Banned for life?!?

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Originally Posted by DarkHelmetII View Post
This sounds entirely plausible in that the technology is certainly available and how customers treat phone agents is useful "intelligence" for American or any other airline. But do you have first-hand knowledge that "losing one's temper" with phone agents is regularly tracked, either via automated 'analytics' or manual agent notes? I have no reason to disbelieve this is happening, just genuinely curious to know about how sophisticated the airlines are in tracking this.
Seriously? Did we forget this is an airline that managed to lose JFK slots because they "forgot" about them?

The only metric that is there is when AA corporate security finally decides they need to audit someone, then some poor intern reads through the notes and adds up the bad incidents in an Excel spreadsheet. Which is just e-mailed to the person in charge of the review.
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Originally Posted by Smiley90 View Post
Wait, your partner was waiting for you at the lounge.... and you were running late... so the first thing he does when you get to him is go to the washroom, despite the fact that there's only MINUTES until boarding closes and he had all this time to go to the washroom while waiting for you? I question not just your decision-making in going for the door, but also your partner's...
I've always been confused by the way some couples seem to lose independence when traveling despite presumably leading mostly independent lives otherwise. We've all met the grown adults who insist on several rows of people playing musical chairs so they can sit together on a one-hour flight (not having paid for seat assignments together), those who must wait for each other to use the bathroom while cutting it real close to boarding, those who can't split up during delays so the faster runner can go plead with the gate agent that they are arriving, etc.

And in this case, spending 30 minutes to discuss a one-row seating difference ultimately leading to being late for boarding?!
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OP's dilemma: AA is the only option between LAX and BOS allowing for a cabin pet and has lie-flat seating. And because of that, despite all the repeated customer service failures (inconsistency between the call center and check-in, not very competent agents, GA closing door 1m early), he/she must beg to be eligible as a fare-paying customer again after getting banned?

Somehow I find it concerning... Should airlines actually be able to ban passengers permanently from flying with them without any due process? It is not like OP has been convicted of a crime that impacts aviation safety, or is on the DHS no-fly list or something. It's basically AA saying we don't really like you as a customer because you misbehaved, and that determination is pretty much entirely at AA's discretion. Is touching the gate door a major red line to cross? Yes, I don't want to see this behavior no matter how much AA had failed him/her on customer service. But OTOH, doesn't LAX law enforcement also believe this behavior is nothing worthy of an arrest? I guess AA can choose to conduct business with whoever they like, but I just find it mildly concerning since major US airlines operate in a near monopoly fashion in their respective hubs, and them being able to choose what customers they like means... customers have to be liked by the airline? Seems backwards...

This probably didn't help OP. But I agree with other posters that this ban probably takes a while to fix, and in the interim, maybe consider flying B6 Mint without the pet as they do have better schedules and frequencies between LAX and BOS. If OP really needs to fly with a pet, maybe buy another seat ('EXST') in coach? For daytime flights, I find it quite comfortable for two people to get a 3-person row... and LAX-BOS is not that far anyways

As for any pleading with AA, take a big deep breath before speaking with them, and definitely not let your temper get over you again! Inquire about your case, ask them whether and why you are banned, and talk peacefully about any resolution if possible. But I agree with the other posters above, don't necessarily go into all the details from the get-go... figure out what are their concerns, and play by the ear on their tone and see if remediations are possible.
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At the request of the OP, the OP is being redacted, and since that will effectively render the thread rudderless, I am going to close it.

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