Photo ID now required at Admirals Clubs?

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At DFW two clubs had to produce ID. I asked whether they still had a copy of my driver's license and was told they have been instructed to ask for IDs from everyone entering.
At home base club have not been asked yet this year on multiple trips.
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Interestingly, I was the only person NOT asked to present ID at the PHL AC, even though I rarely use proper ACs. Weird.
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Originally Posted by ksucats
Another issue that may be in another thread somewhere, but since I just got home and haven't been on FT, I haven't seen it. DFW clubs are no longer selling food. I am guessing with the better free options the sales of their limited menu made it no longer worth it for them. My wife was disappointed as she is a picky eater and wanted to buy the quesadilla as she prefers that over most of their free options.
The DFW AC's haven't received the upgraded free food offerings yet. Also, they are in the midst of switching the concession contractor at DFW so the halt in food for sale may be due to that and temporary.
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When I checked into the DCA E Lounge yeserday, the agent said "Let me see if we've scanned your photo. Yes, there it is...welcome"
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Over the past week, I stopped by ACs in SFO, PHX, DFW and AUS. No one asked for photo ID. Although the AAngel at DFW B told me that even though they have my photo in the system, they must now ask for a photo ID (though she didn't ask me for mine).
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I hit about ten clubs last week, inconsistent at best, Lhr, no, Bos no, Lga yes, clt no, Lga second visit, yes, ord yes both times, Dca no, I asked at Lga and she said if you have a “current” photo they don’t need to ask, I asked how current is defined and how you get a current photo and she wasn’t sure
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I asked in MCO if they had the scanner to add the photos (they don't in DCA and the AAngel there said I should just ask around because a few random stations have the scanners) - the MCO AAngel said "no we don't have them here, but they are really pushing us to ask for IDs these days! I didn't ask for yours because I know you, but most will ask now."
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At CLT last week (B club on outbound, C club on return) both specifically mentioned that they had my photo on file and so did not need to see ID.
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A few days ago at the JFK Soho club, no ID was needed, although I think a BA agent scanned me in (was flying AA fwiw).
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My wife was asked for ID when we entered the PHX lounge this afternoon. Apparently it’s always been policy but they are now enforcing it. The staff don’t like it any more than the customers do!
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Dfw club in terminal A today did not require ID from me or my wife.
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OP here.

The inconsistency is infuriating.

How can this not be a binary requirement (or non-requirement) at all clubs?
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IAH/DFW yes. DEN did not.
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I find this thread about having to show credentials to get into a club absolutely fascinating.
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Originally Posted by dpb132
OP here.

The inconsistency is infuriating.

How can this not be a binary requirement (or non-requirement) at all clubs?

You show your ID for things in life buying things, going into bars, at TSA, at bag counter, at the ABC store, at the bank, ... ALL. THE. TIME.
What's the big deal?

seems like people are over reacting. Sometimes you show it, sometimes you don't. No big deal to most of us.
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