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ARCHIVE: 2015-2017 GUIDE: LAX / Los Angeles Int値. Airport - MCT, Connection, etc.

ARCHIVE: 2015-2017 GUIDE: LAX / Los Angeles Int値. Airport - MCT, Connection, etc.

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For the current thread, please see here.

NOTE: AA uses Terminals 4 and 5, the remote 摘agle痴 Nest and some gates at TBIT

Link to Los Angeles World Airports' LAX Airport website

NOTE: LAX is always undergoing changes; be aware the information herein may change. See here for LAWA notices affecting passengers.

Link LAWA / LAX FAQ page.

Link to aa.com

Link to 14 Feb 2017 post with AA-AA Minimum Times Times

NOTE: The Admirals Clubョ lounge and Flagship Lounge in Terminal 4 at Los Angeles International (LAX) are under renovations.

Special notice

AA operate from multiple terminals at LAX. Check in at Terminal 5, east end (Gates 50-59, including Remote American Eagle terminal, gates 52A-J) or Terminal 4 (Gates 40-49, 110-159)
. (As of 31 Jan 2017)

NOTE: the 100s gates are at the Tom Bradley International Air Terminal (aka Terminal B), accessible to / from Terminal 4 by the airside connector if you are already airside and security cleared.

[AA T-6 ops moved to T-5; other airline positioning to occur 12, 14 and 16 May 2017[/B]

Check-in times as of March 2016 Link

In most locations, you must be checked in:

At least 45 minutes before scheduled departure, for flights within the United States

At least 60 minutes before scheduled departure, for flights to or from airports outside of the United States
. Some non-US require more.

If you are checking in with baggage to check at T-4, not T-5, and flying American Eagle from the remote "Eagle's Nest" 52A-J gates (31 Jan 2017 and after), you must check in 90 minutes prior to departure.

LAYOUT: LAX is like a letter "U" on its side, open end facing right. The Tom Bradley International Terminal is the bar of the "U" facing left, on the west side. Terminals 1, 2 and 3 on the north and 4 - 8 on the south. Entering the semicircular, counter-clockwise roadway serving the terminals, you will pass terminals 1, 2, 3, TBIT, 4, 5, 6, etc. There is quite a bit of construction going on and the airport roadways can get quite congested.

MCT: Though international to International or Domestic Minimum Connect Times (MCT) are listed as 2:00, arriving at the remote western 200 pads and gates (served by busses from the terminals), connecting between T4, T6, Remote Eagle terminal and TBIT, not to mention lengthy USCBP queues and the need to proceed landslide to connecting terminals and processing security may make 2:00 unrealistic at times. MCT Domestic to Domestic or International is often 0:40, but this may be unrealistic if connecting American Eagle remote terminal 52A-J and a domestic flight at TBIT, for example.

Operating terminals and gates

Terminal 4: AA primarily uses Terminal 4, Gates 40-49 but now also uses Terminal 5 (50-59, 52A-I remote Eagle gates and TBIT (110-159). Flagship Checkin, Admirals Club and Flagship Lounge are all in T-4.

Tom Bradley International Terminal ("100") gates 110-159 for domestic and international flights, with no particular flight assignment - check your gates information.

oneworld Business and Qantas First lounges in TBIT for qualified passengers. See LOUNGE DASHBOARD for further information - link.

Occasionally, the "200 gates" remote pads (bus from T-4) may be used. Terminal 4 and TBIT are connected airside by a new connector. Qualified travelers may use the TBIT oneworld Business or Qantas First lounges. See separate thread.

Terminal 5 AS OF Tue 31 Jan 2017: Legacy US flights operate from Terminal 5, gates 50 - 59. It is best to check in for American Eagle flights at T-5. Airside connection exists, as well as shuttles. Bus port at T-5 is at gate 52. American Eagle checked baggage is delivered to Terminal 5 baggage carousels; Eagle remote gates are now numbered 52A-J.

Terminal 6: Alaska Airlines flights operate from Terminal 6.

Legacy US flights operated from Terminal 6 until 31 Jan 2017; AA no longer operates out of Terminal 6.

American Eagle Remote Terminal "Eagle's Nest": Regional flights operate at a remote terminal served frequently by airside shuttle busses from bus gates 44 and 60. The remote American Eagle terminal gate numeration has changed: "May 16 2016 the remote gates at LAX formerly 44 A-J were renumbered to 60 A-J." There is a "junior" Admirals Club here. Preferred Eagle check in and baggage carousels are in T-5?

While you may check in at T-4 for American Eagle, those with baggage to check must do so no less than 90 minutes prior to departure. The preferred baggage check deadline is in place at T-5 for American Eagle.

Walking Interterminal - Landside

Note: You can walk airside between Terminal 4 and TBIT as of 25 Feb 2016. See LAX Terminal 4 - Tom Bradley Intl Terminal Secure Connector), and on to T-5 via a corridor (ground floor, by bus gate 44).

One can also walk landside between terminals on upper or lower walkway sidewalks just outside the roadway. Lower walkways are protected from the weather, upper walkways are not. Distances can be short (T-4 <-> TBIT) or long (20 minutes or less in all cases, and there are crosswalks and walkways serving north and south terminals. See north - south blue corridors in Ground Transport map, above; walkways parallel them.

For access to the Tom Bradley International Terminal ("TBIT") one may also proceed landslide and walk a short distance, or take the counter clockwise landside courtesy airport shuttle bus.

Originally Posted by QueenOfCoach
Here is a graphic I made from a Google Earth Streetview screenshot that shows how close T4 is to TBIT. It's a two-minute walk. One minute if you are fast.

Link to fullsize map

Airside - Shuttle Bus or Walking

Airside shuttle busses:

NO BUS T-4 <-> T-5 (faster to walk pedestrian tunnel)
T-4 <-> Remote Eagle terminal (most efficient and frequent)
T-5 <-> Remote Eagle terminal (more frequent than from / to T-4)

Terminals 4 and 5: A courtesy shuttle bus operates airside between Terminal 4, ex-gate 44 bus gate, and Terminal 6 gate 60-62 through Mon 30 Jan 2017 - afterwards, Terminal gate 52, every fifteen minutes between 05:00 and 23:00; ongoing boarding pass required. At other times one either take the airside corridor T-5 Tue 31 Jan and after <-> T-4 or exit landslide and walk or take the counter-clockwise landslide courtesy shuttle bus.

American Eagle Remote Terminal: A courtesy shuttle bus serves the American Eagle remote terminal from Terminal 5, gate 52. Note: American Eagle checked baggage is delivered to Terminal 5 baggage carousels. Another shuttle runs from Terminal 4, gate 44 bus gate. A boarding pass to Gate 52A-I is required. This is the sole way of reaching these gates (other than Five Star Service passengers, who are shuttled via the Tarmac in Cadillac SUVs).

Terminal 4 - TBIT: The new pedestrian airside connector opened 25 Feb 2015. Qantas and AA passengers departing the TBIT can check in at Terminal 4, process airside, use Admirals or Flagship lounges T-4 <-> TBIT shuttles apparently ended when the airside connector open 25 Feb 2016[/hl].

Walk Terminals 4 and 5: One can walk airside using the Terminal 4 - 5 - 6 connector.

Walk Terminal 4 - TBIT airside connector: An airside connector leading to TBIT is open effective 25 Feb 2016. See here (FT) for more.

Getting from terminal to terminal, concourse to concourse, landside

Landside courtesy airport shuttle bus
  • "A" line buses: Transports passengers between terminals. "A" route operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and runs every 10 minutes (counter clockwise)

  • "C" line buses: Transports passengers to and from Parking Lot C. Travelers can walk to the LAX City Bus Center from Lot C. "C" route operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and runs every 10 to 15 minutes.

  • "G" line busses: Transports passengers with a valid TAP card to and from the Metro Green Line Aviation Station. Service is aligned with the rail schedule. To view, please go to www.metro.net . Click here for Green line Boarding Procedures (PDF document). TAP card is not required when taking the G Bus from LAX to the Aviation Metro Station.

  • Use this link for a real time map display of shuttle bus locations and movements.

  • Rental car company busses: transport passengers between terminals and car rental facilities.

Ground Transportation stops / pickups at LAX

NOTE: Rental, hotel shuttle, ワber, etc. stops are in front of each terminal on the arrivals / lower level at the island crossing the first lanes of traffic.

Security at LAX

Link to FlyerGuide information on LAX T-4 Security.

TSA PreCheck: Yes (Terminal 4 upstairs, east; Terminal 5?)

Priority Access line in a Terminal 4 is accessed from the escalator on the left end (looking at the counters) of the terminal (furthest from TBIT, closest to terminal 5), next to the Priority Access check-in area. Often there is an AA worker at the bottom of the escalator making sure only Priority Access passengers go up this escalator. The First, Business and Priority Access lines now have their own screening room far from the economy area. This private room has multiple screening lines and during peak periods additional lines are opened up.

Security for (TBIT) international arrivals proceeding to Terminal 4 is open as of February 2017. When exiting TBIT customs and baggage recheck area, turn right immediately after the exit and proceed down the hallway to the checkpoint. No Pre-Check.

Check-in and ticketing at LAX and check in times Link

Flagship Check-in: YES Marked exclusive T-4 Flagship check-in entrance 4:00 a.m. 1:00 a.m.

Five Star Service: YES

Priority and Preferred Access: YES

Curbside check-in: Yes. Terminal 4 only, including for international destinations.

Minimum time for checking in and arriving at the gate at LAX

Minimum time to check baggage

To help us get your bag on the same flight with you, present your bag to an airline representative for check-in no later than the cutoff time.

For flights within and between the U.S., Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands:
  • Check bags at least 45 minutes prior to scheduled departure at LAX

For flights originating in airports outside the U.S. or flights departing the U.S. for an international destination:
  • Check bags at least 60 minutes prior to scheduled departure (90 if checking for Eagle at T-4 instead of T-5)

Time to baggage delivery: expect 0:30 or more.

Ticket counter locations

Terminal 4: upon entry, Qantas to right; First and Priority Access to left; Main Cabin straight ahead.
Self-service check-in kiosks available.
Open Daily: 04:00 - 00:30 (4 am to midnight + 30)

Terminal 5, east side: OPEN Tue 31 Jan 2017
Open Daily: 4:30 AM - 12:30 AM

Terminal 6: CLOSE Tue 31 Jan 2017
Open Daily: 4:30 AM - 12:30 AM

If departing on American Eagle, suggested check-in at T-5 Tue 31 Jan 2017 or after.

Minimum and reasonable connection and check-in times at LAX

See 20 May 2016 ExpertFlyer MCT listings here:
Originally Posted by serfty View Post
The MCT's for AA at LAX are a mess...
Q. What are minimum check-in time requirements at LAX?

AA requires arriving a minimum of 45 minutes prior to domestic departures if departing domestically (including Hawai'i, Puerto Rico and the U. S. Virgin Islands) if one has no baggage to check; 60 minutes if one must check baggage; and two hours prior to international departures.

Additionally, AA requires passengers be checked in at least 45 minutes prior to scheduled departure at LAX and "Arrive at the gate and be ready to board at least 15 minutes prior to domestic departure" and 30 minutes prior to international departure. Gates close to boarding 10 minutes prior to departure.

Q. What is the domestic to domestic or domestic to international Minimum Connection Time (MCT)?

The minimum connect time at LAX, domestic to domestic or international, is 0:40 minutes. International to domestic or international MCT is 2:00, but as mentioned previously, this may be insufficient. Note: MCT is generally not waived for international passengers arriving from USCBP pre-clearance airports.

See AA domestic to international MCT from ExpertFlyer Nov 2016 c/o Serfty here.

Q. If I am making an international to international connection, what is the process?

There is no international transit process in nearly all airports in the USA (DFW and MIA have a baggage exception for international to international). Arriving internationally, unless you have been pre-cleared, you must proceed through U. S. immigration (there are kiosks and a fast channel for Global Entry approved passengers), recover your baggage from the baggage carousel and proceed through U. S. Customs.

Upon exiting Customs at TBIT there is a bag drop facility; drop your checked baggage, exit to the landside arrivals area. Pre-cleared passengers arriving at TBIT will bypass USCBP (but most airlines will enforce international to domestic MCT nonetheless).

ALL arrivals are forced landside (you may pass back through security at the TBIT end of the T-4 - TBIT connector) and Terminal 4 is a short walk to your right, Terminal 6 farther; one can board courtesy airport "A" busses and be dropped off very shortly at T-4 or T-5.

NOTE: Whilst most international Arrivals process immigration and customs at TBIT, some arriving at T-4 may walk a long underground passage and process formalities at TBIT. Others may process at T-4, but if you arrive with bags those will be available at TBIT.

There is no Arrivals Loinge for AA or oneworld customers at LAX.

Q. What is AA policy if I have separate tickets and my incoming flight is delayed?

Protection for oneworld world customers travelling on separate bookings:
oneworld Global Support

Your oneworld connection is generally not officially protected, but the airline may help you and put you on the next available flight, and AA does generally protect oneworld connections at this time..

If your flights are on the same PNR:

Connecting between airlines at unfamiliar airports can be a stressful experience, especially if your flight is delayed. American Airlines recognizes the impact delays and missed connections can have on your plans and on your life. That is why we partnered with the other oneworld member airlines to form teams of connection experts: oneworld Global Support.

At select airports across the oneworld alliance network, teams are proactively monitoring connecting flights and, whenever possible, they will meet and assist you if your connection is in jeopardy. The oneworld Global Support teams will do their best to allow you to use dedicated fast track lanes through immigration or security to help you catch your next flight. Our teams will also do everything possible to transfer your baggage so that it makes it on time to your final destination.

If you miss your connecting flight, the oneworld Global Support team will provide you with updated travel information, a new boarding pass and, where applicable, assistance with overnight accommodations.

oneworld Global Support is currently available at Chicago O'Hare, Dallas/Fort Worth, London Heathrow, Los Angeles, Madrid-Barajas, Miami, New York JFK and Sydney. The service is offered at these airports whenever possible, subject to operational constraints.
oneworld not requiring protection or interline baggage 1 Jun 2016; AA policy
Q. Can I check my baggage through?

If you're connecting within the oneworld alliance or airlines with an interline agreement and your connection is under eleven hours, all segments on the same PNR, probably. If over that or with separate PNRs (even within oneworld) airlines without an interline agreements with AA or on separate tickets connecting with non-oneworld airlines, no.

See oneworld not requiring protection or interline baggage 1 Jun 2016; AA policy.

Q. Is there baggage storage at LAX?

No. Since 9/11 most USA airports have eliminated baggage storage, but you can use a baggage storage firm that will pick up, store and return your baggage. You do not have to pre-book, and they are open 24/7: http://www.laxluggagestorage.com. There are $5 pickup, $5 return and storage charges.

WiFi at LAX:

"Internet Access at Los Angeles LAX Airport. LAX Airport offers free internet access, with paid upgrades: Free Wi-Fi service for up to 44 minutes is available in most of the public areas of the Airport - provided by Advanced Wireless Group."


Other resources
  • Link to AA FAQ: Will I make my connection?
Posts from 2015-2017 have been archived to ARCHIVE: 2015-2017 GUIDE: LAX / Los Angeles Int値. Airport - MCT, Connection, etc.

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Closed Thread

Old Dec 13, 15, 3:34 pm
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Connecting in LAX from T4 to TBIT from AA to BA in C

My connection time in March dramatically decreased due to schedule change. Is there a bus airside for pax connecting to BA. Thanks a lot.
felicidad76 is online now  
Old Dec 13, 15, 3:37 pm
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No, there's no bus for BA passengers. You'll have to exit T4, walk next door to TBIT, and reclear security.
Ready2Go is offline  
Old Dec 13, 15, 3:50 pm
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No bus needed. It's a 2 min walk to TBIT. Really easy, dont worry
SK AAR is offline  
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Morning at TBIT security line is light with just Cathay HKG, JAL NRT, and the AA PVG flight departing. Afternoon much busier. Line for security if an afternoon departure, will be the issue.
prw555 is offline  
Old Dec 13, 15, 4:31 pm
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There is an airside transit hall that is being constructed between TBIT and T4. Last week it appears they're making good progress on it, I'm not sure the expected opening date but perhaps by March you'll be able to make this connection airside.
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Old Dec 13, 15, 4:42 pm
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8:30 - 10:30 am there is a bus connecting T-4 to TBIT for connecting passengers, but the frequency might not be sufficient, and a shuttle after 4:00 pm for connecting Qantas passengers only. I'd walk - and the TBIT airside connector might actually be finished, eliminating the need to process security again.

If the connection is tight, declare that at security - I've seen them be helpful.

We have merged your query here. The information in the wiki and in this thread discusses these issues - which is why it's a very good idea to search for existing threads. /Moderator
JDiver is offline  
Old Dec 14, 15, 7:47 am
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LAX connection question

Hi smart people!

I'm flying into LAX on the new AA flight from Sydney arriving at 6:50. Due to a schedule change, my flight to DFW leaves at 8:35 am. I'm first class with global entry.

Am I crazy to have that short of connection time?
bludevil is offline  
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Not a big deal as there are many DFW flights if you miss your scheduled one.

Of course, it would have been better to choose a later one, but you should be fine.

rasheed is offline  
Old Dec 14, 15, 7:54 am
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With global entry, it should be fine.

If it isn't, there are LAX-DFW flights about every hour, so reaccommodation should be quick.
rjw242 is offline  
Old Dec 14, 15, 8:14 am
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The better question is, "what happens if I misconnect?" Here, not much. Maybe, you fly out an hour later, maybe 2 hours later. The place to worry is when you are connecting to a 2x/weekly service.

This connection should be OK, but there are so many backups that it ought to be a non-issue.
Often1 is offline  
Old Dec 14, 15, 8:39 am
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My concern would be losing first class if I missed the connection. OP mentions there was a schedule change - I assume that tightened the connection that was originally booked. If not comfortable, I would ask to be re-booked on a later LAX-DFW as it can be difficult to maintain F on a timely basis in this situation. I am sure AA will accommodate a request to reasonably extend the connection time in advance.
869 is offline  
Old Dec 14, 15, 9:09 am
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I agree with 869. Ask AA to change you to a flight 1 to 1.5 hours later, due to the schedule change. That way, you won't be worrying about it the whole time.
formeraa is offline  
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An hour 45 is way more than enough time to make that connection if you have GE, especially if you also end up with pre-check. I've been back airside in the club well under 30 min after landing from LHR before.

The bigger issue is going to be whether the SYD flight is on time, and no one here knows that. Might get a better idea once it starts operating this week.
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Old Dec 14, 15, 10:05 am
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Originally Posted by formeraa View Post
I agree with 869. Ask AA to change you to a flight 1 to 1.5 hours later, due to the schedule change. That way, you won't be worrying about it the whole time.
I would not bother. The connection time with GE is still more than enough. He will book straight into domestic F because he's either in paid J UG to F or paid F. If there's one seat, he gets it ahead of all of the upgraders. If there's not, he has the choice of taking the earlier flight in Y or waiting for a flight with F.

If I were coming off a TPAC, I'd want to get to DFW sooner, but I guess it's a question of personal choice.
Often1 is offline  
Old Dec 14, 15, 10:10 am
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I guess I should have mentioned it's an award ticket. Does that make a huge difference on my re-accommodation if I miss the connection?
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