Why do you bother with AA?

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(1) Prefer AA premium economy cabin & IFE over BA's sometimes old equipment.
(2) Choice of 4 Oneworld lounges at LHR T3
(3) Flying AA maintains OWE status (BA) and access to all AA lounges incl Flagship.
(4) 330ml size cans of soft drinks.
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AA treats me well. Period.
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Some of it is status (including LT PLT) and flying out of an AA hub with DL connecting through ALT the only other alternative. Mostly because the differences between the major US3 are not starkly different. It's not like you get 34 inch pitch seats and meals in Y on a competitor airlines. Flying Y now basically sucks, albeit better when in a MCE seat.

FFs (should) know the system to help themselves when things go south, which happens on all airlines. I'm certainly am not going to stand in a line at the Customer Service desk at MIA for 2 hours to be told the only alternative is 24 hours from now. Having knowledge and resources (like the ability to access an AC) are your best allies in an industry that has become a commodity.
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I fly mostly TA to Western Europe and live in a hub city. AA is convenient if not always the most competitive on price. Direct routes with PE in almost all configurations now and a very good hard product on the 77x/78x make it the most attractive option. Add in OW status on BA/IB for all intra-Europe flights and ease of booking it becomes a no brainer. Ive tried DL and UA, quite frankly their long haul hard product is no better, the loyalty programs actually more restrictive, and service about the same. On the rare occasions I need to go in the other direction CX is a pleasure. Sure, like any other lifelong AA flyer Ive had my share of bad experiences but they are pretty rare and I can always find a great employee in short order willing to make it right.
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--AA is the only airline to serve my local airport, which has a great crew of employees, can turn an airplane around in practically no time, and is quite pro-active about customer service should anything go wrong.
--Hyatt and AA has a double dip program in place, which nets a fair number of bonus points each way (and gave me ExecPlat status this year, which is upgrading me both ways on a transpac haul this year to J).
--In my two worse scenarios this last year, though I can blame AA for the initial issues (both cancellations: once a maintenance issue, once unable to get a crew together because they were still recovering from weather a day late), in the end, AA got me to my destination -that day- and in the maintenance issue case they made me whole.

AA is not 'greAAt' in my opinion, their operations aren't customer focused and a number of gate agents can indeed be surly and even combative, but a lot of the hysterics I see on this board are eye-roll worthy.

The airlines that I have my worse experiences with are Delta and Frontier.
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Originally Posted by carlosdca
You can't judge the entire operations of an airline based on a one-time experience.
No, you can't. You should know that.

I think I am now an occasional AA flyer.
Flown them twice in the past 6 months and I had zero issues.
Neither did I have a great experience (flying coach).
It just took me from point A to B.
The only interaction I had with personnel was while checking bags at LAX. The lady at the desk was very friendly and attentive.
It is not a horrible airline.

I admit that I feel that DL is much better than AA in general. And I think UA is no better than AA. But flying Economy is Economy, no matter what airline. So, it really does not make much difference to me UA DL or AA.

As flying AA is not an SM experience, I choose them when it is convenient and cheap. And since I had BA silver in 2019, I also chose AA for domestic flying because of the lounge access as BA silver.
As Lifetime GLD, choosing a MCE seat is a nice perk (but not a deal breaker if DL offers same convenience).
This is spot on, top to bottom!
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Like with all airlines that we fly.. sometimes its great. .sometimes not so great.
I have been loyal to AA since the 80's. and yes have flown other airlines.. but at the end of the day
when there has been an issue.. AA sorted it out.

Its like comparing restaurants... you eat where you like the food, and yes sometimes the experience when not be what you expect.. but at the ends.. it all works out well
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I live NW of DFW. I would not drive to DAL and fly WN. (Would not fly WN even if it was closer).
I can typically get a flight anywhere needed at a time that is reasonable.
Price is competitive.
Service is typical for large domestic airlines.
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i wish i was a hub captive but AA is the only airline that flies to my local airport. ORD is a 3-4 hr bus ride, or a 2hr drive if i can get a friend to drop me.
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I forgot to add another reason to fly AA. I now live in the DFW area, so there are a lot of places I can go nonstop......even to PIA, because when I lived in Clearwater, the only airline with a nonstop to PIA was Allegiant, and that was from the more convenient PIE airport instead of TPA
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Originally Posted by jerseytom
Well, there you have it. Live in CLT. Ton of direct domestic flights, and a fair amount of direct to Europe through the summer. If I were to take UA or DL and make a stop, I think *at minimum* it adds around two hours of travel time, if that stop is on a bee line to my destination, and if they have no operational delays.

While with a ranked list you will ultimately have someone ranked first and someone ranked last, if you go on SkyTrax or whatever none of the Big 3 domestic airlines get rave reviews. 3/10 for United, 3/10 for American, a whopping 5/10 for Delta. Then you look at the rest of the world and you've got airlines like ANA at an 8/10. Point being, even if you're the best of the US domestic airlines, it's not necessarily saying a whole lot or that your experience is going to be amazing.

I would give DL a serious consideration on trips where I'm going to have at least one stop regardless of who I go with. But even then, (a) I'd probably still lean AA to bank elite and bonus miles, (b) for TPAC I am very likely taking an Asian airline over US.
+1 all around.

Safe Travels
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As a BA Emerald based in NYC who pays F/J 99% of the time I'd be pretty foolish not to fly AA as my primary domestic US carrier.

-Flagship Check-In and Lounge at JFK are great. I also really like T8. Far better than DL's equivalent in T4 or UA's errr, nothing at JFK.
-A321Ts are amongst the best transcontinental products
-Plenty of premium/international aircraft floating around the domestic system

That said this year I have flown DL in F and found it on par with AA and I have some B6 Mint segments coming up too. NYC-MCO is one of my more regular routes and with AA's withdrawal from JFK-MCO and fairly useless timings on LGA flights I'll already finding myself settling for alternatives more and more often on that route.
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I only take AA when the ticket buyer (work, volunteer company) dictate it since they're Texas based. Haven't had any issues with them though.
Otherwise I'm usually on Jetblue or Delta domestically and JAL heading to Asia since I'm based out of BOS/ORH
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Originally Posted by rrz518
I want to simply ask this question.....Why do you bother with AA?
I think everyone up to this point has covered all the reasons.

Originally Posted by rrz518
...I rarely fly AA, so I don't have much exposure to them....
How rarely? When was your last exposure? What fare did you buy and what cabin did you fly in? Some context would be helpful.

Originally Posted by rrz518
...I looked up "best and worst airlines list" and voila, AA was second from the bottom, wedged in between Spirit and Frontier. Not surprisingly, Delta is on top...
Not really relevant. I searched the exact phrase and found a list with AA #2 behind Qatar and Delta and United down in the teens. Anyone can Google-troll for confirmation bias...

Originally Posted by rrz518
...The staff issue bothers me. Are they not allowed to solve issues? Are there any empowerment guidelines to do "the right thing" for the passengers when something goes horribly wrong? Are they encouraged or required to use them if they do exist? Honestly - and I don't want to sound [my airline]-sycophantic - every time I have an issue with them, they really appear to be concerned and try to resolve on-the-spot.
One could say this for any airline. Especially in the case where you're flying with a carrier you have little or no recent experience with, it is naturally stressful: processes, rules, jargon, the "flow" of checkin/boarding/service, etc. are different from your comfort zone. Your profile says you're DM; as no-status on AA your experience may be similar or dramatically different (for example if you flew in basic economy--as above, knowing this would help for context)--this would be enhanced when juxtaposed with your expectations from your usual travel experience on DL. Your discomfort and frustration would definitely show and would very likely be reflected back at you--maybe you got as good as you gave. Maybe you are an imperturbable Zen master and truly did encounter the three worst AA employees in a nexus of a bad day for them and for travel. We don't know.

Originally Posted by rrz518
...Not looking to pick a fight....I'm just curious how or why anyone would willingly choose AA (obviously except for better routing, etc.) ...
And yet, you came over to the AA forum and titled the thread "Why do you bother with AA?" That *appears* confrontational. Is that your nature? We don't know.

Whatever your choice of airline, I wish you the best.

Cheers and happy travels!
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-AARP discount for TATL J flights
-superior intl lounge product to DL
-better concentration of all-aisle J seats than UA, fewer 767s with much nicer finishes than DL
-easy to clear upgrades as a JFK based elite
-ability to credit QR for status
-not skypesos
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