2019 Year in Review (AA eMail summary)

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Originally Posted by fanger View Post
I received the email without a top % of EXP- but the EQDs and EQMs that pushed me to re-qualifying only posted this morning- I would guess that the batch process generating this email ran sometime before that. Would be interesting to see if anyone who unambiguously re-qualified prior to a few days ago failed to receive that percentile info. I seem to remember that there was some question about this last year.
I requalified a month ago. No EXP rank listed. Iím sure my ranking is low.

I made it through with 105k EQM and 16k EQD. It would have been higher if OW actually flew to more places I went in 2019.
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I feel left out, I haven't received mine yet!
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Originally Posted by pauleeepaul View Post
For me the high point was the avoided baggage charge statistic, which was >$1,000. Best bit of LT PLT status IMO.
Mine was 6000 +

I also check 2 bags almost always
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82 hours in the sky and 2X around the world. No mention of rank among EXPs. I wonder what your percentile has to be in order for them to report it. I see a 22% above.
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No rank... Finishing the year with 123,300 EQM and $19,000 EQD.
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1.5x around the world for me - not counting the additional .5 today dxb-lhr-sfo-phx. Just sat down for the last leg!
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132 Hours in sky
2.5 Times around world
4 Destinations visited
142,500 miles redeemed for upgrades/award travel

Most visited Puerto Vallarta - Barcelona - Rio de Janeiro

Longest non-stop 6,156 LAX-GRU

No mention of ranking among EXPs (which makes since because why tell me how low I am lol)
No mention of most flown aircraft, either, although I think it would be E175
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196 Hours in the sky
3 times around the world
22 destinations visited

Also no ranking for me - but I fly nearly exclusively domestic short-hauls. No "most flown" either - I suppose AA doesn't want to make people feel bad about themselves (I'm certain it's an ER4).

For a data point, I'm at $35K EQD, 89K EQM, and 144 EQS
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30 hours in the sky for me but I wonder if my BA flights are counted...
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Time spent in CLT after landing but waiting for a gate: 100 Years.
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This year was more tame compared to last year. Still have an upcoming trip to GCM and ORD to round out the year.

Hours in the Sky: 65
Times flows around the world: 1
Most common aircraft: B737-800
Most visited destinations: MSY, SHV, TUL
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Top 16%, 55+ upgrades, $30 checked bag savings (which I don't think is true as I don't recall checking bags except for flights that i was already in J).
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Times Around the World: 2
Most Visited Destinations: Buffalo, Philadelphia, New York City
Most Flown Aircraft: A321
Miles Earned B/C Elite: 42,199
Award Miles Earned W/O Flying: 30,000
Upgrades Received: 15+ (22/63 ~35%)
Checked Bag Savings: $570 (I actually think it's much higher than this, perhaps as much as $1200)

No ranking among PPro's...3rd year as such and requalified for next year last week. (10,550/75,399/77)
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Was waiting for this to pop up, hazzah!

Earned EXP: August, 28
Rank among EXP: 15%

Hours in the Sky: 194
Destinations Visited: 19
Times Around the World: 4
Furthest Destination: LAX-HKG - 7260 miles
Most Visited Destinations: LA, Austin, San Jose (the LA one is interesting, since I only flew out of there a few times to go to Vancouver)
Most Flown Aircraft: Boeing 737
Miles Earned B/C Elite: 121,133
Award Miles Earned W/O Flying: 64,254
Upgrades Received: 60+
Checked Bag Savings: $670
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Originally Posted by ckendall View Post
30 hours in the sky for me but I wonder if my BA flights are counted...
Quite sure it does not count partner operated flight time whether or not AA ticketed, only Aa operated flights. Not sure about Eagle.
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