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AA status challenge offer / targeted promo through May 2019

AA status challenge offer / targeted promo through May 2019

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Status Challenge promotional (targeted) offer

Courtesy of eyi: Sign into your account and look under promotions to see if you're targeted.

Must sign up prior to travel. Ends 15 May 2019.

Courtesy of Pedro M:

“You've been selected to receive free American Airlines AAdvantage® Gold status through May 15, 2019, where you'll experience all the benefits of Gold status. Plus, elevate your experience with ten 500-mile upgrades just for registering — no strings attached.

Want to keep Gold status or earn an even higher status through January 2020?
Earn the following Elite Qualifying Miles (EQMs) and Elite Qualifying Dollars (EQDs) between the date you register and May 15, 2019.

Elite status level - EQMs needed - EQDs needed

Gold 25,000 7,000 $3,000 $850

Platinum 50,000 12,500 $6,000 $1,500

Platinum Pro 75,000 20,500 $9,000 $2,400

Executive Platinum 100,000 35,000 $15,000 $5,000”
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Old Jan 10, 19, 11:26 am
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Originally Posted by Zelucifer View Post
Yes, but it makes perfect sense in terms of marketing. Someone upthread put it best, this is an attempt to poach people who have status from UA and DL.
then I wonder why we didn’t get the offer... lol we don’t have status with other airlines but we obviously haves miles and I would think that at the very least my wife would have received it.
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Old Jan 10, 19, 11:49 am
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I am mystified why I received the challenge invitation to Platinum Pro on January 8. I have flown on AA twice in the past 36 months, both times in economy and connecting to and from other flights at LHR. At those times I was incentivized to fly on AA because they were on friendlier terms with Alaska Air and it was possible to get MCE seats for the trans-Atlantic legs as an Alaska MVPG and I credited the mileage to Alaska. Unless AA cross-referenced information such as my known traveler number used on those flights to my AAdvantage number, I don’t think they had any way to connect me with my AAdvantage number. My AAdvantage account has had no AA flight activity in a number of years. Now that the miles universally expire every 18 months, I’ve had to make some effort to keep it active; I have had the account since the mid-1980’s and I have accumulated several hundred thousand lifetime miles with AA, although the account has very few miles in it now. If there is some algorithm that they are using that is different from random, maybe there are just picking out AA accounts with minimal activity that flyers are keeping alive to try and identify people who might take an interest in moving their business, although again I don’t know how they can identify good customers for competitors. It won’t be of much value to me---most travel in the next four months until May 15 is already mapped out, and AA doesn’t actually go where I need to go that often. Also now that most AA benefits for Alaska customers (and vice versa) have been eliminated, there is little incentive to go through the trouble of connecting at LHR, which I have found consistently stressful and unpleasant.
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Old Jan 10, 19, 12:15 pm
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I got Plat Pro via challenge last year (though, it has thus far been nearly worthless after about a dozen trips), so naturally I got nothing this time around.

My wife was 2/3 of the way to Gold last year, and got the Gold offer. Won't matter since I don't think she is flying anywhere in the next 5 months anyways, but she will pocket the stickers which may be useful someday when she gets a status (though, I would happily sell the 10 for 10$ total -- I am that doubtful that they will actually be able to get used then anyways).

My daughter was 1/2 of the way to Gold last year (same travel as the wife, minus a roundtrip flight to Paris), but she got no offer.
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Old Jan 10, 19, 1:42 pm
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I got the Gold offer but did not get any emails about it (even double checked today but nothing.) Had to manually check the promotions page and there it was.

I heard reports that the email actually says "keep Gold status or earn higher status by flying blah blah blah until May 15". Does anyone know if they would make me a Platinum if for example I reach 12,500 EQMs and $1,500 EQD by the deadline but I originally only got the Gold offer?

Also, from other challenges has anyone had any luck extending the deadline by 1 or 2 days? I do have some travel coming up that would likely be on either the 16th or 17th of May so it might even consider flying AA if they'd extend the deadline a little bit.
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Old Jan 10, 19, 2:06 pm
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I’m lifetime Platinum and my wife is lifetime Gold. Neither of us got any offer but our 22-year old son got it for Platinum Pro and my 18-year old daughter got it for Platinum. And we’ve all only flown American a couple of times over the past couple of years. It almost seems like it’s totally random.
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Old Jan 10, 19, 2:44 pm
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I’ve never flown a paid mile on AA in my life. I’ve flown one AS award segment with AA and have the MileUp credit card. I received the Platinum challenge.
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Old Jan 10, 19, 6:35 pm
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Originally Posted by Cledaybuck View Post
Then AA needs to change their algorithm because they are hitting a lot of people with no status anywhere.
But AA doesn't know who has status everywhere. All they have is a list of people who have AA frequent flyer accounts - so they know they're at LEAST savvy enough of travelers to have an account - and who are NOT currently flying AA.

Whether a person with an AA frequent flyer account isn't flying AA because they don't fly, or isn't flying AA because they are loyal to another airline, they don't know.

So they just give the offer to everyone who ISN'T already flying AA.

If it turns out the person getting the offer just doesn't fly, then there's no reason to give them status through 2020 as they're not frequent travelers who deserve status.

But if the person DOES fly a lot for another airline, AA *ALSO* doesn't want to give them status through 2020 because they want that person to make the challenge AND then keep flying AA through 2019 to have status for 2020.

If they gave status through 2020 for just making the challenge, you might take the challenge, then fly whichever airline is cheapest through 2019, and only in 2020 then decide which airline you actually want to stay loyal to.
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Old Jan 10, 19, 8:09 pm
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Interesting. My family received 4 status upgrades. I received Platinum Pro. I have AA business and personal card. I can't remember last time I paid for flight. I fly once a year on award travel. Father in law who also has AA Business received Platinum Pro also. Flies once in 2 years time on award travel and one time paid domestic flight. My aunt and mother in law both received platinum and flew once on AA. None of us has had any status on AA. Pretty random and surprising!
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Old Jan 10, 19, 8:18 pm
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I think they trapped me ... in the past I haven't bothered with status challenges because I'm never likely to meet the challenge, but this time I have flights coming up (in a week) that are already booked on Southwest (so I can refund/credit them) and that can be switched to AA. I'm going to have to spend several hundred dollars more on AA because I was taking advantage of my SW companion pass to fly with Mrs Huge, but we will avoid having to spend 2 nights in hotels in Miami, we'll have generally better routings, and I'll nail down Gold status for the rest of the year. I still think I'm likely making a mistake, and it sucks that I'm basically giving up the benefit of my SW companion pass, but it's been a few years since I've had status on any airline, so I'm probably going to take the bait (swallow the cool-aid?). If I didn't have the companion pass *or* if Mrs Huge had received the same status offer, it would be a no-brainer to switch to AA - as it is it feels pretty dicey.

Is there a good primer/wiki here or elsewhere on maximizing AA status, using 500-mile upgrades, etc? I've only ever had status on Delta & Alaska, so AA is foreign to me. I'll search through this forum, but I need to educate myself in a hurry since our flights are in 8 days so we kind of have to commit tomorrow...

Thanks for any wisdom you might be able to trickle down to an AAdvantage newb...
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Old Jan 10, 19, 9:42 pm
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It looks like a rather large % of AA flyers got one or another challenge. All this appears to be a rather pathetic attempt of AA to boost some booking and revenue when they are suffering from a poor financial performance. With all these newly minted Elite flyers I am wondering how long the upgrade lists will be this month? All this could also mean that the main cabin extrAA seats will disappear quick....
" If everyone’s an elite flier, no one is." DELTA AIRLINES.
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Old Jan 10, 19, 9:46 pm
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Husband received Platinum offer in the regular mail today. He hasn’t earned status anywhere since EXP nearly 15 years ago after we did an RTW trip. I’m LT Gold and didn’t get anything, no surprise. He/we don’t fly much on AA anymore, but he has a credit card.

He got a similar offer a few years ago, it might have been Gold though. With the 20 free upgrade stickers he’s getting with this, he’ll have 40 that may never go used.

What’s particularly annoying is I wish he got this 2 weeks ago. He has one upcoming r/t and we have a joint 2-segment one-way. We just spent collectively spent $230 on MCE seats for these flights (with a chunk credited back via Amex Plat). Ugh! I had to use my miles to confirm a mileage upgrade on one flight for him to avoid the $75 close-in fee. I guess we can swap the return which is still waitlisted, but at least that’s a higher priority now!
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Old Jan 10, 19, 11:52 pm
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I'm TK Elite+ (mainly for the upgrade vouchers and UA Lounge access as *G on all my US based UA flights). I'm also doing a DL status match to Platinum. I've done about 9 low fare segments on AA in 2017 but 2018 I just had one DCA-BOS and BOS-PHL in Y and a BOS-CLT in F.

I got the instant Gold with options to grab up to Executive Platinum in the promo period. I don't really think I'll make the spend or miles in that period, so I'm likely to pass, but wondering if that's foolish in case something comes up.

Do we have any information from past practices if accepting and then failing one of these challenges is more or less likely to trigger a future one? I might go for it at some point in the future, and I don't want to burn an option for the future since I don't really think I can keep up my TK, plus adding DL, and then try to throw this in right now.
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Old Jan 11, 19, 5:55 am
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Originally Posted by mvoight View Post
I just got an email for someone I had signed up a year or so ago. They have never flown AA, and have never earned 1 EQM, EQD, EQS..........

Enjoy free AAdvantage® Platinum Pro status through May 15, 2019.Keep your status through January 31, 2020, by earning:
  • $2,400 Elite Qualifying Dollars (EQDs) and
  • 20,000 Elite Qualifying Miles (EQMs)
I just got the same email, never fly AA (although last Jan I did fly MAD-BIO in Spain on a partner airline). My home airport is EWR, so AA not very convenient, not sure why I was targeted.
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Old Jan 11, 19, 6:26 am
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Someone forwarded me the email (since I didn't receive it) for the Gold offer and it does say "Want to keep Gold status or earn an even higher status through January 2020?", so it looks like they might have just marketed it with the status that they think you are likely to achieve but in the end if you got any of the offers but reach 35,000 EQMs and $5,000 EQD you would actually become an EXP. Does that make sense?

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Old Jan 11, 19, 9:04 am
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This sucks, my daughter who flies once a year with me, did not get any challenge
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