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AA: video & record shows “abandoned” wheelchair passenger was not

AA: video & record shows “abandoned” wheelchair passenger was not

Old Dec 6, 18, 5:53 pm
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I don’t understand. You say you’re not sure what they’re supposed to do, but then you said they did what they were supposed to do. Which is it?

I can assure you that American could choose to take responsibility and know where their passengers in wheelchairs are, they could know where their subcontractors are. And it need not involve following people into the bathroom, although I find it interesting that your imagination went there first.
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Originally Posted by embarcadero1 View Post

It seems we’re not in agreement about the story. There is an epidemic of people staring at trees, oblivious to the forest.

The facts are these:

- A story circulated about a woman being abandoned in a wheelchair at O’Hare
- The story spread like wildfire and was believable largely because the low service standards of AA and other airlines made it so.
- The airport security cameras, and not AA, were able to tell a different story, but that version only underscored AA’s precarious claim to know what happened. If it weren’t for the security cameras, we’d still be following the lost woman story.

AA has to own its poor service standards and shoddy management. They got lucky here, but only because the airport was diligent when they weren’t.
No, the fact is simply this: the woman was not lost, she was deliberately placed where she was in what ultimately was a failed extortion attempt of AA. End. Full stop as you like to say.

The truly odd thing here (even more so than this blatant extortion attempt itself) is how you seem to be the only one who can't seem to process the truth, and keep trying to twist this into some sort of bizarre anti-AA rant.
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Summary: Ms. Olympia Warsaw was accompanied by her son, Claude Coltea, as she was taken to her ORD departure gate. After Mr. Coltea departed for his own flight, Ms. Warsaw’s flight was cancelled. She was offered accommodation at a hotel, but apparently she was unable to use available transport to go to the hotel, and her wheel chair attendant was not authorized to escort her out of the airport to a hotel.

The original story reported, based on family members’ claims, was that a quite disabled Ms. Warsaw being abandoned in an airport overnight by her wheel chair attendant, remaining in her own clothes, and that she wasn’t even able to use rest room facilities to take care of her toiletting needs.

“The family claimed they did not know their mother has been stranded until she failed to arrive in Detroit as scheduled. It was then that they contacted American Airlines. The family told the station the airline was unable to locate their mother, and she eventually was found by O’Hare security officers several hours later.” - Washington Post article (link)

Telephone records from AA’s ORD wheel chair service contractor demonstrate they spoke twice with her son about the situation, and her son rebooked her on a later flight. He also told the wheel chair contractor a family member would be by soon to pick her up.

Airport video and records document Ms. Warsaw was taken to an airport waiting area and picked up by an apparent family member driving a vehicle after a total of 43 minutes of being left alone (during which Ms. Warsaw left her wheel chair to go outside to smoke twice) a family member did fetch her.

“Ms. Warsaw was dropped off in the terminal at 12:30 a.m. CT on Dec. 1, and a family member arrived at the airport to pick her up at 1:13 a.m. CT.” - AA spokesperson

The discussion has become circular, redundant, personal and argumentative, with no new information is forthcoming. The thread will now rest.


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