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enviroian Jan 23, 20 3:52 pm

What’s VIP movement? (AA delay. Is Air Force 1 at MIA right now?)
Trying to leave MIA but delayed. Is AF1 here?

paullgo Jan 23, 20 4:25 pm

Yes. Rnc meetings at his Doral Resort.

redtop43 Jan 23, 20 4:30 pm

The <redacted> official daily schedule showed him arriving at MIA at 5:25PM to speak to a meeting of the Republican National Committee at (guess where?) Doral. Says he arrives back at MIA to fly to Washington at 7:25PM.

garykung Jan 23, 20 4:31 pm

Originally Posted by enviroian (Post 31987070)
Trying to leave MIA but delayed. Is AF1 here?

Yes. AF1 indeed - Trump National Doral Miami.

enviroian Jan 23, 20 4:31 pm

Moot point now. I’m on 112 and went back to D21 to offload someone who isn’t feeling well.

enviroian Jan 23, 20 4:55 pm

So Miami Dade EMT’s came on board and now the guy says he’s fine. Over an hour late departure so far and now waiting to take on fuel. I hope he doesn’t feel sick again midway over the Atlantic. Guy should have A. Never walked on this plane at all or B. after delaying an hour he “feels better” he should have de-planed. Ugh.

CPRich Jan 23, 20 8:16 pm

How dare he get better! enviroian has places to be!

joeyE Jan 23, 20 8:23 pm

flew PVD-DCA on AA 5524 yesterday. 10 min out of DC, captain spins the plane just before we get near Andrews (check out the FlightAware). Says on the PA there was VIP movement. delay caused me to miss my connection 😬

fotographer Jan 24, 20 3:54 am

Was in Zurich on Monday.. saw AF1 taxi and takeoff.... even the police there were excited about it.. come to the lounge where you can step outside to take pics.
and that alone with the FA's who were showing us video of the takeoff..
You have to say.. the 747 is still a lovely lady

enviroian Jan 24, 20 4:04 am

I couldn’t see AF1 unfortunately because I was in 7L.

JY1024 Jan 24, 20 8:40 am

As this topic is not about AA nor the AAdvantage program, we will close this thread. /Moderator

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