AA753 nightmare 5/3 (LAX-ATL)

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Looking again at FlightAware, I'm going to guess OP was taking about Friday's AA753. It arrived 7 hours late, which would be more than frustrating. Saturday's AA753 is in the air eastbound but running an hour late. While not what airline or passenger want, an hour late on a long haul is more of an "it happens".
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My experience with AA has all been negative to the point that I now stop flying with them for good. Their agents flat out lied to me many times on problematic flights. Their existence shows United and Delta they don't really need to try to improve because someone is always on the bottom.
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Thanks all for the responses. Got home around 2am, which certainly doesn't help us get back on ATL time, but at least we didn't have to overnight at LAX.

Originally Posted by kg07
in this situation, I think it’s important to look at the following - of my approximate 1500 flights, I arrived safely to my destination 99% of the time (with the one percent being trips that were canceled).
I try to remember that when AA does stupid things like they are doing to you right now.
safe travels, I hope you get to your destination.
Thanks, yes I agree this is rare, and I think overall in my time I've had great luck with flight delays & cancellations. Even a 7 hour delay wouldn't bother me too much, but it was the way they operated the delay that kept us waiting on alert at the gate that really sucked. Spending extra time in the Flagship Lounge instead of at the gate expecting to board in the next 10-15 the entire time would have been 100x better experience.

Originally Posted by DataPlumber
If it helps, the same has happened to me on AA, UA, and DL. WN seems to be the best at posting realistic updated departures during delays, IME.
Thanks for the info. I have had issues on DL & UA, and the occasional rolling delay, but that usually means the flight is close to operating. A 15 minute rolling delay happening a couple times before an actual boarding is normal. It happening for 4 hours straight is something I've never seen or heard of.

Originally Posted by jerseytom
What are the circumstances where AA agents will be likely to re-accommodate on a competitor carrier?

The rolling delay situation really sucks. And it's odd to me in that you'll have other situations where, in short order, you get a delay notification of 2 or 10 or however many hours and can figure out how you want to spend your time. Do the operations folks just truly not know? I wonder how much of this stuff is left to computer systems to figure out, versus human intervention.
I would love to have answers to both of these questions! Obviously (since we boarded and then deplaned) the first plane had a mechanical problem and possibly they were unsure about the timeline for the fix. But the second plane was at the gate the entire time (4 hours), with no mechanical issue, so I really don't understand that one.

Originally Posted by jayer
Now if by "today" you meant Friday, then never mind (getting FlyerTalk to sync to a known time zone has never worked out for me, so I have to guess). I try to help when I can. If your question is actually a day old, then I hope you are home and enjoyed your trip to Maui.

For random other people considering flying AA from Maui to Atlanta; well, get the direct to DFW if all things are equal. Many more connecting flights on east than from LAX or Phoenix. (I realize that can be easier said than done, and may not always be available. Or cost much more).
Yes, it was Friday, and yes, we were wishing we picked the DFW flight. But I have been to Hawaii many times, usually connecting at LAX - it's not my favorite but this situation is definitely not normal. The LAX flight is kind of nice because it gives you one last sunset in Maui (leaving approx 3 hours later than the DFW flight).

Originally Posted by Kacee
Actually, their focus is on stringing you along so you don't cancel for a refund and fly a different airline. AA is absolutely the worst on the rolling delays.
That would be extremely unfortunate if so. I may have tried to get on a Delta flight if I knew the delay would be that long, but I also might have been happy to just spend time in the lounge. I guess either costs AA money.... but honestly experiences like this probably cost AA more. I rarely fly AA anymore and while I know this can happen on any airline, I'm not too keen on booking them again.

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