Amex PERSONAL platinum 100k mr point sign-up bonus

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Originally Posted by TennisPro View Post
Anyone know what the expiration date of that 100K targeted offer is, or was? I just sent a secure message, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
According to the Amex rep who denied my request for the add'l 50k bonus, the expiration date of the 100k offer was Feb. 14, a week before I applied for the Plat card.
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Suffice to say that since I just got my plat card last week, I won't be getting approved for the add'l 50k...
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Originally Posted by infamousdx View Post
Suffice to say that since I just got my plat card last week, I won't be getting approved for the add'l 50k...
Absolutely worth a try. Perhaps you were targeted in Feb, had problems applying on the website, gave up and finally applied not using the targeted offer? Sounds like if that were the case, you should be given an extra 50k
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This worked for me! For what it's worth, I sent a secure message last night. I immediately received an email saying that they would respond within 10 hours. I called after about 15 hours with no response and the customer service agent asked for the bonus ID and then promptly gave me the additional 50k MR points. About an hour or two after this, I received a secure message response denying me the additional points! Go figure. Anyways, I might try calling. It worked for me. Thanks OP for posting!
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Feeling guilty about doing this. I'm used to beating and exploiting the system, not begging.

But I know I have to do this. Thanks for posting.

[Update: Just sent my two messages - one for Gold Premier and one for Platinum.]

- Pat

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successful in getting the extra 50K!!

Thank you OP. I applied for the Platinum card on 4/29 with 50,000 pts link and was approved right away. I received the card today and after activating online sent a secure message to AMEX customer service.

I didn't hear back withing the 10 hours, so I decided to call the # on Platinum card. Spoke to a very nice lady and told her I wasn't able to apply in time and am concerned I missed the deadline with bonus ID: 3882...asking her if there is anything she can do. She said that offer expired in Feb., but put me on hold to talk to her supervisor.

Came back on the phone 5 minutes later with great news....she applied the offer to my account so that when I hit the 1K spend in 3 months, I should see the 100,000 pts.
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Smile Worked for me!

So heres my story.
I emailed yesterday and after 15hrs got a kind decline. So i decided if at first you fail, try try again. I called in and failed. So lets try again (It is 50k points after all)

BINGO!! After 13 minutes on the phone with membership rewards rep (and explaining how i love AmEx, use it all the time) he got supervisor approval to credit the 50k

Moral of the story - Keep on trying!

Good luck to you all!

Oh and I forgot to mention, if any of you have the starwoods AmEx card which offerd 30k points, but only signed up when the offer was 10k, email them and ask for the 20k diff. That worked for me on the first email attempt!
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I applied in Jan with the 50k offer and just sent a secure message asking (very nicely) for the 50k MR points difference between the two offers. I got a message back about eight hours later saying that it would not be an issue!
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just called and was denied. apparently the rep(a supervisor) said i applied for the card on March 31st which was the "last" day of the 100K offer.. from what i read on here, it was in feb? so as others have stated YMMV.

I also tried emailing yesterday, but never got a response. maybe i'll try again.
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what BS dates are people getting spit back to them? first rep i tried on phone just said they can't give extra points for different offer codes. the 2nd rep told me the same thing but checked anyway and then told me it expired Jan 3. Jan 3, mid-feb, and march 31. if i legitimately wouldn't qualify, that's fine, but if we are all getting different dates then that really ticks me off

what other dates are you guys hearing?
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I emailed yesterday and asked nicely for the extra 50K. I was denied on the current card but if I opened a new card she would grant me the 100K offer on the new card.

I called instead this morning. Stated I just discovered that when I signed up for the card there was a better offer. He asked for the offer code #. Looked it up and said yes I would have been eligible for that code. I asked if there was any way to get the additional 50K and he said shouldn't be a problem. I was put on hold for 10 mins. He apologized for the wait and said the additional points have been added to my account.

I logged in and sure enough I have the points.

Advice: Be polite and you shouldn't have any problem.

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On the phone now.....agent is checking the bonus id....fingers crossed....
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What department is everyone speaking with on the phone or secure message?
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Ok, after a few minutes she came back and said I'm eligible for the 100k promotion!!! Only bad thing is that the screen they use to adjust the points was "down". She mentioned that a note has been added to my account stating that I'll get the points and she'll try later today whenever the system is available again. Took my cell phone number and will call whenever she updates my balance. Wow! Thanks OP and thanks Amex for honoring this!!!
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I called the number on the back of the card, entered my cc number when asked, said "membership rewards" and then "agent".
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