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Passenger acceptance: Can Passenger complaints get you kicked off a flight?

Passenger acceptance: Can Passenger complaints get you kicked off a flight?


Old Jan 25, 19, 6:55 am
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Originally Posted by newyorkgeorge View Post
It's apparent these people smelled. Grown adults should be able to present themselves properly in public. If they were embarrassed they did this to themselves.
Their going for the media attention over this would be the source of lots of future embarrassment for those who get embarrassed relatively easily. But they seem to not get embarrassed so easily or are willing to potentially suffer additional public embarrassment for some reason or another by getting in front of the cameras on this issue. I have to wonder what will happen to their daughter once she has been in school for some years with internet-searching kids who come upon the story of the family being offloaded for stinking.
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Old Jan 25, 19, 7:53 am
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Originally Posted by travellerK View Post
My issue is not that body odor can get you kicked off a plane (though after 36 hours of travel on buses, trains, and planes from remote parts of the world, I don't want to think too much about my body odor, though that doesn't apply here).

My issue is that AA makes no assertion that they investigated and concurred with the accusation. They accepted the passenger complaints at face value. So anyone with a personal or ethnic dislike of someone else can get them kicked off a plane? I don't think that AA has any personal or ethnic dislikes of anyone, but to not be alert to this possibility and do some independent investigation sounds like poor customer service training to me.
It was confirmed by crew members on board and the Miami airport team. Who else do you want to confirm it?

“They were asked to deplane after multiple passengers, along with our crew members and Miami airport team, were concerned about the comfort of our other passengers due to the odor.
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Old Jan 25, 19, 9:24 am
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most people dont really know if they smell, probably get used to their own odor
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Old Jan 25, 19, 10:16 am
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Originally Posted by fotographer View Post
most people dont really know if they smell, probably get used to their own odor
Some couldn’t know, say, if they’re anosmic. My wine connoisseur niece used a homeopathic zinc-based nasal remedy and became anosmic (fortunately, not permanently, but the recovery took a long time and wasn’t 100%). She could have munched on a potato or apple blindfolded and not known the difference, because she had zero sense of smell.

And yep, ask anyone who has been in lengthy combat situations or long hikes, etc. We can become impervious to what would be noticed by others. I’ve been in workplaces where workers became insured to occupational odors.

The issue here is passengers complained, crew members (and apparently “ground pounders” as well) verified and ultimately the Captain made a de ision - I’m sure with the awareness second guessing, investigation, negative publicity, etc. we’re likely.

I’m sure rare decisions are made based on personal biases, though after publication, investigation and even law suits from incidents of this type they’re rare and decreasing in number as airlines establish policy and train personnel. As a passenger, I’m generally comfortable when crew investigate and the Captain decides to have someone removed.

(I distinctly recall an in identnyears ago, when a very agitated man with apparent Tourette’s boarding with an escort loudly shouting “No! No! The bomb! The bomb!” as he was being guided to his seat. All the passengers in the DC-10 coach cabin heard him, and considerable discomfort was expressed. He also shouted he would behave as he and his escort were removed from the plane. I doubt he’d have been able to sit quietly, iirc MIA to SFO, or perhaps to DFW, for the entire trip, much less if we experienced turbulence, etc. Discrimination against a person with a mental - emotional disability in violation of the Air Carrier Access Act wasn’t an issue - extreme disruptiveness resulting in considerable passenger anxiety and discomfort was, as crew reported and the Captain determined.)
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Old Jan 28, 19, 4:11 am
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Originally Posted by HeatherDsyd View Post
I wonder how the flight the next day went. Even if they showered, they were still probably getting weird looks from people that recognized them from all of the attention this has garnered.
Originally Posted by rufflesinc View Post
If decision had merit,how does putting them back on a flight defuse it?
It doesn't diffuse it - it's just like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

Originally Posted by VegasGambler View Post
The provided a hotel room too. Maybe they will make use of the shower in the room.
Even if they do shower they don't have their luggage with them to change into clean clothes or have their toiletries such as deodorant so it's likely they will be putting on the exact same clothes they were wearing the day before unless they purchased new clothing somewhere.

Originally Posted by craz View Post
Im sure they did since from the clips online they were asking people today at MIA if they could smell them and if they smelled bad. They should have done that yesterday after being removed from the flight, when it mattered
They didn't report what these people said in response to their question. Even if they did ask other passengers whether or not they smelled some people may not be prepared to tell them the truth ie "yes you stink" for fear of offending said pax.
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