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Loyalty Points discussion/questions - From 2022 now used for determining elite status

Old Dec 17, 2021, 11:25 am
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American Airlines announced that starting in 2022, the way to earn Elite status has changed. No more Elite Qualifying Miles (EQM), Elite Qualifying Segments (EQS), or Elite Qualifying Dollars (EQD)!

Now, you can get AA Elite status by earning Loyalty Points (LPs): https://aadvantagestatus.com/?anchor...=newaadvantage

How many LPs do I need for elite status?

Gold:       40K
Platinum:   75K
Plat Pro:  125K
EXP:       200K
How do I earn LPs?

What you get for redeemable miles (RDM) is what you'll get for LPs.

AA and B6 flights:
No status: 5 LPs per $ spent in base fare plus fees (excludes taxes)
Gold: 7 LPs per $
Platinum: 8 LPs per $
Plat Pro: 9 LPs per $
EXP: 11 LPs per $

Partner flights (other than B6):
Distance flown x accrual rate* x (1 + cabin bonus + elite bonus**)

* Certain discount fares earn less than 100% of miles flown. In those cases, the discounted accrual rate (0% to 75% depending on the partner and the fare class) should be applied to the flown miles. Otherwise, the accrual rate is 100%. If there is a cabin bonus, it should not be added to the accrual rate; it is applied separately within the parentheses. The accrual rate can never be more than 100%.
** 40% for GLD, 60% for PLT, 80% for PRO, 120% for EXP.

So for example, an EXP on a 5000-mile flight on QR booked in J would earn 5000 x 100% x (1 + 25% + 120%) = 5000 x 1 x 2.45 = 12250 LPs.

A PLT on the same flight booked in P would earn 5000 x 75% x (1 + 0% + 60%) = 5000 x .75 x 1.6 = 6000 LPs.

Earning chart for QR

Here's a great online LP calculator:


AAdvantage non-flying partners:
Generally, 1 LP per base mile earned. But in many cases you can earn large bonuses that post as base miles; see link here: https://exploreamerican.com/newaadva...nloyaltypoints

There are differences among how these programs work, ranging from minor to significant, in terms of awarding LPs. You will need to skim through the thread as there are too many different promo offers to address here. But here are the popular ones:

BookAAHotels and RocketMiles: You can earn large mileage bonuses here, separated into "base" miles and "promo" miles by the portals. For now they are all posting as base miles on aa.com, but there is a suspicion that the "promo" miles may start posting as bonus miles (and so would not count as LP). You don't even have to actually check in or stay at the hotel as long as you pay for the stay.

SimplyMiles: You must link a MasterCard to the account. Then you can add their promos to your card by activating the offers. When you accept one of their offers and then pay for it using your linked card, you will get the associated miles which currently post as base miles on aa.com.

AAdvantage eShopping: Once you click through the AAdvantage eShopping portal to a vendor offer and make a purchase, you will eventually get the associated miles posted to your AAdvantage account as both redeemable miles and Loyalty Points. If the merchant advertises an increase in the miles per dollar spent, you'll earn the higher amount in both redeemable miles and an equal number of Loyalty Points. The same applies if a merchant advertises a higher fixed amount per purchase, rather than a per dollar amount. Examples of this would appear on the portal as, "Extra miles. Was 1 mile/$. Now earn 3 miles/$" or "Extra miles. Was up to 3700 miles. Now up to 6200 miles." However, if the website advertises a "Limited-time bonus offer" for "bonus miles" after meeting a spending threshold, that bonus will only post as redeemable miles and not Loyalty Points. If a bonus is offered for some site-wide activity such as 1000 miles for installing an extension, or 500 miles for enrolling in the portal, or 2000 miles for meeting a spending threshold across multiple merchants, the bonus will only post as redeemable miles and not Loyalty Points.
(If a vendor has offers with both SimplyMiles and eShopping, activate the offer on SimplyMiles first and then make the purchase through eShopping with the MasterCard linked to your SimplyMiles account. Apparently that you can get a double-dip. You can also get a double-dip by stacking the promos with discount offers from your credit card issuers, basically reducing the cost to you.

Booking directly with hotels, car rental companies, etc.: The picture here is a bit unclear but it appears that if you book with a hotel that offers 5x miles, only 1 mile will post as base and the rest as bonus.

Credit card spend:
1 LP per $ spent on an AA branded card (except for one card which earns 0.50 LP per $ and several non-US cards which earn 2 LP per $). See the list of cards, and a lot more small print here: https://creditcards.aa.com/aadvantag...hange_ExecCard

What about spending bonuses?
E.g., your card gives 2x miles for hotels, or 3x for AA purchases, etc etc. These do NOT count.

These bonuses count:
Citi AAdvantage Executive World Elite Mastercard (the $450 annual fee card that gives Admirals Club access): 10K LP bonus when hitting $40K spend for the year.
AAdvantage Aviator Silver Mastercard: 5K LP bonus when hitting $20K spend, another 5K LP bonus when hitting $40K spend, and another 5K LP bonus when hitting $50K spend for the year.

Do miles earned at Bask Bank count?

Will Loyalty Points count toward Million Miler status?
No, Million Miler℠ status will still be earned the same way as today, based on miles earned from flying with American and its partners.

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Loyalty Points discussion/questions - From 2022 now used for determining elite status

Old Oct 26, 2021, 11:30 am
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Originally Posted by FT
So one item I might have easily missed in the discussion is putting airfare spend on an AA card effectively adds +1 loyalty point per dollar. So for EXP, it's $200/12, not 11. Is that correct?

EXPs looking to requalify need to spend $18,333 on non-AA or $16,667 on AA?
That is correct. Well one minor variance is CC spend piece will include taxes/fees while the AA airfare piece will only be the base fare + YQ so the math will be slightly different.
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Old Oct 26, 2021, 11:30 am
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It also occurs to me that the multiple incentives this year to re-qualify for status with credit card spend were a pilot program of sorts to prove the concept that members would shift more spending to Aadvantage cards if it helped their status.
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Old Oct 26, 2021, 11:31 am
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Originally Posted by HiAperture
I guess I am thinking more a domestic flight, say 2 hours, where Economy is $250 and First is $350. You might spend the extra $100 instead of taking the chance on the upgrade, to get the 2x EQM. Now you might as well stay in economy and wait for the upgrade, especially with current domestic first service.
I mean there will always be situations that are more favored under one system vs. the other. But I'd love to find more of those $350 r/t first class fares on 2-hour flights.
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Old Oct 26, 2021, 11:31 am
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That is a terrible terrible system. it dilutes Executive Platinum completely. I can spend $200,000 on my credit card paying for Taxes. @1.99%, that's $4000 to earn EXP. Plus my 200k miles
This is great for small business owners. Also, do miles earned from Bask Bank count?
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Old Oct 26, 2021, 11:32 am
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Does anyone see anything about the Hyatt dual accrual set up?

That could be another way to get loyalty points. Even a few stays a year could make a difference.
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Old Oct 26, 2021, 11:32 am
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I’m EXP now and haven’t ran my average numbers through the calculator yet, but raising the qualifying thresholds seems insane at a time when AA is giving another entire year of EXP to every current EXP who either accrues $2,000 EQD from July to December or spends $15,000 on an AA CC.

No chance travel bounces back that much in 2022.
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Old Oct 26, 2021, 11:32 am
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Originally Posted by Mr. BoH
So after digesting this some more, my key takeaways are:
  1. AA is trying to better align status with their more profitable customers. "Customer" for them means more than just "flyer"; they obviously place a high value on CC customers.
  2. Requalification will be a bit harder for those that don't use an AA credit card, but not a ton unless you were somebody qualifying on high-mileage / low-fare routes.
  3. Qualification of new elites will be a lot harder/steeper unless they do a ton of CC spend.
  4. Lots of people who didn't have an AA-branded credit card in the past will probably taking a hard look at getting one.
  5. Redemption earning/burning stays basically the same, at least for now.

Theoretically, this seems like it could open the door to more higher-level elites, but with many of them not flying as much as elites did historically. Hard to say if this will be a net positive or negative on upgrades/etc.
Im guessing we see a lot more status offers for non-status members. Given that AA wants to get the hamsters on the wheel I would be willing to bet that they will offer things like get EXP for rest of year with only 60,000 points in a quarter type deals.
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Old Oct 26, 2021, 11:33 am
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Originally Posted by LovePrunes
Guessing Delta and United will have their mileage program elite quals copied off this by tomorrow.
i actually see AA somewhat copying Delta here- the tight Delta/AmEx partnership that gave MQD waivers and MQM bonuses for spend on the Skymiles Platinum or Reserve cards and let you even buy your way to DM in exchanger for pretty significant opportunity costs.

The differences come in DL MQM bonuses being triggered by 25K/30K spend thresholds depending on the card while AA is happy to just call $42,371 a total of 42371 loyalty points and some small additional categories like the shopping portal get bonuses. (Which also seems like a response to the AmEx/Rakuten partnership that lets you earn MR points instead of cash back)
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Old Oct 26, 2021, 11:33 am
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Originally Posted by hmv
While initially being a bit skeptic, I am finding some sweet spots now in the new program. As Platinum I would need 3 annual trips of 12.500 miles flying per trip on for instance BA, in premium economy, to make it to my new platinum status. Flying J would give me 25% more earnings, however, tickets in J are costing more than 25% compared to premium economy. Am I correct with these calculations?
I don't know.
But the issue is not on which FF program is easier to get certain status.
The important thing is how the elite status is going to benefit YOU given your flying patterns.
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Old Oct 26, 2021, 11:35 am
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Originally Posted by cmtlatitudes
No, AA has been (currently) 2X on discounted Business/First flights, 3X on J, F. For EQMs.
EQMs are irrelevant now, that is the whole point of that tangent of discussion. There haven't been cabin bonuses on AA flights in years, since they moved to spend-based.
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Old Oct 26, 2021, 11:37 am
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How does this affect Jetblue Mosaic? Is it more or less valuable now when booking Jetblue on American or American directly?
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Old Oct 26, 2021, 11:38 am
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Originally Posted by bse118
That's an interesting exclusion - would also affect US-based people travelling abroad and using their AA card.
But that reference is under the below section which makes little/zero sense to me as I don't see how miles earned when I buy something in Columbia are any different from those bought in Columbus, ohio:
Bonus miles are the extra miles earned in addition to base miles, whether they are permanently or promotionally offered. Some examples include:
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Old Oct 26, 2021, 11:39 am
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Originally Posted by sxpsxpsxp
I just played with it a little bit. How are they figuring the cabin bonuses? Hovering over the little "i" gives you:

Eligible AAdvantage Miles include all base miles you earn, as well as elite bonus and cabin bonus miles you earn from flying.

The calculator doesn't ask you what cabin you're flying in. It seems to just be applying the straight award miles calculation to loyalty points. So for example, a single trip costing $6,000 translates to 30,000 loyalty points for a base member, 42,000 for Gold, 48,000 for Plat, 54,000 for Plat Pro and 66,000 for EXP.

But do you actually get more if that $6k spend is for PE or J or F? Or is the cabin bonus bit only true for partners?

So looking at the BA earnings chart, for example, it earns based on distance and then cabin bonus.

So taking that same $6,000 ticket on BA, for example, and assuming it is BOS-LHR in business, booked in I:

6,530 base miles (r/t distance according to the great circle mapper) plus 25% cabin bonus = 8,162 miles/loyalty points? So less than 1/3 of what you would've earned flying the same ticket/route on AA as a base member?

If that's true, holy smokes! That's awful.

Elite members would still get the Elite bonus, presumably, so for a Gold that translates to 10,774... Still about a third of what you'd earn on AA's own metal.
I alluded to this earlier, but this has been like this for several years when AA (and DL/UA) moved to a spend-based system for earnings redeemable miles (and for EQDs). Now status is more closely tied to redeemable miles with certain exclusions.
On a very expensive J/F ticket you were always MUCH better off flying AA-marketed.
On a deep discount J/F ticket you were often better off flying a partner marketed flight.
You just have to do the math based on flight distance and ticket price. Above a certain price per mile of the ticket, you're better off on AA.
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Old Oct 26, 2021, 11:41 am
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Do award ticket segments count towards the 30 segments necessary to qualify for the new Choice Rewards or only paid segments?
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Old Oct 26, 2021, 11:43 am
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Originally Posted by guv1976

I'm not seeing any exclusion for AAdvantage miles earned at Bask Bank.
I think it is excluded by NOT being included in this a many partners are NOT listed as exceptions in that list but don't provide any loyalty points (e.g. FTD, Avis):
Earn Loyalty Points with eShopping, AAdvantage Dining, SimplyMiles & more
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