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Landing Gear Jun 11, 19 8:58 pm

Buying AA Miles: Is the June 2019 Sale Worth It?
[Excuse me if this is already being discussed; I can't find it.]

I received an email from AA alerting me to their Buy Miles sale which is detailed on this website.

If I am calculating correctly, the maximum purchase of 250,000 miles (150,000 + 100,000) costs $4,014. If purchased using the Citi Aadvantage Card, that would mean you get 254,014 miles for $4,014. If I calculate correctly, this is a cost of $.0.016056 per mile.

Do you think this is worth it?

No flames, please. Obviously, I don't understand the factors to be considered at all.

pbd456 Jun 11, 19 9:02 pm

Unless you have concrete plan to use the miles shortly, I don't think it is worth it.

hipquest Jun 11, 19 9:17 pm

There has been talk on FT about AA devaluing their miles. Fire sale comes to mind. I agree with @pbd456, unless you need them now...In my recent experience the miles mean nothing unless you can use them for the ticket you want at a (miles) price you're willing to pay.

Uncle Nonny Jun 12, 19 4:33 am

Don't forget to add sales tax to your formula. It's clearly worth it if you can book the trip you want in MileSAAver J or F. Heck, 250k is almost two J tickets (or one F) pretty much anywhere in the world. You'll beat the published fares by about 50%. Even better if you use the miles to fly up front on a more sophisticated airline than AA.

AAguy1979 Jun 12, 19 1:46 pm

As pbd456 mentioned, I think a lot of the value depends on your plans to use the miles. If you can identify good award space and put it on hold, go for it. I've found the ability to redeem for well-scheduled flights to be increasingly difficult. My partner and I just burned our remaining miles to fly BA first home from BUD next year. As an FYI - the surcharges are WAY less when the flight originates outside the UK. I plan appease my frustration through multiple glasses of LPGS in the Concorde Room at LHR.

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