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Corporate contracting or hiring influencers is still relatively new concept. I do not think all corporate is jumping into the idea. I think when corporate contract or hire influencers, influencers already had a track record as an influencers, I do not think corporate will contract or hire a person who does not have a proven record as an influencers. Also, influencers uses Internet and social media as primary means to communicate with target audience. At this moment very few corporates using influencers has large portion of their business or product line aiming at younger generations. Not just American Airline, but commercial aviation in general, I wonder if influencers will hit the target audience airlines are seeking.
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Originally Posted by enpremiere View Post
A thought for consideration or outright discarding -

That it didn't work out so well for Casey Neistat might reflect an overall shift on the part of AA when it comes to doling out tickets or status without $ spend.
Maybe. The issue wasn't AA giving it to an influencer. It was that he was a little .... about "deserving it" and expected it. AA felt that a few years of CK was worth the exposure. When the equation changed, they reevaluated. Doesn't mean their position is set against influencers, potentially just that one. Its like pulling an ad campaign after its run its course.

There is some value to AA (and other businesses) to have a good relationship with an influencer; only AA can decide that. Nothing wrong with the OP asking, IMO, they have gone about it in a far more mature manner than homeboy Casey.

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Originally Posted by Antarius View Post
IMO, they have gone about it in a far more mature manner than homeboy Casey.
That's for damn sure. I used to watch him back in the day and it was pretty cringy to see how butthurt he got about the entire AA situation. I didn't really understand his beef, it's all in the numbers. If he gets 100 of his followers to buy $300 plane tickets that $30k in potential new revenue for them, doesn't seem like it's worth dealing with him being CK.
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Originally Posted by LondonElite View Post

Or people who believe they are important. I really hate the word ‘influencer.’
i literally just learned this word last week.

I do not have any forms of social media.
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Originally Posted by Efrem View Post
Anyone that important has a corporate travel department, a travel agent, or both. Those people have AA sales reps. Go through that channel. The best you can hope for is elite status which will, in turn, lead to upgrades. Discounts aren't in the picture unless you can negotiate a volume discount with AA - which, in turn, doesn't require you (or anyone else) to be an influencer.

If this is a case of "I haven't been an influencer until now, but I'll start being one next week," the double line starts right behind me.
We (Travel Leaders) have contracted rates with certAAin airlines that are available to any client, whether influencer, aspiring influencer or "never wanna be an influencer"...not the same magnitude as a Fortune 100 company can get, but they beat published fares...
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Originally Posted by hotelboy View Post
Good question. You lose an upgrade spot on a flight. Seems like a no win for anyone.
why would I help someone with selecting a flight based on their upgrade chances? Or help them book a J award?

if this forum was solely motivated by personal gain, then it would be a pretty miserable and quiet place.
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Originally Posted by anyakovic View Post
Hi, does anyone know who to contact at American Airlines for an "influencer" who wants to fly with AA and get some sort of discount or upgrade? I know most airlines do it, but I am unsure about AA.
Check in with Hofit Kim Cohen.

Vanilla Sky Dreaming ? Female Travel & Lifestyle Blog

In return for assisting Hofit with her quest for "a complete life makeover", I'll bet she would hook you up with some "influencer" tips.
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Originally Posted by anyakovic View Post
I know most airlines do it
[citation needed]

But if there's anyone who believes "influencers" need more attention and free stuff, it's "influencers".

Also, as an amusing postscript, I actually found the perfect contact at AA HQ for the OP's query. I accomplished this through a five-second search on... (drumroll)... social media!

Since I'm about the least social media-savvy person around, this speaks volumes about the OP's capabilities in this area.
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I really don't understand the confusion here. The right answer is: "Influencers" should contact William Douglas Parker for discounts and free upgrades in exchange for positively influencing the Bottom Line.
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Well...if an "influencer" needs to actively approach people/companies, he/she might not be very influencing at all?!

If AA would consider you to represent a valuable "influencer", they would come to you, wouldn't they?

The classic Hollywood-line: "Don't call us; we'll call you!"
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I am lost has to what the op wants, I would think that if you dont know who to contact you probably are not going to get what you want
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Yes!!!!! Another Trip Report with just a youtube video of someone acting like the 7 dollar bottle of wine in J is the best wine they've ever had!! All while sleeping in a chair that is more comfortable than their bed!!!
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Originally Posted by jspira View Post

Luxury Dublin hotel bans all social media influencers

"A hotel has banned YouTubers and Instagram stars - after a 22-year-old YouTuber askedfor a five-night free stay and broke down in tears ....
Ah yes I remember that one. Her breakdown was particularly memorable. She said something like "You know me I don't do drama" before having hysterics because someone dared to tell her 'no'

The Moose Cafe is well known for telling people 'where to go' if you don't like what they which she would have known if she had done a modicum of research.

Her email to the hotel was basically 'give me free stuff' (over Valentines Day as well) with no info on what she could do for the hotel in terms of advertising etc - no demographics of her viewers - 76k is a lot of people but not 76k of teens with no money!

I'm not even sure that AA would need to use any so called 'influencers'. AA appear to have no problem attracting passengers without them. If they did it would be for those people who have money to spend on J not a teen on a basic fare.
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When you think about what percentage of AA flyers aren't flying AA because of lowest price on a search engine (both personal and corporate), corporate policy, or hub captive. Probably not all that high, therefore, how much "influencing" does AA really need. Particularly when you consider the amount of money already being directed at advertisement towards those in that relatively small percentage.
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