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Carolellen607 Jan 7, 12 4:14 am

Fee reduction for two Amex cards?
My husband currently has the delta amex platinum for $150 a year. I seem to remember that having two amex cards allows for a discount in the overall charge. So if he gets the regular Platinum would the $450 fee be discounted? And if so, by how much? Thanks for any help.

Steve M Jan 7, 12 2:09 pm

Multiple card accounts, by the same person or people in the same family, receive no discount, no matter how many you have. Some but not all card accounts allow for "secondary" or "supplemental" cards on the same account at a reduced rate. Sometimes you even have a choice of the type of supplemental card - for example, a US Platinum charge card can have supplemental cards that are either Platinum or Gold. The Platinum ones cost more, but extend the Platinum benefits to the additional cards. All cards on the same account are the payment responsibility of the primary cardholder, and any points or miles accrued go to wherever they do for the primary card.

mia Jan 7, 12 2:41 pm

Once upon a time charge card holders did receive a fee reduction on certain Skymiles credit cards, but this has ended (although existing cardholders may have been grandfathered in when the terms were changed.)

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