PDBs Coming Back?

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Originally Posted by Centurion View Post
The only reason you get good service on International flights is something called competition.
Or government subsidies! (just not in the U.S.)

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You are 100% correct and they do not have to deal with USA labor laws.
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1 for 14 so far......

14 flights so far this year. I just got a PDB on 1 flight last weekend (DFW-CLT). I was shocked...............
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I have had 1 PDB since the pandemic. Envoy e175 EYW-MIA in October.
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I just flew on AA57 LHR to MIA today if anyone wants an international flagship service perspective. I was in 4J. I noticed F got served them very quickly, but nothing in J. And it was a very light load - only 14 in J.

When the FA came to take the lunch order on the ground, I happen to ask - are PDBs coming back or consigned to the history books. She said - officially they have to minimise aisle traffic during boarding, but once boarding complete they will do them if they can, and have time.

And once the door closed and pushback started, suddenly another FA appeared with a tray offering champagne or water, which was nice. But it was a bit rushed, as a few mins after delivering the PDB, they were round to get the cups before takeoff. F got theirs in glass. Plastic in J. But at least we got one. So 👍🏻
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The beauty of pandemic PDB service is that, finally, AA has some consistency with their PDB service.
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I got one PDB on LAX-MIA in F on a 787 last week. The MIA-LAX flight on a 777-200 did not get a PDB.
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Originally Posted by Irish93DCA View Post
I got one PDB on LAX-MIA in F on a 787 last week. The MIA-LAX flight on a 777-200 did not get a PDB.
Generally, the standard lately has been the opposite of the above. Flagship routes/aircraft are getting them in premium cabins (I've had a mix of glass and plastic in F for PDBs since they were reinstated). From the latest rumblings, it sounds like the next improvement in overall catering/service may come in March, but I'd personally still be surprised to see PDBs back on non-premium routes by then.
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Some service was supposed to change yesterday. Im in business now on a BOS-DFW flight and no predeparture anything.
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DEN-CLT last evening, PDBs with full bar selection. No meal though, not even the dreaded sandwich. Left DEN at 4:30 arrived in CLT at 9:20, and of course many restaurants in CLT are shuttered now at 9:20 so we left hangry. Out of the airport by 9:55 and by the time we got home to Weddington, only McDonald's was still open. They really need to rethink these meal flights.
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Not for me apparently. LAX/PHX 2027 and PHX/SEA AA 2781 and no offers or attempts. 🤷
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PHX/LAX yesterday and we had PDBs. I assume it's going to be very hit and miss like pre COVID, possibly now more miss than hit.
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First PDB since 2019 DFW-SFO today. Yay!
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hot entrees with desert and now PDB's....god these flight attendants must be so livid their galley chat time is being compromised.
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Flew F DCA-DFW on Friday, Feb 18. Was offered OJ or water served in plastic cup. Better than nothing!
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