AA survey targeted hub & key cities Aug 2019

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AA survey targeted hub & key cities Aug 2019

Didn't see a thread on this yet...

I got an email about a survey on Friday 16 August. The email sad the survey would take abut 25 minutes. After entering my age, gender, and zip code, it asked if I lived in one of about 10 cities, which were all AA hubs/gateways/focus cities. I said no, and then was told I was ineligible for the survey.

Can someone who has taken the survey summarize its content?
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I got the same thing. Guess AA only cares about their hub customers.. that don't have as much of a choice.
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My impression was that it focused on alliance and partnership benefits, and at least for me it was a clear TATL focus. There were the standard questions about which airlines you've heard of and do you know which alliances they are in; which airlines 'put the customer first' (what a joke), which are more trustworthy and so on.

Then it asked a series of ranking questions about benefits on partner airlines - earning/redeeming miles on partners, status recognition, upgrades on partners, etc. Then a whole bunch of hypothetical airfares with varying combinations of baggage bundled/unbundled, number of stops, and with/without mileage earn & status recognition, and asked which one you'd choose.

Finally feedback on some lame ad touting the number of TATL flights offered by the JV.

Overall I thought it was a poor survey which didn't capture any of the real issues that affect my choices. I just did it hoping there would be a place for comments at the end :-D
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Mine was similar to jrdige’s, except the hypothetical airfare scenarios included non-oneworld partner airlines being sold as oneworld partner flights (e.g. a Lufthansa flight operated by American....or an American flight operated by Delta) and I may or may not earn for status and may or may not have status recognized.

in the demographic questions, it never asked my status on American...so the whole time looking at non-OW flights my analytical brain was trying to figure out why they were asking me these questions that made no sense based on the way the OW alliance (and the other alliances) work.
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I received this too and live in Arlington - DCA wasn't an option, so I guess they aren't interested.
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My location, PHL, was not needed. Only asking about these home airports:
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Originally Posted by jridge View Post
<great summary of the survey>
Thanks very much for the detailed info...much appreciated!

If someone else who hasn't taken the survey yet can post the list of cities, that may be interesting. (I unfortunately didn't think to do so)
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I had the same city options as @Uncle Nonny. I thought this survey made very little sense with the partnership pairings, but I assume there was info they were trying to glean.
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I had the same cities list. I thought this survey was moronic.
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The odd thing is that AA has our addresses and flight history for that matter. Wouldn't they limit it to addresses in or near the cities of interest? Obviously, a small percentage of people may have moved or live elsewhere (despite having an address listed near the city).
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So It asked where I live - I use sfo but DON'T LIVE IN SAN FRANCISCO so I'm no eligible BUT

I wouldn't have wasted 25 minutes of my time for a survey that I get not benefit from (based on years of surveys where it was clear there was no real interest about what the consumers wanted) and if you want to get real representative answers you don't usually let people self select to participate - this is called biased sampling (and to think some company got paid lots of money to do this )
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What were the listed focus cities
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Originally Posted by Nuhusky View Post
What were the listed focus cities
scroll up
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mine was similar to some of the above descriptions, but with a TPAC focus as that is where the majority of my flying is. A lot of the questions were asking you to select a preferable bundle of 100% unrealistic options/combinations. The answer "choices" were dumb and so were my responses... I find it difficult to see how they're pulling any useful info from it, but what do I know.
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I got it and did it which took about 10 minutes. The hypothetical combinations made no sense as it was competitors paired together. I did it hoping I would get a free RTW in business class given to me. Yea right in my dreams, heck I would been shocked if they gave me 1000 miles in my account. Normally I would never do these surveys but it was for me a boring Saturday.
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