Why do you bother with AA?

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I live an hour and a half from Philly, which is the closest major airport, so I'm reluctant to venture further afield. I mostly fly to and from LAS, and while AA's prices are a bit higher than UA or DL, it matters less since spend is now part of elite status so I have to spend anyway. And they fly a surprising number of widebodies between PHL and LAS (or PHL-LAX where I connect to LAS) and I'm extremely picky about my seats. Last month I bought two Y tix for $250 each and flew A332 lie-flat seats to and from LAS. (Some luck was involved to be sure, including a pax getting sick on a plane in MAD which required them to swap in an A333 for an A332.)

Of course, it's entirely possible that I don't know what I'm missing. I've lived in a lot of places, most of them non-hubs, and have usually flown whomever has the best connections to where I'm going.
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I skipped to the end...sorry if redundant, but i enjoy the wide body domestic routes. A nice lie flat from DFW to MIA!!! Lie flats to Chicago (less frequent), to NYC, and then routes like PUJ to CLT....
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Originally Posted by mvoight
What I would like AA to do is to enforce it's policies when I am traveling, whether it be for Persons of Size, Smelly People, or Requiring people to use earphones or headsets on their devices with audio (tablet, computers, phones, etc)
I do not want to hear the constant noise from a child playing a video game or watching a video, or from an adult who thinks we need to hear his video or music.......... I also hate people who driving around thinking their car sound system needs to be heard by everyone.
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AA has its many issues but I really am hopeful this ship can turn around.

I know a good amount of LAA people at the company and itís heartbreaking what theyíve been going through.

I stick to LAA hubs and routes as much as possible for some sort of semblance of flying a premium US airline.
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I'm really not an AA flyer, I try to stick with Star Alliance, but I have flown AA a handful of times over the past few years and if the price is significantly better than star alliance, I'll fly them.

I've generally enjoyed my AA flying, when it comes to service/comfort/food etc (all of it in Y) I've had really no complaints. I think the more you fly with any airline within North America you're gonna end up with these complaints though.

Passing through EWR is a nightmare flying UA, if everything goes smoothly, you've got bathrooms in the middle of the hallway, that stupid OTG stuff and tiny gate lounges with like 50 seats for 150 passengers. If everything goes WRONG, yikes. You're standing in long security lines with no TSA-Pre (it's closed, it's understaffed, it's whatever) you've got employees screaming down the bridge at others (happened to me a couple weeks ago) have boarding agents who hear about 2 words from you and deny you boarding...it goes on and on.

I think ultimately it's just where we live and what the corporations pay/how they treat their people. The alternative might be worse with other regions having their airlines constantly in & out of bankruptcy or cutting capacity because they can't negotiate union contracts or whatever.
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Basically bc I rarely have to fly them. I'm an expat living overseas and fly 90% of my long haul on QR/CX/ or /JL/. AA is the best program to credit everything to.
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EXP Desk. I fly on average eight plus segments per week, 40 weeks per year. Problems happen when one has eight plus flights per week- and 99 percent of the time one call to the EXP desk makes it all better. And on the one percent that one call does not fix.... I just hang up and call again....
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Why I fly American

- Hub captive (DFW)
- direct flights to where I need to fly
- EXP support
- One World redemptions to India on Qatar and Etihad
- Mostly treated well by both ground staff and flight crew
- My couple of years as CK were unbelievable. difficult to top that

i could write couple of negative points or few instances that could have been better but nothing specific that couldnít or wonít happen at other airlines.
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They have so many seats on BOS-PHL that when I was working in South Jersey, I would always book the last flight of the night, then when I was done with work, I would get to the airport and ask to be put on standby for the next flight, and was always accommodated, and only once in a middle seat.

With any airline, I have found that a smile and a good attitude goes a long way -- if you make people want to help you, they will. I've had some experiences with indifferent employees, but I've never really had a bad experience, and the really good FAs are amazing (one FA recently saw I was hungry and gave me the entire remaining contents of the snack basket at the end of the flight).

They don't sell domestic upgrades out from under elites in the same way that DL and UA do. I like the sticker system, because it means upgrades are more likely as a PLT with stickers.

They have some decent partners. I recently booked JL First for this summer and am so excited. I am probably in the minority in that I don't mind BA.
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AA has a more competitive loyalty program than Delta or United. AA is the only carrier of those three that publishes award charts and the minimum threshold for spend/mileage to get top tier status is less. AA allows upgrades from any Y fare class other than B, unlike united. AA's poor FCM model has allowed more upgrades on AA than Delta or United. AA has better flagship lounges for JFK->LAX/SFO in J and international trips than Delta which only has the sky-club. AA has good service on JFK->SFO/LAX on the A321T and this is an important route for me. AA also has a great hard product on the 757 between JFK and EGE which is also an important route to me. Most of the Amex centurion lounges are co-located close at AA gates. MCE in row 11 on the A321s are good. There's a lot of bad stuff too, but the stuff I just mentioned tipped the scales in the favor of AA.
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Because I've had their credit card for decades, and their mileage tickets are good value. I just booked a US to Europe round trip for 45,000 miles, leaving in less than 3 days and good connections, while Delta wanted 100,000 miles and required an overnight in Paris or New York on the return flight. No charge to change award tickets either!
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I live outside MIA. Closer there than to FLL. Other than that Iíll take a few southwest flight out of FLL and I donít mind the boarding process. I pay the extra $ and get pretty much the seat I want. I prefer it over the gate lice at either DL or AA. And I donít like ATL.
DL has stranded me more than AA although WN flights are not on time. I just build that into the equation.
I have an AC membership and I get enough upgrades as a PP. No single airline is king unless youíre a hub captive. Just my opine.
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Originally Posted by rrz518
I rarely fly AA, so I don't have much exposure to them. I had a soul-crushing trip on AA this weekend
You can't judge the entire operations of an airline based on a one-time experience.
No, you can't. You should know that.

I think I am now an occasional AA flyer.
Flown them twice in the past 6 months and I had zero issues.
Neither did I have a great experience (flying coach).
It just took me from point A to B.
The only interaction I had with personnel was while checking bags at LAX. The lady at the desk was very friendly and attentive.
It is not a horrible airline.

I admit that I feel that DL is much better than AA in general. And I think UA is no better than AA. But flying Economy is Economy, no matter what airline. So, it really does not make much difference to me UA DL or AA.

As flying AA is not an SM experience, I choose them when it is convenient and cheap. And since I had BA silver in 2019, I also chose AA for domestic flying because of the lounge access as BA silver.
As Lifetime GLD, choosing a MCE seat is a nice perk (but not a deal breaker if DL offers same convenience).
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Hub captive in DFW.
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* oneworld emerald
* Great partners and partner redemptions, particularly for Asia
* Comp upgrades JFK-LAX/SFO that don't require special certs (that even come T-100)
* SWU on any regular econ fare
* EXP phone desk
* Upgrade % on my routes
* Domestic F FAs have been very good the last several months - I've had good crews >80% of the time
* AA terminals I use often are more efficient than UA/DL alternatives
* Flagship lounges
* Internet works well enough
* Post-summer operations have been fine

Really really bad
* Lack of power
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