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tfizzle Oct 19, 19 11:23 pm

Favorite Flagship Lounge? (Discussion and Poll)
I have been to the FLs in ORD, NYC, DFW and LAX. and I would rank them
ORD-Best food displays and best overall for seating, food, beverage and staff
DFW-New clean lounge with the best liquor options
NYC-best hidden lounge spot with tacos
LAX-hmm least favorite can't remember anything remarkable...

Other opinions?

nachosdelux Oct 20, 19 12:12 am

I agree that ORD has the best food/seating. Also agree that LAX was my least favorite. Last 2 times there the food was not so good - had clearly been sitting out too long.

fotographer Oct 20, 19 4:34 am

DFW to me seems cold, and the food options are not great...
ORD is very nice...
have not been to the others.

RTW4 Oct 20, 19 5:33 am

Actually, the JFK is my favorite. LAX the least. In terms of the FFD dining however, LAX is the winner..

kcmd Oct 20, 19 6:25 am

I like JFK followed by ORD. Haven't been to many others.

Fraser Oct 20, 19 9:20 am

The only one I've not been to is DFW.

JFK has to be my favourite, although it is my home base. I always head to the Bridge section and whilst the F&B in there isn't quite as good as it was when it opened the service and ambience is still a step up, in good part because of Eric...he recognizes me (and my wife) as we walk in and remembers and/or makes up our favourite drinks proactively....or at least he did until he got promoted to supervisor on the other side last month! If you've been in the Bridge section more than once you'll almost certainly know him. Tall, slim, short/shaved head...a real star!

enpremiere Oct 20, 19 9:43 am

No love for MIA I see

Antarius Oct 20, 19 9:53 am

Originally Posted by enpremiere (Post 31648033)
No love for MIA I see

The layout of MIA is really random, with a giant hole in the middle.

AANYC1981 Oct 20, 19 10:18 am

The Bridge at JFK is my mentioned above the staff are amazing

saltytheseagull Oct 20, 19 11:04 am

Originally Posted by enpremiere (Post 31648033)
No love for MIA I see

Rightly so. ORD is the strongest imo because AA actually has to compete with UA's Polaris Lounge.

tfizzle Oct 20, 19 11:48 am

I was there once about 4 months ago and then recently and walked into the bridge and the guy recognized me and remembered I had order the tacos... yes great service...

ggonzaga Oct 20, 19 1:19 pm

I liked the DFW the most, I don't know why maybe it's because it was recently renovated or something. It's quite ample, the food is fine and quite the open bar.

gateH15 Oct 20, 19 1:52 pm

I like that ORD flagship is usually not crowded, easy to find quiet place to sit and food is usually decent.

JJeffrey Oct 20, 19 2:30 pm

PHL leaves a lot to be desired.

aztimm Oct 20, 19 3:16 pm

Originally Posted by JJeffrey (Post 31648806)
PHL leaves a lot to be desired.

Has the PHL Flagship Lounge opened yet? I thought it was another year? On the website, it says, "sometime in 2020."

Having been to the Envoy Lounge at PHL, I would definitely rank it higher than any of the Flagship Lounges I've visited (JFK, ORD, or LAX), with the exception that the Envoy didn't have showers. It was also a departures-only lounge, so when you arrived back from Europe, you were relegated to the B-C lounge (or perhaps the F lounge!). While not quite up to par with the LH Senator lounges at MUC or FRA, it wasn't too far behind (how I sometimes miss the days of US and Star Alliance).
But alas, someone decided to dismantle the Envoy lounge and make it into an ordinary one...only to now turn it into a Flagship Lounge.

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