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Originally Posted by wr_schwab View Post
This doesn't have a specific date on it, but Googling came back with the following FAQ on Basic Economy dated September 2018.

The following link was posted by JonNYC on his twitter feed: on rebooking Y passengers.

View from the Wing - https://viewfromthewing.boardingarea...-wont-like-it/

Cranky Flier -
Thanks for that - but it sounds worse than expected. I thought we were primarily discussing re-accommodation for BE passengers. Now I find out that they're making it more difficult for a much broader range of flyers to be re-accommodated? Yikes.
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I sorry checking a bag on a multi connection routing that the OP took is asking for trouble. While this routing might make sense if someone was trying to pad their FF with EQMs as a normal routing its nuts. How much was the difference between BE and a more sane routing?
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Funny, looking over the title I thought OP is moving back to AA after disappointing experiences on *A !
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Originally Posted by DCP2016 View Post
From the Skift article, "The spokesman said an agent may make an exception if American has only one flight per day, or if a missed connection requires an overnight stay. American will also rebook members of the military on orders and unaccompanied minors on non-partner airlines, as well as customers “traveling for a funeral, weddings, surgery, [or] starting a cruise,” according the the policy."

So basically, just tell the agent you are travelling for a funeral, wedding, surgery, or starting a cruise and you're good to go, or will the require proof?
I would hope some proof is required, otherwise the policy will be abused
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Just to clarify

A) I wasn't rude to the agent in MIA. In the end we ended up laughing it off when she told me a hotel would not accept me at 9am and I called 3 hotels in front of her and they all said come in. Having lived in FLL for a few years I know what the typical attitude in the area is, what I was mentioning was the fact that the service is so poor. I've been a crappy stations before and deal with a lot of the Central/South American 'we don't care attitude' but at one of your biggest hubs? Don't think so.

B) Maybe this got lost in translation, but the actual bag being taken away from me isn't the issue, if anything it does me the favor of not having to carry it around as I keep the important items in my personal bag. It's the fact that although it was gate checked, and had a good 5 hour connection, it still ended up missing my connecting flight.

C) The suggestion to get myself on WN to LAX was myself, when the agent at PHX (ex HP) considered to book me from LAX to SJO on DL. She said she couldn't do it because she could not book me on SW/NK or B6 so she couldn't get me to LAX but WN had flights that night. So technically she was rebooking me to depart from LAX at my cost to get there.

D) The agent in PHX might have gone above and beyond to rebook me on DL, she never brought up that I was Economy Basic (only in MIA did they). Maybe had something to do with the fact that I recognized a pin she had and told her I knew she was ex HP and we relived the glory days of commuting on HP like I used to. Never did she say something, she was concerned about getting me home, considering I told her we had a baby to get to and although our in laws could take care of him another day, we were abusing them by leaving him an extra unplanned day. Or maybe it was the fact that it was both the last flight out of PHX and the only flight in MIA when we arrived, that goes along with what that article mentioned above said.

My problem is not the stupid bags being taken away from me, the problem is how crap your operation has to be to actually miss a 5 hour connection, put on the next flight, MISS that flight as well when there were other flights in between and even a direct one to the final destination and then being told in PHX something was going to be done in MIA and then it wasn't. Like I said at the beginning, in the end I got something okay, which was a hotel in MIA for the 10 hours I was there plsu the $12 water buying voucher. The main purpose was the inefficiency of going through your 3 major hubs and putting how bad your operations is on display.

To those yapping about why would I take such a long flight, I've done it in the past out of pure leisure and wanting to because I enjoy being on aircraft or trying to catch a plane model. If you travel for business only, then it's not for you. I do it for both and I still enjoy routing longer than a direct because I enjoy flying.
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