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flightrisk Oct 20, 19 3:37 pm

I'll be the contrarian and say that LAX is my favorite, because it's the one that is the greatest improvement over the previous/current Admirals Club. MIA is my least favorite. I haven't been to JFK yet but that'll be remedied next month.

Catbert10 Oct 20, 19 4:08 pm

I haven't been to ORD. I find the food at DFW and LAX to be a step down from JFK and MIA. I like MIA's ring layout. It's easier to stroll around and stretch your legs.

ikwia Oct 20, 19 7:00 pm

The diversity of opinion on this thread makes it clear that this truly has a lot to do with personal preference.

Ignoring FFD: I find the food and exhibition station in LAX to be excellent, with MIA tied. I have always found the JFK buffet to be sad, but the Bridge menu options make up for it, and then some. ORD usually has nice food, but I have never been there when the exhibition station is open (does it ever open?). I find the DFW buffet to be the worst of all of the clubs.

JFK can be very crowded in the main area, but the mini-booths are nice, and the Bridge is usually nice and quiet, if you're looking for that. I like the seating options at LAX and MIA a lot. The option for places to eat at DFW are poor IMHO, but the places to sit to relax/work are great. I would prob say ORD has the best collection of seating options -- nice calm places to sit and eat and areas with lots of different levels of activity to sit and work. I don't like that LAX and ORD don't have computers in the FL (and I'm not sure about JFK, but I don't think they do, but I could be mistaken).

For FFD: I had great experiences in LAX, with excellent food was great and service . Same at my one time at JFK. At my one time at DFW, service was very unpolished (but polite and friendly and she "tried hard") but if you really care about service, this is not for you. However, I had my best FFD meal at DFW (the ribeye was excellent, even by "high end steakhouse" standards, and it was nicely sized, and the fried oysters entree was on point...and appetizers were also good). In MIA I have generally had wonderful service and food experiences, but I had an experience with very poor service and only OK food.

MIA is the best if you're looking for newspapers to grab for your flight :)

Fraser Oct 20, 19 7:21 pm

Originally Posted by ikwia (Post 31649482)
ORD usually has nice food, but I have never been there when the exhibition station is open (does it ever open?).

The only time I've been there it was open (midweek early evening).

perseus11 Oct 20, 19 7:53 pm

Originally Posted by JJeffrey (Post 31648806)
PHL leaves a lot to be desired.

Where exactly was the PHL FS Lounge located that you visited and rate ? :confused::confused:

JDiver Oct 20, 19 11:55 pm

Originally Posted by JJeffrey (Post 31648806)
PHL leaves a lot to be desired.

Hard to tell yet. ;)

rbAA Oct 21, 19 5:24 am

I'm sure that my preferred order is skewed by my always using the QF FC at LAX for the better food offerings, since by the time I head over to the FL for the LAX-HKG flight, I've already eaten, and it's late, so the food is old and dried out. So, LAX doesn't make it for me. JFK has been my favorite because the food selection there has been the one I've enjoyed the most. The FFD at JFK was also pretty great. To me, the ORD FL was boring and the food didn't meet my expectations, though that may have been the fact that I've only been there once since the changeover, and I really miss the shrimp platter in the old FL. I just missed trying the new DFW lounge, but will probably give it a try sometime soon.

JJeffrey Oct 21, 19 7:19 am

Originally Posted by perseus11 (Post 31649584)
Where exactly was the PHL FS Lounge located that you visited and rate ? :confused::confused:

Right by gate A27.

Chris at PHL Oct 21, 19 7:41 am

I miss the old US Airways Envoy Lounge. At the time, it had to be the best international business class lounge any of the US airlines operated. Somehow it managed to hang around for a while after Parker took over but that didn't last, of course. It was actually the first lounge I visited after college heading out for my first business trip. I naively thought all domestic lounges would have pour-your-own top flight liquor, quality wines, and a nice food spread. Silly me. It will be great to have something comparable returning with the flagship lounge (just hope they get it done in time for next summer--not holding my breath, though).

Whiskey_bravo Oct 21, 19 9:50 am

JFK has been my favorite so far.

anthem Oct 21, 19 2:40 pm

i would say LAX and the JFK. But only been to 3.

GTITAN Oct 21, 19 3:54 pm

Originally Posted by enpremiere (Post 31648033)
No love for MIA I see

I voted for MIA!

Safe Travels

Dallas49er Oct 21, 19 5:05 pm

1. I voted for Miami. Food is fresh, and when they have scallops, it rivals (but does not surpass) the QANTAS LAX scallops.

2. JFK High turnover insures fresh

3. DFW. Still trying to figure it out, but improving each time

4. ORD. The food and choices were better ( especially the sushi) when they were out at the end of K (?)

5. LAX. Donít know what they are so proud of. DrAAgons guard food, that if it were a Chiliís, youíd send it back. QANTAS worth the walk. Better food, better service, and better attitude IMHO.


Fly safely.

krakendown Oct 21, 19 5:14 pm

  1. LAX is my number one, I find the staff there are the most friendliest especially the folks handing out the daily special meals.
  2. I only go to JFK in the morning so it is quiet, however the reason why this is number 2 is because the majority of the times my gate is at the other terminal another 10 minute walk vs LAX the gates are much closer.
  3. ORD the layout isn't very intuitive and the bathrooms aren't as clean.
  4. Can't remember DFW or MIA

lds89 Oct 21, 19 5:20 pm

I've found the DFW spread really poor the last two times through there.

Best buffet to me has to be ORD / MIA. Morning omelets at MIA are wonderful. JFK has the FL Bridge which is great and has great staff as others have noted. LAX is middle of the road IMO.
So i'd rank (1) MIA / (2) ORD / (3) JFK / (4) LAX / (5) DFW at least in my experiences. Haven't gotten to try FFD. MIA and ORD are both huge and even at peak times aren't as swamped as JFK gets, so they get the slight nod

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