Preemptive oversell change compensation

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Preemptive oversell change compensation

I have a flight LAX CTG coming up and AA is offering a free change with compensation as stated in the app. When I click it. Iím offered a flight a week later. Says nothing about comp. TBH. I just booked a copa flight to BogotŠ and wonít use my Cartagena flight. How can I change. And get the compensation offered? The CTG flight is completely oversold and I almost wish I could show up at MIA and collect whatever they offer. Almost makes me want to cancel my copa flight and go all the way to LA this Sunday lol
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Have you tried calling AA to ask about the compensation that the app seems to be offering? An AA agent should be able to see the compensation offer and make the change for you, assuming that AA hasn't already gotten as many volunteers as it wants at this time.
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I've seen these offers in 2 forms. By far the most common is that you show up at the gate and if you are needed you will either get the compensation you asked for in the app or maybe something higher. It's very questionable whether you will be needed as a volunteer in the end (the number of people that don't show up for a flight amazes me). The second far less common I've seen is where AA proactively offers you compensation for taking an alternative flight. In that case I've been emailed an e voucher to be used on future travel.

Finally, since COVID AA may offer you to change to a "less crowded" flight offered but there's no compensation. I think AA is trying to test this out in lieu of needing to find volunteers and pay compensation.
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Originally Posted by MiamiAirport Formerly NY George View Post
... (the number of people that don't show up for a flight amazes me)...
Yes, it is amazing how often AA has delayed flights, which cause missed connections!!
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Inside the app, I've had the offers to switch "free" and the offers to switch "for compensation." It's in a blue bubble on the app when I look at my flight, and said things like "we're expecting a full flight so we're offering you the chance to change to a less crowded flight free. Some involve compensation." (Or some words to that effect).
Then there's SOMETIMES a second bubble that accompanies the first blue one, that's GREEN, saying they're looking for volunteers to change flights in exchange for compensation, and it has a big "$" next to it.

In the first instance it has never shown me a flight that has an accompanying $ to switch to. So I've called and the reps say, yes, it's very confusing, they can't see it either. The flights are often many days away from the day I'm booked.
In the second instance, it takes you to a flight where you select one of 4 compensation levels that are ridiculously low, to switch flights, and says you can volunteer while also changing your mind later and keeping your reservation. Can't remember if you select an alternate flight then or not.
It's a quirky system. The times I've volunteered using the app, the flight has gone out with plenty of empty seats and nobody was needed. The flight options without volunteering have always been horrible choices and never shown the compensation I'd get if I picked one.
They need to improve the process and wording describing what's happening, IIMHO
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Originally Posted by Uzzar View Post
Yes, it is amazing how often AA has delayed flights, which cause missed connections!!
Very valid point. Last year my MIA DFW flight went mechanical and was delayed by 2 hours but the real surprised awaited me at DFW when the aircraft assigned to fly HNL that day also broke and we ended up facing another 10-hour delay because AA couldn't be bothered to find an alternative aircraft at its biggest hub.
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