Amex PERSONAL platinum 100k mr point sign-up bonus

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Lately, calling does seem a better option. My wife's card was ineligible for additional 50K with 3882 so I ended up calling for mine and now I see a pending 50K MR. I was told 3882 expired on feb. 14th. I had applied for card on feb. 21st so as a one time courtesy I was extended the 50K.
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hmmm..I applied in March (around the 15th) so hopefully i get the one time courtesy. crossing my fingers!
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Awesome .... awesome awesome....

Salute to the first person who did this....

thepointsguy for spreading the word....

got my points and my wife's points on a single call.

Also a shout-out to amex for honoring these promotions.

- naroowal
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Well, after a failure on the phone for both my AMEX Gold Premier and Platinum last night, I received responses to secured messages I sent last night:

* Got the 50k difference for the Gold Premier.
* Got denied by a manager for the Platinum. The manager said I wasn't explicitly solicited for the 100k offer. Probably true but he/she probably knew about my previous collection habits.

I'm happy with the outcome anyway, as I received 75k MR points initially from both cards and now have received a total of 125k MR points for signing up for the Gold Premier and Platinum.

Unlike other cards, I think I'll stick with these in the long run.

- Pat

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Ha that's funny... so I called to try again since I was bored. Front line CSR transferred me to an MR rep and he was very helpful. He put me on hold for a while - about 10-15 minutes - and came back to say that they'd be happy to extend the bonus offer to me so long as I meet the $1000 spend criteria. Currently, I haven't met that. He notated my account and said that I just call back to let them know.

These calls are always recorded right? So I have proof that this is how it all went down? The reason I ask this is because I already got a secure message denying me, but then this successful call came after. Does that have any bearing on anything?

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Has anyone had any luck getting points on a Plat card that has been open for more than a year? My renewal is due this month and was denied. I've had my card for a couple years.
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ok reporting back on my experience. my email got denied the same form email that others have posted.

so I called just now (well 30 minutes ago, it does take 20-30 minutes on the phone for this). At first the rep said she can't find an offer for 100k MR points, except for the business plat card, then I said I have the offer code 3882 and she went off to search for that. When she came back on the phone, she said I have no acquisition offer code on my account at all so she didn't know how I could even get 50K (?? I applied through the same link everyone else did and confirmed on the phone after I got my card that I have 50k points coming) and because I didn't have an offer code on it and I applied before Feb 17th, she was able to apply the entire 100k points to my account (my 3 month period has not passed yet, even though I met my spending requirement and I was told the 50k points will post after 3 month, mid May when I called after apply). So I got the points. you definitely need to talk to someone on the phone and talk them into looking up things for you. I am guessing whoever answering the email just does very little reserach and reply with what they think is the right answer...
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Persistance pays off.

I sent a secure message a couple of days ago and no answer after 24+ hrs. I sent another last night. This morning I received a reply to the first one and it was worded the same as the one posted above from an Email Service Dept Manager (or something) denying me the difference.

I decided to call this morning. I called MR customer service, spoke to a very nice and friendly rep who told me that was a targeted offer for which I wasn't targeted so I couldn't get the full 100K. I asked if that meant there was nothing to be done, she put me on hold to "check a few things", came back after about 10min and said that even tho I wasn't targeted, she got approval to extend the offer to me for being a longtime cardmember.

I just checked my MR balance and it has an extra 50K points! ^

I have said this before and I will say it again: Amex is awesome. FT is awesome.
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Called earlier this morning - was told there was nothing they could do.

Waited a couple of hours, and just tried again.

Entered card #, "membership rewards", and then "agent". After about 2 minutes on hold, while the very friendly rep checked into it - she came back and told me they could do it, however I would have to call back on or after June 15th to make it all happen. She told me it was noted on my account, and would only require a call back on my part after Jun 15th. Will definitely be calling them next month!
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Any success stories requesting the extra points for those who applied after the 50k points being downgraded to 25k?
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Need some help with my situation....

I just called twice this morning and both people on the phone explained that the offer expired in February, in which since I applied for the card in March, the offer is closed there is nothing they can do about it. Both alluded to the date issue and that they cannot change my bonus ID out of 4986 and into 3882.

Can someone PM me concerning what you are explaining and setting the situation up? I may be approaching it all wrong. Alternatively, I don't mind sending a PM to someone, but didn't want to bombard multiple people. Any help with what you are doing is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!
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Smile Success!

Called earlier this AM, talked to the CSR and she agreed to note in my and my wife's account that we are eligible for the 3882 promo. Just recieved the cards last week so haven't met the spend yet, but sounds like we are golden! Thanks PG, all!
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Originally Posted by lbren979 View Post
Called earlier this AM, talked to the CSR and she agreed to note in my and my wife's account that we are eligible for the 3882 promo. Just recieved the cards last week so haven't met the spend yet, but sounds like we are golden! Thanks PG, all!
Last week? so did you sign up for 25k bonus points?
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Called this morning, gave offer code 3882 and was awarded the 50k extra MR points! I signed up for the 50k offer in mid-April.
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hopefully you can help me as a newbie..i too had been lurking around the site but missed the deadline for appying while the 50k was offered. if i want to try for the 100 or at least the 50, should i apply for the card first with the 25k bonus and then call AM or call them to ask about it and apply over the phone?

appreciate any advice -- and will let you know how it turns out
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