise Plat

Bought 2x$100 on 8/21 (One transaction, not two)
Posted 8/23 as single transaction of $200
Credit 8/24
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Old Aug 29, 17, 1:34 pm
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I'm amazed at the amount of SW designated airlines.
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